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111 2  International Symposium on Topological Aspects of Critical
       Systems and Networks|d(2006 :|cSapporo-shi, Japan) 
245 10 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Topological 
       Aspects of Critical Systems and Networks, Sapporo, Japan, 
       13-14 February 2006 /|ceditors Kousuke Yakubo [and 
246 30 Topological aspects of critical systems and networks. 
260    Singapore ;|aHackensack, NJ :|bWorld Scientific,|c©2007. 
300    1 online resource (xii, 266 pages) :|billustrations (some 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent. 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia. 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier. 
347    data file|2rda. 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  I. General properties of networks. Physics of network 
       security / Y.-C. Lai, X. Wand and C.H. Lai. Multi-state 
       interacting particle systems on scale-free networks / N. 
       Masuda and N. Konno. Homotopy Reduction of Complex 
       Networks 18 / Y. Hiraoka and T. Ichinomiya. Analysis of 
       the Susceptible-Infected-Susceptible Model on Complex 
       Network / T. Ichinomiya -- II. Complexity in social 
       science. Innovation and Development in a Random Lattice / 
       J. Lahtinen. Long-tailed distributions in biological 
       systems: revisit to Lognormals / N. Kobayashi [and 
       others]. Two-class structure of income distribution in the
       USA:exponential bulk and power-law tail / V.M. Yakovenko 
       and A. Christian Silva. Power Law distributions in two 
       community currencies / N. Kichiji and M. Nishibe -- III. 
       Patterns in biological objects. Stoichiometric network 
       analysis of nonlinear phenomena in rection mechanism for 
       TWC converters / M. Marek [and others]. Collective 
       movement and morphogenesis of epithelial cells / H. Haga 
       and K. Kawabata. Indecisive behavior of amoeba crossing an
       environmental barrier / S. Takagi [and others]. Effects of
       amount of food on path selection in the transport network 
       of an amoeboid organism / T. Nakagaki [and others]. Light 
       scattering study in double network gels / M. Fukunaya [and
       others]. Blood flow velocity in the choroid in punctate 
       inner choroidopathy and Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease; amd 
       multifractal analysis of choroidal blood flow in age-
       related macular degeneration / K. Yoshida [and others]. 
       Topological analysis of placental arteries: correlation 
       with neonatal growth / H. Yamada and K. Yakubo -- IV. 
       Criticality in pure and applied physics. Droplets in 
       Disordered Metallic Quantum Critical Systems / A.H. Castro
       Neto and B.A. Jones. Importance of static disorder and 
       inhomogeneous cooperative dynamics in heavy-fermion metals
       / O.O. Bernal. Competition between spin glass and 
       Antiferromagnetic phases in heavy fermion materials / S. 
       S·ullow. Emergent Phases via Fermi surface reconstruction
       near the metamagnetic quantum critical point in U (RU1-
       xRhx)2Si2 / K.H. Kim [and others]. Continuous Evolution of
       the Fermi Surface of CeRu2Si2 across the metamagnetic 
       transition / R. Daou, C. Bergemann and S.R. Julian. Phase 
       transition between the itinerant and the localized f-
       electron states in heavy fermion antiferromagnet 
       Ce(Ru0.9Rh0.1)2(Si1-yGey) / Relation between magnetism and
       metal-Insulator transition in Mn-doped SrRuO3 / M. 
       Yokoyama [and others]. Magnetization study of pairing and 
       Vortex states in Sr2RuO4 / K. Tenya [and others]. Single-
       site effects of Pr ions doped in ThRu2Si2 / A. Morishita 
       [and others]. / A. Morishita [and others]. 51V-NMR studies
       of Heisenberg Triangular System V15 Cluster / Y. Furukawa 
       [and others]Menger sponge-like fractal body created with a
       designed template method / H. Mayama and K. Tsujii. 
       Nonlinear lattice relaxation mechanism for photoexcited 
       dimetal-hallide chain compounds / J. Ohara and S. 
       Yamamoto. Real space renormalization group analysis with 
       the replica method for the two-dimensional ising spin 
       glass / T. Hasegawa and K. Nemoto. Quantum Network models 
       and their symmetry properties / T. Ohtsuki and K.M. 
       Slevin. Fractality of critical percolation networks / M. 
       Mitobe and K. Yakubo. Ising phase transition on curved 
       surfaces / Y. Sakaniwa, I. Hasegawa and H. Shima. Quantum 
       confinement in deformed cylindrical surfaces / H. Taira 
       and H. Shima. Topological spin currents due to 
       nonadiabatic quantum pumping / K. Yakubo and M. Morikawa. 
       Charge density wave state in topological crystal / T. 
       Nogawa and K. Nemoto. Spatiotemporal mapping of 
       symmetrical surface acoustic fields on crystals and 
       periodic microstructures / T. Tachizaki [and others]. 
       Clean optical vortex beam generation for large topological
       charge / J. Hamazaki, Y. Mineta and R. Morita. Spherically
       symmetric Black Hole in a topological universe: a toy 
       model / K. Konno [and others]. 
506    Available only to authorized UTEP users. 
520    This volume gives an interdisciplinary discussion on the 
       topological aspects of general networks and critical 
       systems for physicists, chemists, biologists, 
       mathematicians, medical scientists, social scientists, and
       other related researchers. Subjects as diverse as the 
       general properties of complex networks, complexity in 
       social science, patterns in biological objects, and 
       criticality in pure and applied physics are represented. 
       The book is essential for researchers in a wide range of 
       scientific and technological fields related to these 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 System analysis|vCongresses. 
650  0 Topology|vCongresses. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Yakubo, K.|q(Kousuke) 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aInternational Symposium on Topological 
       Aspects of Critical Systems and Networks (2006 : Sapporo-
       shi, Japan).|tProceedings of the International Symposium 
       on Topological Aspects of Critical Systems and Networks, 
       Sapporo, Japan, 13-14 February 2006.|dSingapore ; 
       Hackensack, NJ : World Scientific, ©2007|w(DLC)  
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