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Cats -- physiology -- Laboratory Manuals.   c2010 1
Cats -- psychology.   2007 1
Cats -- surgery.   2007 1

Cattell, J. McKeen (James Mckeen), 1860-1944 -- See Cattell, James McKeen, 1860-1944

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Cattle.   8
Cattle -- Bibliography.   1990? 1
Cattle Diseases.   5
Cattle Diseases -- diagnosis.   2016 1
Cattle Diseases -- etiology.   2019 1
Cattle Diseases -- therapy.   2016 1
Cattle Diseases -- United States -- History.   1995 1
Cattle -- growth & development -- Canada.   2002 1
Cattle -- growth & development -- United States.   2002 1
Cattle -- Periodicals.     1
Cattle -- surgery.   2014 1

Cauda Equina -- See Also Spinal Cord

A cylindrical column of tissue that lies within the vertebral canal. It is composed of WHITE MATTER and GRAY MATTER.

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Caumont, Antonin Nompar de, 1632 or 1633-1723 -- See Lauzun, Antonin Nompar de Caumont, duc de, 1632 or 1633-1723

Causalgia.   1951 1
Causality.   17

Causation -- See Causality

The relating of causes to the effects they produce. Causes are termed necessary when they must always precede an effect and sufficient when they initiate or produce an effect. Any of several factors may be associated with the potential disease causation or outcome, including predisposing factors, enabling factors, precipitating factors, reinforcing factors, and risk factors.
Cause of Death.   13
Cause of Death -- trends -- United States -- Statistics.   1993 1
Cause of Death -- United States -- Case Reports.   2001 1
Cause of Death -- United States -- Collected Works.   2001 1
Cause of Death -- United States -- Statistics.   2
Cause of Death -- United States -- Tables.     1
Cavalli-Sforza, L. L 1922- / (Luigi Luca),  2016 1

Cave of the Cyclops (Greece) -- See Cyclops, Cave of the (Greece)

Cavell, Edith, 1865-1915.   1961 1

Caveolae -- See Also Caveolins

The main structural proteins of CAVEOLAE. Several distinct genes for caveolins have been identified.
Caveolae -- pathology.   2
Caveolae -- physiology.   2012 1

Caveolin -- See Caveolins

The main structural proteins of CAVEOLAE. Several distinct genes for caveolins have been identified.
Caveolin 1 -- metabolism.   2012 1
Caveolin 1 -- physiology.   2012 1
Caveolin 1 -- secretion.   c2006 1

Caveolins -- See Also Caveolae

Endocytic/exocytic CELL MEMBRANE STRUCTURES rich in glycosphingolipids, cholesterol, and lipid-anchored membrane proteins that function in ENDOCYTOSIS (potocytosis), transcytosis, and SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION. Caveolae assume various shapes from open pits to closed vesicles. Caveolar coats are composed of CAVEOLINS.
Caveolins -- physiology.   2012 1

Cavernitis, Fibrous -- See Penile Induration

A condition characterized by hardening of the PENIS due to the formation of fibrous plaques on the dorsolateral aspect of the PENIS, usually involving the membrane (tunica albuginea) surrounding the erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum penis). This may eventually cause a painful deformity of the shaft or constriction of the urethra, or both.
Cavernous Sinus -- diagnostic imaging.   2010 1
Cavernous Sinus -- surgery.   2009 1
Caves.   2015 1

Caves Greece -- See Also the narrower term Cyclops, Cave of the (Greece)


Cavia -- See Guinea Pigs

A common name used for the genus Cavia. The most common species is Cavia porcellus which is the domesticated guinea pig used for pets and biomedical research.

Cayenne Pepper -- See Capsicum

A plant genus of the family SOLANACEAE. The hot peppers yield CAPSAICIN, which activates VANILLOID RECEPTORS. Several varieties have sweet or pungent edible fruits that are used as vegetables when fresh and spices when the pods are dried.

Cayman Islands -- See West Indies

Islands lying between southeastern North America and northern South America, enclosing the Caribbean Sea. They comprise the Greater Antilles (CUBA; DOMINICAN REPUBLIC; HAITI; JAMAICA; and PUERTO RICO), the Lesser Antilles (ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA and the other Leeward Islands, BARBADOS; MARTINIQUE and the other Windward Islands, NETHERLANDS ANTILLES; VIRGIN ISLANDS OF THE UNITED STATES, BRITISH VIRGINI ISLANDS, and the islands north of Venezuela which include TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO), and the BAHAMAS. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p1330)
CCN Intercellular Signaling Proteins.   2

CCND1 Protein -- See Cyclin D1

Protein encoded by the bcl-1 gene which plays a critical role in regulating the cell cycle. Overexpression of cyclin D1 is the result of bcl-1 rearrangement, a t(11;14) translocation, and is implicated in various neoplasms.

CCP -- See Zhongguo gong chan dang


CD Antigen -- See Antigens, CD

Differentiation antigens residing on mammalian leukocytes. CD stands for cluster of differentiation, which refers to groups of monoclonal antibodies that show similar reactivity with certain subpopulations of antigens of a particular lineage or differentiation stage. The subpopulations of antigens are also known by the same CD designation.
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