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Title CICTP 2012 : multimodal transportation systems : convenient, safe, cost-effective, and efficient : proceedings of the 12th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals, August 3-6, 2012, Beijing, China / jointly organized by Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA), Beihang University (BUAA), Research Institute of Highway at China Ministry of Transport ; sponsored by the Transportation & Development Institute (T & DI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the U.S. National Academies ; edited by Fang "Clara" Fang [and others].
Imprint Reston, Va. : American Society of Civil Engineers, ©2012.


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Subject Transportation engineering -- China -- Congresses.
Transportation engineering -- Congresses.
Genre Conference papers and proceedings.
Contents Self-Organizing Relation between Resident Trip Mode Choice and Transit Priority Policy Case Study in Changchun, China -- Location Configuration Design of New Park-and-Ride Facilities in Beijing, China -- Research of Parking Demand Forecast Model Based on Regional Development -- Synthetic Evaluation for Transportation Modes Based on Fuzzy Matter-Element Model with Discrete Catastrophe Theory -- The Degree of Complexity for a Separate Intersection and a Road Network -- A Review of Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling -- Ordered Logistics Model for Gender Difference in Activity Frequency -- Modeling Activity-Travel Behavior of Urban Low-Income Residents -- Traffic Planning of Winter Olympics for Cold Regions in China : A Case Study of Harbin -- Bi-Criteria System Optimum with Fixed Demand and Continuously Distributed Value of Time -- The Relationship between Highways and Urban Roads in Urbanization -- The Shortest Distance Method of Total Intensive Mode Transfer in Passenger Terminal Layout : A Case Study of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Station in Zhenjiang City -- Travel Behavior of New Town Residents : A Case Study of Fangshan in Beijing -- The Private Car License Plate Auction in Shanghai : Macro-Effectiveness and Micro-Mechanisms -- The Relationship between Resident Trip Characteristics and Spatial Evolution of the Ribbon Group City : A Case Study in Lanzhou -- Research on Impact of Parking Behavior Based on Floating Parking Charges -- Research on the Method of How to Design HOV Lanes Based on the Basic Section of an Urban Arterial Road in China -- LOGIT-Based Road Network Optimization Model -- A Method to Estimate Limits to Highway Network Scale -- Research of Adaptive Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation for Highway and Economic Development -- Access Road Planning and Traffic Operation for High-Speed Railway Hub -- Xiamen's Middle School Students' Trip Characteristics Research -- Analysis of Urban Transportation System Effect : Evaluating the Difference between Mobility and Accessibility in Orientation -- Regional O-D Survey Method by Vehicle License Plate Recognition Technology -- An Effective Approach to Bicycle Improvement in a Historic Urban Area by Separating Bicycles from Motorized Traffic : Case Study of Zhenjiang, China -- Research on the Characteristics of Non-Motorized Traffic in China's Medium-Sized Cities : The Case of Changsha -- Parking Price Planning for Shanghai World Expo PR Travel -- Study on Construction of Human-Based Traffic System for Mountain City -- Travel Characteristics of Different Social Groups in Large Scale Residential Areas in the Periphery of Shanghai : A Case Study of Jinhexincheng -- A Study on Forecast Method of Pause Rate in Expressway Service Area -- Model Development of Time-Dependent Evacuation Risk -- Regional Tourism Transportation Network Service Level Evaluation and Layout Optimization Study on Yunnan Province As an Example -- Evaluation Index System Design of Comprehensive Transportation Using Balanced Scorecard -- Improved SP-off-RP Survey Method and Its Application to Mode Choice Model -- Study on Index System of Traffic Function Ex-Post Evaluation for Major Transportation Infrastructure -- OD Travel Time Estimation Model Based on Floating Car Data at Intersection in Metropolis -- Evaluating the Operational Impacts of Left-Turn Waiting Areas at Dual Left-Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections -- Study on the Transportation Development Strategy in Economic Zone Based on System Dynamics -- Improvement on the BPR Link Performance Function and Classification Calibration in Parameter -- Traffic Flow in a Rectangle Street-Parking-Allowed Manhattan-Like Urban System -- Study on Average Travel Speed in Road Network Calculated by Floating Car Data in Different Samples -- Research of the Signal Intersection Phases Design Based on Optimization Theory -- A Study on the Relations between Port Container Throughput and Truck Trips in Different Logistics Modes -- Characteristics Analysis of Traffic Flow Behaviors on Beijing Urban Expressways -- Study on Capacity for Exclusive Triple Left-Turn Lanes with Outside Trap Lane at Signalized Intersections -- Study of ETC Lane Traffic Capacity Based on Passenger Car Equivalent -- Network Equilibrium Modeling Considering the Travelers' Risk Perception on Arrival Time -- An Efficient Vehicle Queue and Dissipation Detection Algorithm Based on Spatial-Temporal Markov Random Field -- Study on Organization and Control Methods of Traffic Flow Based on Plane Intersection -- Analysis of Traffic Flow Characteristics of Weaving Area between Expressway and Ground Road -- Research of Road Traffic State Classification Threshold Value of Expressway and Arterial Roads in Cities Based on Travel Speed -- Comprehensive Model of Traffic Impedance on Urban Arterial Road with Signalized Intersection -- Analysis of On-Ramp Metering Strategies on Urban Freeway Based on Capacity Constraints -- Research on Pedestrian Crossing Characteristics of Mid-Block Crosswalks Controlled by Push-Button Signal -- Design of Urban Express Ring Road : Dual-Layer Traffic -- Comparison of Highway Traffic Breakdown Features between U.S. and China Using Discrete Wavelet Transform : An Empirical Study -- Analysis of Traffic Accident Temporal and Spatial Impact Based on Shockwave Theory -- Impact of the Signal Timing Optimization on Traffic Environment of Urban Road Based on TSIS -- Model and Algorithm for Link-Based Stochastic User Equilibrium Traffic Assignment -- Traffic Organization Optimization of Wuluo Road Intersections in Wuhan -- Evaluating the Reconversion of One-Way Street Pairs to Two-Way Operations in the Central Business District of Hangzhou -- Safety Evaluation of Upgraded Freeways -- Path Travel Time Calculation Method of Urban Rail Transit Path Based on Given Time -- A Companion of Four Models : STCA, H-STCA, A-STCA, and TSTCA -- A Comparison of Coherent Flow Produced by VISSIM and TransModeler -- Walking Behavior of Pedestrian Groups in the Merchandise Streets -- Incorporating an Adaptive Adjusting Scheme into Method of Successive Averages for Solving Stochastic User Equilibrium Problem -- Modeling Speed Profile on Freeway Exit Ramps Using Support Vector Regression -- Capacity Analysis of Road Segment near Bus Stop Affected by Signalized Intersection -- A Study on Multi-Resolution Modeling of Mesoscopic-Microscopic Traffic Simulation Model -- Capacity Research on Cloverleaf Interchange by Using Simulation Loading Method -- Optimal Control for Freeway Using a New Dynamic Model -- Research on Parameter Calibration between Travel Time and Traffic Demand Oriented on Macro and Micro Inter-Validation -- Study on Energy Dissipation of Mixed Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata -- Study on Traffic Signal Warrants Based on Analysis of "Volume-Delay" Relationship -- A Multi-Path Astar Algorithm for Recognizing Reasonable Route Set -- A Cellular Automata Model of Traffic Flow with Consideration of Distribution of Time to Collision -- Truck Management Strategies on Freeways during Holidays -- Traffic Engineering Optimization Design Methods for Downtown Area of County Cities A Case Study of Chengde, China -- An Equilibrium-Right-of-Way Based Capacity at Signalized Intersection -- Research on Theoretical Model of En Route Sector Capacity -- Can Highway Capacity Manual Model Be Used to Estimate the Capacity of Modern Roundabouts in China? A Case Study in Nanjing -- Estimation of Intersection Turning Movement Proportions Using MATLAB -- Comfortable Speed and Car-Following Distance on Urban Flat and Straight Road -- Research on Architecture of Intelligent Transportation Application System -- Study on the Intelligent Transport System and Social Economic Development -- Video-Based Traffic Parameter Extraction with an Improved Vehicle Tracking Algorithm -- Effects of Count-Down Signal Lights on Pedestrian Behaviors at Signalized Intersections -- Study on Route Choice Behavior Control Based on the Internet of Things -- Analyzing Commuting Characteristics in Beijing through License Plate Recognition System Data -- A Traffic State Assessment Based on Grey Clustering Analysis -- Active Traffic Control for Oversaturated Intersection Group in Emergency Evacuation -- Examples of Validating an Adaptive Kalman Filter Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction -- Research on Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment Based on IEEE 802.11p -- Multi-Aircraft Inertial Navigation Data Fusion Method Aided by One Pseudolite -- Study on Start-Up Lost Time of Traffic Signals with Count-Down Display and the Driving Behavior at the End of Green Signal -- Study on the Relationship between Urban Road Network Service Level and Capacity -- Research on Road Network Model Considering Road Toll -- Simulation-Based Comprehensive Evaluation of Left-Turn-Waiting Zone at Signalized Intersection with Separated Left Turn Phases -- Study of Real-Time Traffic Processing Models for Inter-City Highways Based on FCD Data Sources -- Static OD Estimation and Evaluation Based on DynaCHINA -- An Adaptive Two-Stage Fuzzy Controller for Traffic Signals : Architecture, Algorithms, and Simulation -- Model of the Ionospheric Delay Correction Based on CORS for Vehicle Navigation and Positioning -- Research on Intersection Signal Timing Model Considering Emissions Effects -- New Controlling Methods for Alleviating Recurrent Congestion on Freeway Merge Area -- Traffic State Identification Considering Differences between Road Segments and Intersections.
Design and Implementation of Traffic Signal Controller with GPS Timing Function -- Study on the Early Warning System of Road Passenger Transport -- Real-Time Accuracy Degree Forecast of Estimated Link Average Travel Time Based on Data Fusion Method -- Research of In-Service Regulatory Signs Sheeting, Retro-Reflectivity, and Deterioration Characteristics -- A Regional Pilot Weather Information System for Surface Transportation and Incident Management: Concept of Operations -- Study on the Adaptability of On-Board Navigation Equipment for Older People -- Highway Network Intelligent Coordinated Information Dissemination Model Based on VMS -- Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Wavelet Analysis, Improved Genetic Algorithm, and BP Neural Network -- Responsive Signal Control Design for Urban Traffic Network -- Analysis of Weather Impact on Travel Speed and Travel Time Reliability -- Study on Cooperative Active Collision Avoidance Algorithm Based on VANets -- Development and Research of the Simulator for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System -- Vehicle Collision Warning System and Algorithm at Intersection under Internet-Connected Vehicles Environment -- An On-Board Information Transmission Unit Based on the CALM -- Vehicle Collision Avoidance Algorithm at Blind Crossing Based on Internet-Connected Vehicles -- Research of Integrated Test System for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System -- A Vehicle-Vehicle Conflict Detection Algorithm at Unsignalized Intersections Based on the Information Interaction -- Research of Drivers' Car-Following Behavior with Car-Following Suggestion -- Sensitivity Analysis of Probe Data Characteristics on Traffic Control Strategy in Vehicle Infrastructure Integration -- A 3D Curve Lane Detection and Tracking System Based on Stereovision -- An Improved Image Segmentation Algorithm for Otsu Method Based on Lane Marking Identification -- Performance Evaluation of Lane Level Positioning Based Vehicle Collision Avoidance for Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System -- Literature Review of Speed Guidance Methods Research -- Outage Performance Analysis of Vehicular Cooperative Network with Network Coding -- A New Mobile Relay Selection Scheme in Vehicle Cooperative Communication Network -- Construction of Inter-Vehicle Communication Platform Based on WAVE Protocol -- A Novel Urban Traffic Control Approach Considering Travelers' Intentions -- Speed Control for Automated Highway Vehicles under Road Gradient Conditions -- Public Transportation Travel Mode Choice Behavior Research -- Travel Behavior of Commuters Based on Logit Model -- Analysis of Single-Line Passenger Flow Based on IC Data and GPS Data -- Evaluation of Feeder Bus in Residential Area -- Calibration and Application of Passenger Parameters in Commuter Based on Social Force Model -- Using Planning and Management to Prevent and Cure Traffic Accidents of Electric Bicycles -- Research of Resort Public Transport Development and Land Uses Based on TOD Model -- Optimizing Train Connection of Urban Railway Network Considering Passenger Saturation -- Research on the Irrational Behaviors of Passengers in Terminal -- Passenger Flow Characteristics and Bus Rapid Transit : A Case Study of BRT in Xiamen, China -- Study of Priority Mode Development for Public Transportation -- Analyze the Problem of Investment and Financing for Building Urban Bus Station -- Gender Difference Analysis in Commuter Trips in Public Transit Mode in Metropolitan, China : Taking Jinhe Residential Community in Peripheral New Town of Shanghai As an Example -- Time-Dividing Method of Bus Passenger Flow Based on Two Dimensional Similarities -- Influence Analysis of Bus Lane on Traffic Operation in Intersection -- Urban Public Transport Competitiveness Evaluation Based on AHP and Extension Theory -- Study on the Hierarchical Structure of Park and Ride Facilities in Historic City -- Multi-Objective Optimization Model for Headway of Bus Transit in Rural Areas -- Infrastructure Research and Multi-Resolution Modeling of Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure System -- The Number of Motor Vehicles in Urban Management : The Case of Beijing -- Modified Road Speed Models Considering Traffic Flow with and without Bus Lanes and Analysis of the Condition of Setting Bus Lanes -- A New Model for Excessive Lateral Vibration of a Footbridge Induced by Pedestrians -- Relationship between BRT Berthing Time and the Number of Passengers Getting on and off in Jinan City -- Optimization Analyses of Bus Stations' Operational Efficiency -- Adaptability Evaluation of Urban Public Transport Based on Weighted Grey Incidence Degree -- Measuring Stop Connectivity within a Transit Network -- Study of Two-Phase Bus Signal Priority Strategy on Intersection Based on Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure -- A GIS-Based Model for Land Use and Transit-Integrated Corridor Optimization -- Passengers' Modal Choice for Vertical Shifts in Metro Stations : Cases from Shanghai -- Analysis on Urban Transit Priority Development Level Based on AHP Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation -- The Implementing Conditions of Integrated Urban and Rural Public Transport : A Case Analysis in Shijiazhuang, China -- Investigation, Analysis, and Modeling of Choice Behavior of Park and Ride -- An Approach to Bus Travel Time Prediction Based on the Adaptive Fading Kalman Filter Algorithm -- Research on the Management of System Configurations for Public Traffic in Medium and Small Cities.
Speed Calming Using Vertical Deflections in Road Alignment -- Kernel Density Estimation Based Method for Hazardous Road Segments Identification -- Evaluation of Rough Sets Theory on Effect Factors in Highway Traffic Accidents -- Driving Behavior Comprehension through Motion Capture System : Modeling and Its Implications -- Traffic Incident Characteristics Analysis of Freeway during Holidays -- Research on Method of Highway Route Alternative Based on Road Safety Audit -- Questionnaire Survey of Highway Safety Audit Management Policy -- Simulation and Experimental Study on Rollover Impact of a Bus -- Risk Evaluation of Expressway Traffic Safety under "Prior Restraint" Idea -- Study of Identification Method of Black Spots in Intersection of Highway Based on Traffic Conflict Technique -- Application of Multiple Criteria Decision Method to the Passenger Traffic Safety Evaluation -- Assessment of Roadside Safety on Mountainous Rural Highway Targeted by Traffic Engineering Facilities -- Study on Road Safety Evaluation of Subjectivity and Objectivity Based on Cloud Theory -- Sensitivity Analysis of Expressway Traffic Safety Risk -- Study of Geometric Design of Rubber Speed Control-Hump -- Reliability Analysis of Cell Phone Use under Different Driving Conditions Based on Simulator -- Statistical Modeling of Grievous Road Traffic Accidents -- Safety Guarantee Technology for Township Sections of Arterial Highways Based on Traffic Safety Diagnosis -- Analysis of Signalized Intersection U-Turn Design Based on the Micro-Simulation Study -- Quantifying Accident Causative Factors for China's Freeway Tunnels with FTA Method -- Research and Design of Real-Time Eye Location and Algorithm -- Analysis on Passing Ability of Double Semitrailer Road Train on Highway Based on TruckSim -- Vehicle State Detection in Highway Intelligent Space Based on Information Fusion -- The Effect of Moving Objects on Drivers' Gaze Point at Unsignalized Intersections with Mixed Traffic -- Driving Simulator Study of Effect of Left Shoulder on Driver Behavior -- Verification Method of Vehicle Driving Tendency Dynamic Recognition Model Based on Simulated Experiment under Car Following -- Design Consistency Evaluation Methods for Freeway Long Tunnels in China -- Topological Psychology Based Spatial Distance Cognition of Drivers -- Parameters Match and Optimization on Controllability and Stability of Tractor-Semitrailers.
Control of Human Errors and Preventing Flight Accidents : Ten Measures -- Adaptability Analysis of Vehicle and Technical Standard for Drop and Pull Transport -- Dangerous Chemicals Logistics Warehouse Fire Risk Evaluation -- Human Factors Analysis Model of Flight Crew Members Based on Bayesian Network in China Civil Aviation Incidents -- Environmental Protection and Landscape Design of Freeway through a Tropical Rainforest Region -- Life Cycle Analysis of Coal-Fired Power Generation in China -- Study on Drivers' Refueling Behaviors Based on SEM Model -- Capacitated Deviation-Flow Fueling Location Model for Sitting Battery Charging Stations -- Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production by Spark Discharge Plasma Reforming of Dimethyl Ether -- Environmental Traffic Capacity of Urban Intersection -- Influence of Operating Characteristics of On-Road Gasoline Passenger Car on Emissions in Nanjing, China -- Design of Emergency Preplan Exercise Management Information System for URT -- Research of Energy Consumption Based on Full Velocity Difference Model -- Analysis of Structural Energy-Saving Potential in Transportation Industry : A Case Study of Zhejiang Province -- Research on the Energy Utilization Ratio of Urban Light Vehicles in China under Driving Cycle Conditions -- Evaluation Index System Construction for Highway Tunnel Energy-Saving Lamps Based on Safety, Technology, and Economy -- Research on the Structure of Urban Road Network Based on the Energy Consumption and the Complex Network -- Electrochemical and Thermal Coupled Modeling of High Power Lithium Ion Battery -- Analysis on Resistance of Expressway Slope Vegetation to Vehicle Emissions in Northeast China -- Energy Saving in Bridge Engineering -- Simulation Study on the Influence of Vehicle Structure on Fuel Economy -- Research on Solar Energy LED Lighting System in Highway Tunnel -- Low-Carbon Logistics : A Case Study of Deutsche Post DHL -- Effects of Chemical Deicers on the Growth and Vitality of Lolium perenne L. -- Potential Impacts of Different Chemical Deicing Salts on Soil Health along Roadsides -- The Application of Fuzzy Control Theory in the Frozen Earth Tunnel Construction Ventilation -- Effect of Bonding Condition between Asphalt Layers on Behavior of Pavement -- Effect of Compaction Methods and Aggregate Gradations on Air Voids Distribution in Asphalt Mixtures -- Reinforcement Effect of Broken Stone Fills under Dynamic Consolidation -- Experimental Research and Numerical Analysis of the Effects of Blasting Vibration on Young Concrete -- Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of Pre-Stressed Ultra-High Performance Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slab for Bridge Deck -- Mechanical Property Analysis of Light Railway Trough Girder Subjected to Combined Bending and Torsion -- Mechanical Behavior of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Reinforced with Hybrid Different Shapes of Steel Fiber.
Developing Regional Map-Based Platform for Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Traffic Emission Inventory -- Evaluation of the Master Curves for Complex Shear Modulus for Nano-Modified Asphalt Binders -- Accurate Truck Activity Estimate for Roadway Link PM2.5 Emissions -- Estimating Emission Impact of Traffic Flow Operation with Dual-Loop Data -- Optimum Location Identification of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Based on Graphic Weighting -- Clarifying Traffic Flow Phases for Vehicle Classifications Using Dual-Loop Data -- Laboratory Performance Comparison of Promising Asphalt Surface Mixes -- A Methodology for Freeway Incident Duration Prediction Using Computerized Historical Database -- Preliminary Study of Materials Effect of Cold In-Place and Full-Depth Reclamation Asphalt Concrete in Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design -- Determining Progression Adjustment Factor and Upstream Filtering Adjustment Factor at Signalized Intersections -- Challenges in Vehicle Classification -- Strategic Considerations for Low-Speed Transportation Systems in Urban Street Network in Megacities in China -- Framework for Integrating Traffic-Source Emission Estimates into Sustainability Analysis -- A Case Study of Active Traffic Control : Improving Efficiency of the Traffic Operations Using Ramp Metering System -- Investigation of Fatal Crash Downturn from 2005 to 2009 in the U.S. -- Household Travel Analysis Using Bayesian Negative Binomial Models -- Long-Run Elasticity of Demand for Passenger Car Travel with Respect to Highway Tolls and Gasoline Prices for Long Distance Trips -- Correlation of Transportation Variables on Pollutant Emissions on Selected Buses and Trains in China.
Other Author Fang, Fang Clara.
China. Jiao tong yun shu bu. Research Institute of Highway.
Chinese Overseas Transportation Association.
Beijing hang kong hang tian da xue.
American Society of Civil Engineers.
Transportation & Development Institute (American Society of Civil Engineers)
National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board.
Other Title CD-ROM version: COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (12th : 2012 : Beijing, China). CICTP 2012. Amer Society of Civil Engineers 2012 9780784412442
Other Title Multimodal transportation systems : convenient, safe, cost-effective, and efficient
Proceedings of the 12th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals