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111 2  NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Properties and 
       Applications of Thermoelectric Materials|d(2008 :|cHvar, 
245 10 Properties and applications of thermoelectric materials :
       |bthe search for new materials for thermoelectric devices 
       /|cedited by Veljko Zlatić and Alex C. Hewson. 
260    Dordrecht :|bSpringer,|c©2009. 
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490 1  NATO science for peace and security series. Series B, 
       Physics and biophysics 
500    "Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on 
       Properties and Applications of Thermoelectric Materials, 
       Hvar, Croatia, 21-26 September 2008"--Title page verso 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Preface -- Acknowledgements -- Contributors -- Strongly 
       Correlated Electron Phenomena in the Filled Skutterudites 
       -- Role of Structures on Thermal Conductivity in 
       Thermoelectric Materials -- New Approaches to 
       Thermoelectric Materials -- Thermoelectric Effect in 
       Transition Metal Oxides -- Thermoelectric Power of 
       Correlated Compounds -- Thermoelectric Power and Thermal 
       Transport of Anomalous Rare-Earth Kondo Compounds -- 
       Thermoelectrics Near the Mott Localization-Delocalization 
       Transition -- Quasiparticles, Magnetization Dynamics, and 
       Thermopower of Yb-Based Heavy-Fermion Compounds -- The LDA
       +DMFT Route to Identify Good Thermoelectrics -- Theory of 
       Electronic Transport and Thermoelectricity in Ordered and 
       Disordered Heavy Fermion Systems -- Role of Multiple 
       Subband Renormalization in the Electronic Transport of 
       Correlated Oxide Superlattices -- Thermoelectric 
       Properties of Junctions Between Metal and Models of 
       Strongly Correlated Semiconductors -- Theory of the Nernst
       Effect Caused by Fluctuations of the Superconducting Order
       Parameter -- Quantum Criticality in Heavy Electron 
       Compounds -- Resistivity of Mn 1−x Fe x Si Single 
       Crystals: Evidence for Quantum Critical Behavior -- 
       Electron Spectroscopy of Correlated Transition Metal 
       Oxides -- Orbital Fluctuations in the RVO 3 Perovskites --
       Low Energy Scales of Kondo Lattices: Mean-field 
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520 8  Annotation|bAs concerns with the efficient use of energy 
       resources, and the minimization of environmental damage 
       have come to the fore, there has been a renewed interest 
       in the role that thermoelectric devices could play in 
       generating electricity from waste heat, enabling cooling 
       via refrigerators with no moving parts, and many other 
       more specialized applications. The main problem in 
       realizing this ambition is the rather low efficiency of 
       such devices for general applications. This book deals 
       with the proceedings of a workshop addressed that problems
       by reviewing the latest experimental and theoretical work 
       on suitable materials for device applications and by 
       exploring various strategies that might increase their 
       efficiency. The proceedings cover a broad range of 
       approaches, from the experimental work of fabricating new 
       compounds through to theoretical work in characterizing 
       and understanding their properties. The effects of strong 
       electron correlation, disorder, the proximity to metal-
       insulator transitions, the properties of layered composite
       materials, and the introduction of voids or cages into the
       structure to reduce the lattice thermal conductivity are 
       all explored as ways of enhancing the efficiency of their 
       use in thermoelectric devices. 
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650  0 Thermoelectric materials|vCongresses. 
655  2 Congress. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Zlatić, Veljko. 
700 1  Hewson, A. C.|q(Alexander Cyril) 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aNATO Advanced Research Workshop on 
       Properties and Applications of Thermoelectric Materials 
       (2008 : Hvar, Croatia).|tProperties and applications of 
       thermoelectric materials.|dDordrecht : Springer : 
       Published in cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy 
       Division, ©2009|w(OCoLC)401160120 
830  0 NATO Science for Peace and Security series.|nB,|pPhysics 
       and biophysics. 
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