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Title Condensed matter theories. Volume 23.
Imprint Singapore ; Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific Pub., ©2009.


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Description 1 online resource (: illustrations.
Series Condensed matter theories ; v. 23.
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Subject Condensed matter -- Congresses.
Quantum liquids -- Congresses.
Genre Conference papers and proceedings.
Contents Charles Campbell at sixty-five : a tribute to innovation and enduring dedication / J.W. Clark -- Many-Boson dynamic correlations / C.E. Campbell and E. Krotscheck -- An efficient density functional algorithm in a strong magnetic field / S. Janecek and E. Krotscheck -- Strongly correlated Bosons at nonzero temperatures / K.A. Gernoth, M. Serhan and M.L. Ristig -- Dynamic structure function of quantum Bose systems ; condensate fraction and momentum distribution / M. Saarela, F. Mazzanti and V. Apaja -- Helium in pores and irregular surfaces / E.S. Hernandez [and others] -- Collective modes of trapped interacting Bosons / G. Gnanapragasam and M.P. Das -- p-Wave pairing in Fermi systems with unequal population near Feshbach resonance / K.F. Quader, R. Liao and F. Popescu -- Intriguing role of Hole-Cooper-Pairs in superconductors and superfluids / M. Grether [and others] -- Superfluid to Bose metal transition in systems with resonant pairing / J. Ranninger -- DC resistivity of charged cooper pairs in a simple Boson-Fermion model of superconductors / T.A. Mamedov and M. de Llano -- Ground state energy of Bose-Einstein condensation in a disordered system / V. Sa-Yakanit and W. Lim -- Implications of relativistic configurations and band structures in the physics of bio-molecules and solids / M. Fhokrul Islam, H.G. Bohr and F.B. Malik -- The Sawtooth chain : from Heisenberg spins to Hubbard electrons / J. Richter, O. Derzhko and A. Honecker -- Magnetoresistance in copper / S. Fujita, N. Demez and J.-H. Kim -- Calculation and interpretation of surface-plasmon-polariton features in the reflectivity of metallic nanowire arrays / P. Scholz [and others] -- The surprising phenomenon of level merging in finite Fermi systems / J.W. Clark [and others] -- The effective mass of a charged carrier in a nonpolar liquid : applications to superfluid helium / A. Varlamov, I. Chikina and V. Shikin -- Dependence of non-Abelian matrix berry phase of a semiconductor quantum dot on geometric properties of adiabatic path / S.C. Kim [and others] -- Physics of the mind : opinion dynamics and decision making processes based on a binary network model / F.V. Kusmartsev and K.E. Kurten -- Nanolayered max phases from ab initio calculations / W. Luo, C.M. Fang and R. Ahuja -- Effect of disorder on the interacting Fermi gases in a one-dimensional optical lattice / X. Gao [and others] -- A new look at super heavy nuclei / G.S. Anagnostatos -- Asymmetric nuclear matter : a variational approach / S. Sarangi [and others] -- Progress in the description of nuclear physics from lattice QCD / A.S.B. Tariq -- Dilute alpha-particle condensation in [symbol]C and [symbol]O / T. Yamada [and others] -- Jaynes-Cummings model as a case study for the derivation of time-dependent Schrodinger equation / S. Khemmani and V. Sa-Yakanit -- Tunneling and hopping between domains in the metal-insulator transition in two-dimensions / D. Neilson and A. Hamilton -- Birkhoff theorem and ergometer : meeting of two cultures / M.H. Lee -- Towards ballistic transport in graphene / X. Du, I. Skachko and E.Y. Andrei -- Empirical aspects of statistical mechanics' axiomatics / A. Plastino and E.M.F. Curado -- Ferromagnetism in doped semiconductors without magnetic ions / R.N. Bhatt and E. Nielsen -- Kidney-Boojum-like solutions and exact shape equation of solid-like domains in lipid monolayer / H. Tong [and others] -- Excited state processes in photosynthesis molecules / H. Bohr, P. Greisen and B. Malic -- Optical and transport properties in dense plasmas collision frequency from bulk to cluster / H. Reinholz [and others] -- On the N-representability and universality of F[p] in the Hohenberg-Kohn-Sham version of density functional theory / E.V. Ludena, F. Illas and A. Ramirez-Solis -- Dynamic pair excitation in aluminum / H.M. Bohm [and others] -- On time dependent DFT with SIC / J. Messud [and others] -- Dynamical phase transitions in opinion networks : coexistence of opportunists and contrarians / K.E. Kurten -- Probing the equation of state of nuclear matter in the nuclear rainbow scattering / D.T. Khoa -- Non-monotonic alpha- and [symbol]Li-potentials from energy density functional formalism / S. Hossain [and others] -- Resonances and angular distribution in [symbol] decay / F.F. Karpeshin -- Giant dielectric behavior of BaFe[symbol]Nb[symbol]O[symbol] Perovskite ceramic / U. Intatha, S. Eitssayeam and T. Tunkasiri -- Structural and piezoelectric properties of (1-x)PZT-xBFN (x = 0.1 -- 0.2) solid solution / K. Sutjarittangtham [and others] -- Effects of heat treatment on spin Hamiltonian parameters of Cr[symbol] ions in natural pink sapphire / T. Kittiauchawal [and others] -- The spin Hamiltonian parameters calculation of [symbol]N and [symbol]N in natural type I diamond / C. Kedkaew [and others] -- Low sintering temperature of lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate (0.9PMN-0.1PT) by adding oxide additives / N. Pisitpipathsin [and others] -- Quantum Brownian and the constrained path integral / S. Boonchui, V. Sa-Yakanit and P. Palotaidamkerng.
Summary The Thirty-First International Workshop on Condensed Matter Theories (CMT31) held in Bangkok focused on the many roles played by ab initio theory, modeling, and high-performance computing in condensed matter and materials science, providing a forum for the discussion of recent advances and exploration of new problems. Fifty-six invited papers were presented, of which 38 appear as chapters in this volume. Reports of recent results generated lively debate on two-dimensional electron systems, the metal-insulator transition, dilute magnetic semiconductors, effects of disorder, magnetoresistence phenomena, ferromagnetic stripes, quantum Hall systems, strongly correlated Fermi systems, superconductivity, dilute fermionic and bosonic gases, nanostructured materials, plasma instabilities, quantum fluid mixtures, and helium in reduced geometries.