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111 2  International Seaweed Symposium|n(19th :|d2007 :|cKobe, 
245 10 Nineteenth International Seaweed Symposium :|bProceedings 
       of the 19th International Seaweed Symposium, held in Kobe,
       Japan, 26-31 March, 2007 /|cedited by Micheal A. 
       Borowitzka [and others]. 
260    Dordrecht :|bSpringer,|c©2008. 
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490 1  Developments in applied phycology ;|v2 
500    Previously published in the Journal of Applied Phycology, 
       volume 20, issue 5, 2008. 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tAdvances in cultivation of Gelidiales --|tProduction, 
       use and fate of Chilean brown seaweeds: re-sources for a 
       sustainable fishery --|tCultivation of the green alga, 
       Codium fragile (Suringar) Hariot, by artificial seed 
       production in Korea --|tDistribution and symptoms of 
       epiphyte infection in major carrageenophyte-producing 
       farms --|tThe occurrence of pinhole disease in relation to
       developmental stage in cultivated Undaria pinnatifida 
       (Harvey) Suringar (Phaeophyta) in Korea --|tThe potential 
       for seaweed resource development in subarctic Canada; 
       Nunavik, Ungava Bay --|tThe characterization of color 
       mutations in Bangiaceae (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) --|tPublic
       health and carrageenan regulation: a review and analysis -
       -|tEffect of alkali treatment time and extraction time on 
       agar from Gracilaria vermiculophylla --|tEffects of 
       extraction parameters on gel properties of carrageenan 
       from Kappaphycus alvarezii (Rhodophyta) --|tGel-forming 
       structures and stages of red algal galactans of different 
       sulfation levels --|tCarrageenan of Eucheuma isiforme 
       (Solieriaceae, Rhodophyta) from Nicaragua --|tSome 
       properties of alginate gels derived from algal sodium 
       alginate --|tGrowth and carrageenan quality of Kappaphycus
       striatum var. sacol grown at different stocking densities,
       duration of culture and depth --|tPurification and 
       characterization of a N -acetylglucosaminidase produced by
       Talaromyces emersonii during growth on algal fucoidan --
       |tEssential role of seaweed cultivation in integrated 
       multi-trophic aquaculture farms for global expansion of 
       mariculture: an analysis --|tOpportunities and challenges 
       for the development of an integrated seaweed-based 
       aquaculture activity in Chile: determining the 
       physiological capabilities of Macrocystis and Gracilaria 
       as biofilters --|tIntegrated seaweed cultivation on an 
       abalone farm in South Africa --|tDetermining the most 
       appropriate feeding regime for the South African abalone 
       Haliotis midae Linnaeus grown on kelp --|tPalm oil mill 
       effluent (POME) cultured marine microalgae as 
       supplementary diet for rotifer culture --|tSeaweed 
       micropropagation techniques and their potentials: an 
       overview --|tSeaweed protoplasts: status, biotechnological
       perspectives and needs --|tPreparation of protoplasts from
       Laminaria japonica using native and recombinant abalone 
       alginate lyases --|tProtoplast isolation and regeneration 
       from Gracilaria changii (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta) --
       |tCallus induction and micropropagation improved by 
       colchicine and phytoregulators in Kappaphycus alvarezii 
       (Rhodophyta, Solieriaceae) --|tBioactive volatile 
       compounds from marine algae: feeding attractants --
       |tLiquid seaweed extracts identified using 1H NMR profiles
       --|tThe use of HRMAS NMR spectroscopy to study the in vivo
       intra-cellular carbon/nitrogen ratio of Solieria chordalis
       (Rhodophyta) --|tGrowth, pigments, UV-absorbing compounds 
       and agar yield of the economic red seaweed Gracilaria 
       lemaneiformis (Rhodophyta) grown at different depths in 
       the coastal waters of the South China Sea --|tChanges of 
       growth characteristics and free amino acid content of 
       cultivated Porphyra yezoensis Ueda (Bangiales Rhodophyta) 
       blades with the progression of the number of harvests in a
       nori farm --|tEnvironment determines nitrogen content and 
       stable isotope composition in the sporophyte of Undaria 
       pinnatifida (Harvey) Suringar --|tAntioxidant activities 
       of phlorotannins isolated from Japanese Laminariaceae --
       |tAlgicidal activity of polyunsaturated fatty acids 
       derived from Ulva fasciata and U. pertusa (Ulvaceae, 
       Chlorophyta) on phytoplankton --|tPotential use of 
       seaweeds in the laying hen ration to improve the quality 
       of n-3 fatty acid enriched eggs --|tPhysiological 
       differences in the growth of Sargassum horneri between the
       germling and adult stages --|tEffects of temperature, 
       photosynthetic photon flux density, photoperiod and O2 and
       CO2 concentrations on growth rates of the symbiotic 
       dinoflagellate, Amphidinium sp. --|tPhotosynthetic and 
       respiratory responses of Gracilaria vermiculophylla (Ohmi)
       Papenfuss collected from Kumamoto, Shizuoka and Iwate, 
       Japan --|tIn situ study of relative electron transport 
       rates in the marine macroalga Fucus vesiculosus in the 
       Baltic Sea at different depths and times of year --
       |tEffects of photon flux density and agricultural 
       fertilizers on the development of Sarcothalia crispata 
       tetraspores (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) from the Strait of 
       Magellan, Chile --|tEffects of kinetin and nitrogen on 
       growth rates, pigment and protein contents in wild and 
       phycoerythrin-deficient strains of Hypnea musciformis 
       (Rhodophyta) --|tRapid and slow modulation of nitrate 
       reductase activity in the red macroalga Gracilaria 
       chilensis (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta): influence of 
       different nitrogen sources --|tMolecular characterization 
       of four genes involved in sulfur metabolism in Porphyra 
       purpurea (Roth) C. Agardh --|tFloating period of 
       Sargassacean thalli estimated by the change in density --
       |tAbundance of drifting seaweeds in eastern East China Sea
       --|tDiversity, biomass and distribution pattern of 
       Sargassum beds in the South West lagoon of New Caledonia 
       (South Pacific) --|tSargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt in 
       Ireland: an invasive species on the move --|tEffect of 
       seawater temperature on the productivity of Laminaria 
       japonica in the Uwa Sea, southern Japan --|tEisenia 
       bicyclis bed coverage off Oshika Peninsula, Japan, in 
       relation to sporophyte survival and Strongylocentrotus 
       nudus abundance --|tAlgal communities at Gouqi Island in 
       the Zhoushan archipelago, China --|tA field test of porous
       carbonated blocks used as artificial reef in seaweed beds 
       of Ecklonia cava --|tSeaweed of the littoral zone at Cove 
       Island in Long Island Sound: annual variation and impact 
       of environmental factors --|tGametophyte-sporophyte 
       coalescence in populations of the intertidal 
       carrageenophyte Mazzaella laminarioides (Rhodophyta) --
       |tGrowth and survival performance of the gametophyte of 
       Gigartina skottsbergii (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) under 
       defined nutrient conditions in laboratory culture --|tUVB 
       effects on early developmental stages of commercially 
       important macroalgae in southern Chile --|tCan macroalgae 
       recover, 13 months after the 2004 Tsunami?: a case study 
       at Talibong Island, Trang Province, Thailand --|tDiffering
       patterns of hsp70 gene expression in invasive and native 
       kelp species: evidence for acclimation-induced variation -
       -|tEarly development of germlings of Sargassum thunbergii 
       (Fucales, Phaeophyta) under laboratory conditions --
       |tSeaweeds preferred by herbivorous fishes --|tMaking the 
       links: towards a global taxonomy for the red algal genus 
       Porphyra (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) --|tCryptic diversity, 
       biogeography and genetic variation in Northeast Pacific 
       species of Porphyra sensu lato (Bangiales, Rhodophyta) --
       |tTaxonomy and distribution of Sargassum (Phaeophyceae) in
       the Gulf of Thailand --|tPhylogeography of the genus Ulva 
       (Ulvophyceae, Chlorophyta), with special reference to the 
       Japanese freshwater and brackish taxa --|tObservations on 
       the division characterization of diploid nuclear in 
       Porphyra (Bangiales, Rhodophyta). 
506    Available only to authorized UTEP users. 
520    The Proceedings of the 19th International Seaweed 
       Symposium provides an invaluable reference to a wide range
       of fields in applied phycology. Papers cover topics as 
       diverse as the systematics, ecology, physiology, 
       integrated multitrophic aquaculture, commercial 
       applications, carbohydrate chemistry and applications, 
       harvesting biology, cultivation of seaweeds and microalgae
       and more. Contributions from all parts of the world give 
       the volume exceptional relevance in an increasingly global
       scientific and commercial climate. Like its predecessors, 
       this volume provides a benchmark of progress in all fields
       of applied seaweed science and management, and will be 
       referred to for many years to come. 
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653 10 Biology (General) 
653 10 Biologie (algemeen) 
655  2 Congress. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Borowitzka, Michael A. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Seaweed Symposium (19th : 
       2007 : Kobe, Japan).|tNineteenth International Seaweed 
       Symposium.|dDordrecht : Springer, ©2008|w(DLC)  2009920519
830  0 Developments in applied phycology ;|v2. 
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