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111 2  Pipelines (Conference)|d(2008 :|cAtlanta, Georgia),
       |jissuing body. 
245 10 Pipelines 2008 :|bpipeline asset management : maximizing 
       performance of our pipeline infrastructure : proceedings 
       of the ASCE International Pipelines Conference 2008, July 
       22-27, 2008, Atlanta, Georgia /|csponsored by the Pipeline
       Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers ; 
       edited by Sanjiv Gokhale, Shah Rahman. 
264  1 Reston, Virginia :|bAmerican Society of Civil Engineers,
300    1 online resource (1342 pages) :|billustrations (some 
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504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  ""Cover""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Planning, Design, and 
       Construction (Renewal)""; ""Session A1""; ""Bridge the San
       Joaquin River�One Challenge in 37 Mile Pipeline""; 
       ""Buckling of Unconfined and Confined Thin-Walled Steel 
       Cylinders under External Pressure""; ""Field Measurement 
       and Numerical Analysis for Buried Large Diameter Steel 
       Pipes""; ""Pre-Construction Drillability Assessment for 
       Horizontal Directional Drilling in Rock""; ""Session A2"";
       ""Implementing Water Main Renovation"" 
505 8  ""Submerge Pipeline under the Karun River by Artificial 
       Intelligence Design of Spinal Cords Behavior and Physical 
       Model""""Subsurface Utility Engineering for Highway 
       Construction""; ""Session A3""; ""A Proactive Approach to 
       the Rehabilitation of an Aging Brick Sewer Infrastructure 
       in Newark, New Jersey""; ""Seismic Design of Bell-and-
       Spigot Joints for Large Diameter Steel Pipe""; 
       ""Trenchless Technology Applied to Degraded Gravity 
       Concrete Outfall Sewer to Avoid Collapse""; ""Session 
       A4""; ""Developing Predictable Cost Curves for Urban 
       Transmission Projects"" 
505 8  ""Selecting the Best Pipeline Route Based on Facts Not 
       Feelings""""Fusible Polyvinylchloride Pipe in Municipal 
       Applications: A Canadian Perspective""; ""Session A5""; 
       ""A Happy Ending after Eight Catastrophic Failures: 
       Wichita Falls' Experience with Condition Assessment""; 
       ""Longitudinal Stresses in Pressure Pipeline Design�A 
       Critical Review""; ""Stockton Delta Water Project Pipeline
       Design Challenges""; ""Session A6""; ""Axial Joint Design 
       for Welded Buried Steel Pipe""; ""Design and Construction 
       of Large Diameter Pipelines at a Major Southern California
       Water Treatment Facility"" 
505 8  ""Leak Induced Settlement of Buried Pipelines in 
       Collapsible Soil""""Session A7""; ""Changes to North 
       American PVC Pressure Pipe Standards""; ""Flowable Fill 
       and the Ridges Basin Inlet Conduit""; ""Pipe Thrust 
       Restraint in Treatment Plant Applications""; ""Session 
       A8""; ""Installation of Gravity Sewers Using Horizontal 
       Directional Drilling (HDD)""; ""Lateral Pipe Bursting 
       Focus for Inflow and Infiltration in Sanitary Sewer 
       Systems""; ""Ultrasonic Inspection System for Wastewater 
       Concrete Pipes""; ""Planning, Design, and Construction 
       (New Construction)""; ""Session B1"" 
505 8  ""A Discussion of E' versus Depth""""Research on Detection
       to Long Distance and Super Deep Pipeline Installed by 
       HDD""; ""Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Technology-
       Driven Process That Results in Increased Safety, Fewer 
       Design Changes, and Lower Costs""; ""Utility Asset 
       Management through a Joint-Use Pipeline Network for 
       Cables""; ""Session B2""; ""Design of a 120 in.-Diameter 
       Steel Bifurcation with a Small Acute Angle for a High- 
       Pressure Penstock""; ""Probabilistic Soil-Structure 
       Interaction Model for Pipe-Jacking Force Analysis"" 
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       October 31, 2014). 
650  0 Pipelines|xDesign and construction|vCongresses. 
650  0 Pipelines|xSafety measures|vCongresses. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Gokhale, Sanjiv,|eeditor. 
700 1  Rahman, Shah,|eeditor. 
710 2  American Society of Civil Engineers.|bPipeline Division,
776 08 |iPrint version:|aGokhale, Sanjiv.|tPipelines 2008 : 
       Pipeline Asset Management, Maximizing Performance of our 
       Pipeline Infrastructure.|dReston : ASCE, ©2014
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