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Title Ion traps for tomorrow's applications / edited by M. Knoop, I. Marzoli and G. Morigi.
Imprint Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2015.


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Description 1 online resource : color illustrations.
Series Proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" ; course 189 = Rendiconti della Scuola Internazionale di Fisica "Enrico Fermi" ; CLXXXIX Corso
International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi." Proceedings of the International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi" ; course 189.
Note Conference held at Varenna on Lake Como, Villa Mionastero, 22-30 July 2013.
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Online resource; title from PDF title page (EBSCO, viewed August 27, 2015).
Subject Trapped ions -- Congresses.
Genre Conference papers and proceedings.
Contents Title Page -- Contents -- Preface -- Course group shot -- Trapping and cooling of atomic ions -- Applications of ion traps -- Introduction -- Trapped-ion optical clocks -- Quantum information processing -- Radiofrequency traps -- Classical equations of motion -- Lowest-order classical motion -- Typical realizations -- Quantum-mechanical motion of charged particles in rf-traps -- Trapped two-level atoms coupled to light fields -- Internal states in two-level approximation -- Coupling to light fields -- Detection of ions and their internal states -- Laser cooling of ions -- Doppler cooling -- Resolved sideband cooling -- EIT cooling -- Cooling of ion crystals -- Ion crystal equilibrium and dynamics -- Interaction of ion crystals with light -- Ground-state cooling experiments with same-species ion crystals -- Sympathetic ground-state-cooling experiments in mixed species crystals -- Ion transport and separation -- Motivation for multi-zone architecture -- Ion transport -- Ion separation -- Adiabatic and diabatic transport and separation experiments -- Microtraps -- Motivations for microfabricated traps -- 3D and 2D (surface electrode) micro traps -- Microwave near-field techniques -- Conclusions -- Isotope-selective manipulation of ions in a Paul trap -- Background -- Loading ions into a trap -- Mass-selective manipulation by electric fields -- Parametric resonance -- Nonlinear resonance -- Laser manipulation -- Laser cooling and heating of trapped ions -- Direct cooling -- Isotope-selective heating and cooling -- Isotope-selective manipulation -- Summary -- Ion Coulomb crystals and their applications -- Introduction -- Conditions for Coulomb crystallization -- Ion Coulomb crystals in laboratories -- Structural properties (1D, 2D and 3D structures) -- Dynamical properties -- Applications -- Non-linear dynamics.
Statistical physics and thermodynamics -- Solid-state physics -- Plasma physics -- Nuclear fusion -- Geoscience -- Exotic stellar objects -- Test of quantum mechanics -- Cavity QED-related experiments -- Quantum information processing -- Quantum simulations -- High-precision spectroscopy -- Cold-molecular-ion research -- Conclusion -- The linear-zigzag structural transition in cold ion chains -- The linear-zigzag structural instability of ion chains -- Phase transitions and the Landau theory -- The classical linear-zigzag instability -- The quantum linear-zigzag instability -- Creation and dynamics of topological defects in ion Coulomb crystals -- Introduction -- Creation of topological defects in ion Coulomb crystals -- Kink densities and the Kibble-Zurek mechanism -- The Peierls-Nabarro potential and kink stability -- Influence of mass defects -- Mass defects and electric fields -- Conclusion -- Ion rings in multipole traps -- Introduction -- Operation of multipole traps -- Dimensions of the ion ring -- Spectroscopic features of an ion ring -- Structural phase transition -- Modified multipole potentials -- Conclusion -- Frequency standards with trapped ions -- Introduction -- Principles of operation -- Trapping, cooling and probing a single ion -- Probing the reference transition -- Probe laser stabilisation -- Measuring and comparing optical frequencies -- Systems studied and state-of-the-art performance -- 199Hg+ -- 171Yb+ -- 88Sr+ -- 40Ca+ -- 115In+ -- 27Al+ -- Systematic frequency shifts -- Zeeman shifts -- Electric quadrupole shift -- Frequency shifts related to the ion motion -- Stark shifts from applied laser fields -- Blackbody Stark shifts -- Gravitational redshift -- Conclusions and perspectives -- Coherent manipulations in a microfabricated ion trap -- Introduction -- Agile laser experimental setup -- Optical layout -- RF system.
Test measurement setup -- System characterization -- Phase agility -- Amplitude calibration and agility -- Frequency agility -- Microfabricated ion trap and ion transport -- Conclusions -- Quantum simulation of spin models with trapped ions -- Introduction -- Trapped ion effective spins: initialization, detection, and interaction -- Quantum simulations of magnetism -- Adiabatic evolution and preparation of the ground state -- Ferromagnetic order -- Antiferromagnetic order -- Quantum dynamics and quenches -- Outlook -- Quantum networking with single ions -- Motivation -- Basic considerations and principles -- Atom-photon entanglement -- Atom-atom entanglement -- Atom-photon interfaces -- Controlled emission -- Controlled absorption -- Experiments -- Atom-photon and atom-atom entanglement -- Atom-photon entanglement -- Atom-atom entanglement -- Atom-photon interfaces -- Controlled emission -- Controlled absorption -- Summary and outlook -- High-resolution fluorescence and absorption imaging of single trapped ions -- Introduction -- Experimental apparatus -- Millikelvin spatial thermometry of trapped ions using wavelength scale imaging -- Observation of a large phase shift from a single atom using absorption imaging -- Conclusion -- Quantum information processing with trapped electrons -- Introduction -- Penning traps -- Electron qubits -- Single-qubit gates -- Two-qubit gates -- Qubit detection -- Scalability -- Planar Penning traps -- Effective spin-spin coupling -- Coherent wire coupling -- Conclusions -- Noise studies of driven geometric phase gates with trapped ions -- Introduction -- The setup -- The stimulated Raman configuration -- Spontaneous emission -- Spin-motion coupling -- Driven geometric phase gates with trapped ions -- Gate performance in the presence of noise -- Spontaneous emission -- Laser intensity noise -- Conclusions and outlook.
Monitoring single quantum systems by unsharp measurements -- Introduction -- Measurements in quantum mechanics -- Generalised measurements -- Unsharp measurements -- Monitoring the quantum state in real time -- Discussion -- Ion-atom hybrid systems -- Introduction -- Trapping of ions, atoms and their combination -- Ion-atom interactions: background -- Elastic collisions -- Inelastic collisions -- Reactive collisions -- Molecular ions in hybrid traps -- Conclusions -- Hybrid ion, atom and light trap -- Introduction -- Hybrid trap assembly -- Vacuum system and electrode configuration -- Atom trap(s) -- Modified spherical Paul trap -- Ion detection -- Fabry-Perot cavity -- Experiments with the hybrid trap -- Ion-atom mixture experiments -- Requirement for a cavity -- Atom-cavity collective strong-coupling experiment -- Other features and prospects with the hybrid trap -- Conclusions -- Sympathetic cooling of OH- ions using ultracold Rb atoms in a dark SPOT -- Introduction -- Sympathetic cooling of ions using ultracold atoms -- Hybrid atom-ion trap -- Conclusion and outlook -- List of participants.
Summary Ion trapping was first accomplished in Europe more than 50 years ago. Since then, research and development have increased steadily, and the last decades have seen a remarkable growth in applications, mainly due to the improvement of laser-based techniques for spectroscopy, cooling and the manipulation of ions. Nowadays ion trapping plays a crucial role in a wide range of disciplines, including atomic and plasma physics, chemistry, high precision measurement, high energy physics and the emerging field of quantum technologies. This book presents lectures and reports from the Enrico Fermi School 'Ion Traps for Tomorrow's Applications', held in Varenna, Italy, in July 2013. Reflecting the aim of the school to exploit diversity and stimulate cross fertilization, the selected topics and highlights in this book partly review the wide range of subjects discussed during the course, while providing an overview of this topical domain. As well as providing a useful reference guide, the book will be a source of inspiration for all those planning to work on ion trapping in the future.
Other Author Knoop, Martina, editor.
Marzoli, I. (Irene), editor.
Morigi, G. (Giovanna), editor.
Società italiana di fisica, publisher.
IOS Press, publisher.
Other Title Print version: International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi." author (189th : 2013: Varenna, Italy). Ion traps for tomorrow's applications. Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2015
Other Title PDF added title page title: Trappole ioniche per le applicazioni di domani