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111 2  International Workshop on Semiconductor-on-Insulator 
       Materials and Devices|n(6th :|d2010 :|cKiev, Ukraine),
       |jissuing body. 
245 10 Nanoscaled semiconductor-on-insulator materials, sensors 
       and devices :|bselected, peer reviewed papers from the 6th
       International Workshop on Semiconductor-on-Insulator 
       Materials and Devices, 24-28 October, 2010 Kyiv, Ukraine /
       |cedited by Alexei N. Nazarov and Jean-Pierre Raskin. 
264  1 Durnten-Zurich, Switzerland :|bTrans Tech Publications,
264  2 Enfield, N.H. :|bDistributed in the Americas by Trans Tech
       Publications,|c[date of distribution not identified] 
264  4 |c©2011 
300    1 online resource (199 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Advanced materials research,|x1022-6680 ;|vvolume 276 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 0  Nanoscaled Semiconductor-on-Insulator Materials, Sensors 
       and Devices; Preface and Committee Members; Table of 
       Contents; I. Technology of Semiconductor-On-Insulator 
       Structures and Devices; ZnO Films and Crystals on Bulk 
       Silicon and SOI Wafers: Formation, Properties and 
       Applications; Influence of Hydrogen Plasma Treatment on a-
       SiC Resistivity of the SiC/SiO2/Si Structures; Diamond -- 
       Graphite Heterostructures Formed by Nitrogen and Hydrogen 
       Implantation and Annealing; Hydrogen Gettering within 
       Processed Oxygen-Implanted Silicon; II. Physics of New SOI
505 8  Gate Control of Junction Impact Ionization Avalanche in 
       SOI MISFETs: Theoretical ModelSemi-Analytical Models of 
       Field-Effect Transistors with Low-Dimensional Channels; 
       Model of Nonuniform Channel for the Charge Carrier 
       Transport in Nanoscale FETs; High Temperature Effects on 
       Harmonic Distortion in Submicron SOI Graded-Channel 
       MOSFETs; Some Issues of Modeling the Double Barrier Metal-
       Oxide-Semiconductor Tunnel Structures; Electrical 
       Properties of High-K LaLuO3 Gate Oxide for SOI MOSFETs; 
       Effects of High-Energy Neutrons on Advanced SOI MOSFETs; 
       III. SOI Sensors and MEMS 
505 8  Polysilicon on Insulator Structures for Sensor Application
       at Electron Irradiation & Magnetic FieldsOn-Chip Tensile 
       Testing of the Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical 
       Properties of Nano-Scale Silicon Free-Standing Beams; Non-
       Standard FinFET Devices for Small Volume Sample Sensors; 
       3D SOI Elements for System-on-Chip Applications; Routes 
       towards Novel Active Pressure Sensors in SOI Technology; 
       IV. Nanodots, Nanowires and Nanofilms; Photovoltage 
       Performance of Ge/Si Nanostructures Grown on Intermediate 
       Ultrathin SiOX Layers 
505 8  Interface and Bulk Properties of High-K Gadolinium and 
       Neodymium Oxides on SiliconEffect of Ge Nanoislands on 
       Lateral Photoconductivity of Ge-SiOX-Si Structures; A 
       Model of the Evolution of the Au/Si Droplet Ensembles 
       during Rapid Thermal Annealing at High Temperatures; The 
       Nanometer Scaled Defects Induces with the Dislocation 
       Motion in II-VI Insulated Semiconductors; Keywords Index; 
       Authors Index 
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520    This special collection covers: 1. the technology of 
       semiconductor-on-insulator structures and devices; 2. the 
       physics of new SOI devices; 3. SOI sensors and MEMS; 4. 
       nanodots, nanowires and nanofilms. The first part covers a
       wide variety of SemOI-based structures such as ZnO-on-
       Insulators, a-SiC-on-Si oxide, graphite inner films 
       fabricated by ion implantation, and others. The second 
       part presents new devices based upon impact ionization 
       near to the source junction, the modeling of charge 
       transport in nano-scale SOI MOSFETs, the electrical 
       properties of SOI MOSFETs with LaLuO3 high-k gate 
       dielectric and the study of neutron effects upon the 
       behavior of nanometer-scale SOI devices. The third part 
       considers various types of SOI sensors and MEMS, together 
       with their characteristics and applications. The fourth 
       part describes the fabrication and properties of quantum-
       dimensional structures such as nanowires and nanodots. 
       This book will therefore be useful to a wide readership. 
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650  0 Silicon-on-insulator technology|vCongresses. 
650  0 Nanoelectromechanical systems|vCongresses. 
650  0 Nanotechnology|vCongresses. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Nazarov, A. N.|q(Alexei N.) 
700 1  Raskin, J.-P.|q(Jean-Pierre),|d1971- 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Workshop on Semiconductor-
       on-Insulator Materials and Devices.|tNanoscaled 
       semiconductor-on-insulator materials, sensors and devices 
       : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 6th 
       International Workshop on Semiconductor-on-Insulator 
       Materials and Devices, 24-28 October, 2010 Kyiv, Ukraine.
       |dDurnten-Zurich, Switzerland : Trans Tech Publications, 
       [2011]|h206 pages ; 25 cm.|kAdvanced materials research ; 
       volume 276|x1022-6680|z9783037851784|w(DLC)   10817963
830  0 Advanced materials research ;|v276. 
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