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100 1  Bowen, John,|d1966-|eauthor. 
245 10 Low-cost carriers in emerging countries /|cJohn Bowen. 
264  1 Amsterdam, Netherlands ;|aCambridge, MA :|bElsevier,
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Intro; Title page; Table of Contents; Copyright; 
       Acknowledgments; Chapter 1: Introduction: "Now Everyone 
       Can Fly"; Abstract; 1.1 LCC: Defining Low-Cost Carriers; 
       1.2 Planes in the Periphery: The Universe of LCCs; 1.3 Why
       It Matters: The Implications of LCCs in Developing 
       Markets; Chapter 2: Takeoff Paths: The Ascent of the LCC 
       Phenomenon; Abstract; 2.1 Aircraft Technology and LCCs; 
       2.2 Changing the Rules: The Deregulation of Airline 
       Markets and the Rise of LCCs; 2.3 LCCs and the Global 
       Middle Class; Chapter 3: Follow the Leaders: Pioneers in 
       the Development of Budget Airlines; Abstract 
505 8  3.1 Loftleidir: A Distant Rumble3.2 American Pioneers: PSA
       and Southwest; 3.3 Diffusion of the LCC Business Model; 
       Chapter 4: The Diffusion of LCCs in the Americas; 
       Abstract; 4.1 LCCs Across the Border; 4.2 Scoring "Gols": 
       Brazil's Budget Airlines; 4.3 Beyond the Giants: LCCs in 
       the Rest of Latin America; Chapter 5: Banking West: Budget
       Airlines in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union; 
       Abstract; 5.1 Generation E and Generation easyJet: LCCs 
       and the Integration of Europe; 5.2 Wizz Bang: LCCs Across 
       a Fallen Curtain; 5.3 Stretching Toward the East: LCCs in 
505 8  Chapter 6: Mobile Money, Mobile People, Mobile Economies? 
       LCCs in Sub-Saharan AfricaAbstract; 6.1 Filling in the 
       Gaps? The Geography of LCCs in Sub-Saharan Africa; 6.2 
       From Yamoussoukro to Lanseria: Opportunities and 
       Constraints for African LCCs; 6.3 Kulula.com, Mango, and, 
       FlySafair: Three LCCs in South Africa; 6.4 Slow Ascent: 
       The Troubled Takeoff of Sub-Saharan Africa's LCC Sector; 
       Chapter 7: Shorter Superconnectors: LCCs in the Middle 
       East and North Africa; Abstract; 7.1 One Thousand and One 
       Arabian Flights: New Adventures in an Ancient World 
505 8  7.2 Empires, Emirates, and Escapes: Geography of LCC 
       Services in the Middle East and North Africa7.3 LCCs and 
       Superconnectors: The Integration of Multiscalar Networks; 
       Chapter 8: Lions and Tigers: LCCs in Southeast Asia; 
       Abstract; 8.1 AirAsia: A Flying Confederation; 8.2 
       Overstretched Lion? The Diffusion of LCCs in Indonesia; 
       8.3 Breaking Into Fortress Singapore: LCCs in Southeast 
       Asia's Premier Hub; 8.4 Making ASEAN a Region: The 
       Proliferation of Southeast Asian LCCs; Chapter 9: Giants 
       Flying in Different Directions: Budget Airlines in India 
       and China; Abstract 
505 8  9.1 Beyond the Maharajahs: The Popularization of Low-Cost 
       Air Travel in India9.2 Shakeup and Shakeout: The 
       Restructuring of the Indian Airline Industry; 9.3 Missing 
       Ingredients: The Limits to the Indian LCC Phenomenon; 9.4 
       Black and White Cats: The Development of Civil Aviation in
       China; 9.5 False Spring?; 9.6 Separate Tracks; Chapter 10:
       Now We Can All Fly? Aeromobility, Sustainability, 
       Vulnerability; Abstract; 10.1 Aeromobility: The Freedom to
       Fly; 10.2 Should We All Fly? LCCs and the Sustainability 
       of Commercial Aviation; 10.3 Vulnerability: Bringing the 
       LCCs Back to Earth? 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|aBOWEN, JOHN.|tLOW COST CARRIERS IN 
       EMERGING COUNTRIES.|d[Place of publication not identified],
       ELSEVIER, 2019|z0128113936|w(OCoLC)1039671470 
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