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100 1  Jung, Sin-Ho. 
245 10 Randomized phase II cancer clinical trials /|cSin-Ho Jung.
260    Hoboken :|bCRC Press,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource (236 pages). 
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490 1  Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Introduction Single-Arm Phase II Trial Designs; Single-
       Stage Designs; Two-Stage Designs; Two-Stage Designs with 
       Both Upper and Lower Stopping Values Inference on the 
       Binomial Probability in Single-Arm Multistage Clinical 
       Trials; Point Estimation; Confidence Intervals; P-Values; 
       When Realized Sample Size Is Different from That Specified
       in Design Single-Arm Phase II Clinical Trials with Time-to
       -Event Endpoints; A Test Based on Median Survival Time; 
       Maximum Likelihood Method for Exponential Distribution; 
       One-Sample Log-Rank Test; Two-Stage Trials Using One-
       Sample Log-Rank Test; Binomial Testing on t -Year Survival
       Probability Single-Arm Phase II Trials with Heterogeneous 
       Patient Populations: Binary and Survival Outcomes; Binary 
       Outcome Case; Survival Outcome Case: Stratified One-Sample
       Log-Rank Test Randomized Phase II Trials. 
505 0  For Selection: No Prospective Control Arms; With a 
       Historical Control; When No Historical Control Exists; 
       Extension to More Than Two Arms Randomized Phase II Cancer
       Clinical Trials with a Prospective Control on Binary 
       Endpoints (I): Two-Sample Binomial Test; Two-Sample 
       Binomial Test; Two-Stage Designs with Both Upper and Lower
       Stopping Values; Discussions Randomized Phase II Cancer 
       Clinical Trials with a Prospective Control on Binary 
       Endpoints (II): Fisher's Exact Test; Single-Stage Design; 
       Two-Stage Design; Extensions; Discussions Randomized Phase
       II Trials with Heterogeneous Patient Populations: 
       Stratified Fisher's Exact Test; Single-Stage Stratified 
       Fisher's Exact Test; Two-Stage Designs with an Interim 
       Futility Test Randomized Phase II Clinical Trials Based on
       Survival Endpoints: Two-Sample Log-Rank Test; Two-Sample 
       Log-Rank Test; Two-Stage Log-Rank. 
505 0  Test; Stratified Two-Sample Log-Rank Test for Single-Stage
       Designs Some Flexible Phase II Clinical Trial Designs; 
       Comparing Survival Distributions under General Hypothesis 
       Testing; Randomized Phase II Trials for Comparing 
       Maintenance Therapies Index References appear at the end 
       of each chapter. 
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520    In cancer research, a traditional phase II trial is 
       designed as a single-arm trial that compares the 
       experimental therapy to a historical control. This simple 
       trial design has led to several adverse issues, including 
       increased false positivity of phase II trial results and 
       negative phase III trials. To rectify these problems, 
       oncologists and biostatisticians have begun to use a 
       randomized phase II trial that compares an experimental 
       therapy with a prospective control therapy. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Clinical trials|xStatistical methods. 
650  0 Cancer|xResearch|xStatistical methods. 
650 12 Neoplasms|xtherapy. 
650 22 Clinical Trials, Phase II as Topic. 
650 22 Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic. 
650 22 Research Design. 
650 22 Statistics as Topic. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aJung, Sin-Ho.|tRandomized phase II 
       cancer clinical trials.|dHoboken : CRC Press, 2013
830  0 Chapman & Hall/CRC biostatistics series. 
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