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245 10 Hyslop-Beckmann family papers,|f1896-1938. 
270    C.L. Sonnichsen Special Collections Dept., University 
       Library, University of Texas at El Paso|bEl Paso|cTX|dU.S.
       |e79968-0582|k(915) 747-5697. 
300    6 linear ft. 
506    No access restrictions. 
520    Contains financial records, correspondence, ephemera and 
       some photographs relating to the mining, ranching, and 
       family activites of the Hyslop and Beckmann families. 
       These activities primarily related to mining and the San 
       Francisco del Oro mine and ranching at the Hacienda de 
       Santiago. Also includes receipts for businesses and 
       schools in El Paso, Texas. 
524 8  Hyslop-Beckmann family papers, 1896-1938, MS 211, C.L. 
       Sonnichsen Special Collections Dept., The University of 
       Texas at El Paso Library. 
540    Permission to publish material from the Hyslop-Beckmann 
       family papers, MS 211, must be obtained from the C.L. 
       Sonnichsen Special Collections Dept., University of Texas 
       at El Paso Library. 
541    James Hyslop & Josefina Beckmann;|cgift;|d1968. 
545    James E. Hyslop was born in England on November 7, 1865.  
       In the 1890s he moved to Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua as 
       the general manager for the London-based mining firm of 
       San Francisco del Oro, Ltd. He married the daughter of 
       William Beckmann in 1903. Mr. Beckmann was also a 
       prominent mining engineer with extensive holdings in the 
       Parral district, and the family continued to acquire 
       property in Mexico. Their holdings included the Hacienda 
       de Santiago where they conducted many farming activities. 
       The family also had a residence in El Paso, Texas. Mr. 
       Hyslop died in 1931. 
546    Text in Spanish and English. 
555 0  Inventory in the library;|cFolder level control. 
590    Original accession number: 890. 
600 10 Hyslop, James E.|d1865-1931. 
600 10 Beckmann, Josefina. 
600 30 Haislip family. 
600 30 Beckman family. 
650  0 Silver mines and mining|zMexico|zChihuahua (State) 
650  0 Ranches|zMexico|zChihuahua (State) 
651  0 Chihuahua (Mexico : State)|xHistory|vSources. 
651  0 San Francisco del Oro (Mexico) 
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