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Title ICTE 2011 : proceedings of the Third International Conference on Transportation Engineering : July 23-25, 2011, Chengdu, China / edited by Qiyuan Peng [and others].
Imprint Reston, VA : American Society of Civil Engineers, ©2011.


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Note "Sponsored by China Communications and Transportation Association, the Transportation & Development Institute (T & DI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Fund"--Proceedings information screen.
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Subject Transportation engineering -- Congresses.
Genre Conference papers and proceedings.
Contents Travel Behavior, Household in the Same Life Cycle Stage, and Built Environment -- Adaptive Driver Characteristics Lateral Warning Algorithm -- Dynamic Simulation Model of Mixed Traffic Flow at Urban Road Intersection Based on Multi-Agent System -- A Traffic Information Fusion Algorithm Based on Self-Organizing Maps -- Transportation Volume Forecast Methods Based on Time-Series Model -- Evaluation of Urban Rail Network Based on Analytic Network Process -- Reasonable Sequence of Placing-In and Taking-Out of Freight Cars for Branch-Shaped Sidings by Adoption of Dynamic Programming Model -- Horizontal Development Strategy for ITS in Urban Transit System -- A Genetic Algorithm for the City Coach Station Location and Distribution of Transit Lines -- Cost Analysis of Public Transport in Shanghai -- Coordination between Urban Planning and Transportation Hub Design of Passenger Dedicated Line -- Combinatorial Optimization Model and Algorithm of Congestion Pricing for Toll Levels and Toll Locations in Multi-Class Network -- Analysis of Traffic Stream Characteristics of Urban Expressway -- Collaborative Platform for the Preparation of Dispatch Daily and Shift Plans Based on Blackboard Model -- Period Operating Method : A New Method of Transport Organization in Carrying Capacity-Restricted District for Railway Speed-Raising Lines -- An Analysis on Tourist Bus Operation Plan of Mount Emei Scenic -- An Adaptive Kalman Filter for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting -- Comparative Analysis of the Travel Cost of Electric Bicycles and Its Countermeasures -- Demonstration of Passenger Shunt by Qingdao Cross Ocean Bridge -- Computer-Aided Design System of Operation Organization : Urban Rail Transit -- Grading of Train Operation Conflicts -- Application of Transportation Optimization Algorithm Based on Hopfield Neural Network -- A Parking Pricing Model with Parking Behavior in City -- Collaborative Optimization Model for Loaded and Empty Wagon-Flow Adjustment in Regional Railway Network -- Application of External Theory in National Economy Evaluation of Railway Construction Project -- Construction of Transit Metropolis in China : Theory and Practices -- Multiple Linear Regression-Based Approach to the Analysis of Multi-Anticipative Car-Following Behavior -- Port and Economy Relationship Analysis by System Dynamics -- Viscous Resistance in Continuum Traffic Model -- Building National Highway Traffic Transportation Statistics Database Based on Transportation Turnover Statistical Indicator System -- A Multi-Objective Model about Period Train Timetable Problem and a Heuristic Algorithm Based on Precedence Order of Train Sections -- Railway Liberalization of Passenger Transportation in Europe -- Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting of Urban Rail Transit Based on Fractal Theory -- Shipyard Ship Shifting Scheduling Problem with Dynamic Programming Model and Its Five-Point Approach Method -- Solving Mode Selection Problem in Multimodal Transportation Considering Transportation Cost Structure -- Evaluation and Improvement of Traffic Operations at Roundabout Intersection -- The Carrying Capacity Optimum Design Algorithm of Railway Net Based on the Store-Forward Model -- Application of ATS in Integrated Supervision and Control System -- Knitting Algorithm to Compile Maglev Train Working Diagram -- Embodiment of Bounded Rationality in Travel Choice -- Analysis of Integration and Complexity of Yard Intelligent Dispatching System -- Method on Layout Optimizing of Public Bicycle Rental Stations Based on Complex Network Theory -- Model Analysis of Parking Price of Park-and-Ride Facilities with Price Sensitivity Measurement -- Transportation Planning of Altitude Training Resource Based on Microscopic Traffic Model -- Economy Estimation of Operational Passenger Cars for Freeway Route on Typical Driving Cycles -- Model and Algorithm for Continuous Time-Varying Shortest Path Problem -- The Evaluation of Port Investment Effect on Regional Economic Development Using DEA Method -- Influence of Individual/Household Socio-Demographics on Trip Chains of Nuclear Households -- Metro Station Pedestrian Organization Optimization through Space Analysis -- Urban Road Network Optimizing Based on Unblocked Reliability -- Evaluation of Coordination between Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Flight Procedure Design and Aerodrome Operating Conditions Based on Interval Number -- Modeling Traffic Mode Choice Behavior Based on WC-OWA Operator -- New Method to Appraise the Maritime Traffic Situations -- Application of Traffic Flow Wave Theory to Research the Impact of Large-Scale Trucks on Traffic Flow of Expressway -- Compatibility Evaluation between BRT and Conventional Bus Based on Novel AHP Algorithm -- Option of Toll Road with C-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on Interval Fuzzy Numbers -- Ship Routing Problem in Liner Transport Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm -- Forecasting of Short-Term Traffic Flow Based on SVR with SFLA.
Bus Route Travel Time Reliability Analysis Based on Travelers' Perceptions -- A User Equilibrium Assignment Model Based on Late Arrival Penalty Factor -- Development of an Adaptive Origin-Destination Estimation Methodology Considering Traffic Operational Characteristics -- Hindrance Probability Based on Mixed Cellular Automaton Model -- Intelligent Decision Support Management System of Urban Roadway Network -- The Strategy of Chengdu Metro Management and Development -- The Stochastic Time-Varying Shortest Path Problem -- Analysis of Influence on the Travelers' Choice of Parking Lots by Parking-Charging Based on SP Data Downtown -- Applicability of Staggered Work Hours for Urban Traffic : Case of Guangzhou -- Interaction between URT and Urban Spatial Structure -- Model of the Large Parking Lots Guidance Information System -- Congestion Pricing and Its Effects on Urban Development -- Ship Waves Simulation Based on OSG -- Urban Rail Transit Construction and Regional Economic Development in China -- The Problem Need to Be Concerned in the Theory of Comprehensive Transport Network Planning -- Genetic Algorithm for Railway Placing-In and Taking-Out of Wagons in Actinoid Private Line for Through Wagon Flow -- An Economic Analysis of the Price System of Real-Name System for Train Ticket -- Evaluation of Transportation Accessibility of Surface Transportation in Yangtze River Delta -- Modeling Vehicle Routing Problem with Pick-Up Time Constraint for Multimodal Transportation -- Analysis of Factors Influencing Modal Choice in Inland Transport of International Containers -- Simulation and Optimization of Loading and Unloading Operation System in Port Logistics Park Based on Arena -- A Production Scheduling Method Based on Interactive Simulation and Expert System -- Evaluation of Signaled Intersection Status under Capacity of Sections -- Measuring Perceptions Service Quality of Taxi Passenger Based on SEVERPERE -- Overall Plan Optimization of Urban Comprehensive Public Transportation Network Based on the Whole Trip Process -- Overcoming the Capacity Constraints on Central Business District's Commuters -- Concentration Degree Analysis of Stroke-Based Urban Road Network Topology -- Empirical Analysis of Commuting Length Choice Behavior -- Planning of Parking Space in Urban TOD District -- A Traffic Capacity Improvement Example of Urban Road Intersection -- Bus Regional Scheduling Model Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm -- Predicting Red Light Running Behavior of Two-Wheeled Riders in China : An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior -- Speeding Behaviors in Beijing Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior -- Nash Equilibrium Analysis of Developing Cyclic Economy for Highway Project Construction -- Traffic Calming Measures Applicability Research -- A SUE Assignment Model with Elastic Transit Demand and Bottlenecks for Transit Networks -- Optimization of Urban Traffic Mode Structure in Nanchang City -- Rough Location of License Plate Based on Dot-Matrix Detector -- Based on the Optimal Path Selection between Two Places Adaptive Random Testing Algorithm -- The Demarcation of Traffic Control Area in PGIS Relies on Correlation of Parking Lots : A Case Study of Shangcheng District in Hangzhou City -- The Adaptability of Supply and Demand That the Highway Transport Relief Supplies to Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Areas -- Synergetic Analysis of Public Transit System and Urban Form -- Analysis of Greenway Network Size Based on Trip Mode Chain -- Simulations of Traffic Flow Induced by the Reduction of Lanes under Different Management Measures with Cellular Automata Model -- Dynamic Cooperation of UTCS with UTGS -- Nodes Clustering Analysis in Comprehensive Transportation Network Planning Based on Ant Colony Algorithm -- Evaluation of Coordinated Development between Urban Comprehensive Traffic System and Economic System -- Transferring Controller Handoff Research Based on Air Traffic Emergency Response -- A Modified Paired Combinatorial Logit Route Choice Model with Probit-Based Equivalent Impedance -- A System Dynamics-Based Model for the Interaction between Comprehensive Transportation System and District Economy -- Regional Logistics Competitiveness Integrated Evaluation System of the Central Plain Urban Agglomeration -- Public Transport Travelers Oriented Transfer Guidance Information Design -- Reasons and Possible Remedies for Baghdad City Traffic Congestion -- Best-Routing Algorithm Based on Guangzhou Metro -- Regional Bus Scheduling Planning Based on Time-Space Network -- Modeling Functional Matching Degree of Urban Roads Based on System Aggregate -- Dynamic Features of Pedestrian-Vehicle Counter Flow Conflicts -- Analysis of Road Factors on Driving Reliability of High-Grade Highways in Rainfall Environment -- Traffic Assignment Model and Application of Comprehensive Transportation Channel -- Layout Planning of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Network -- Calculation of Station-Behind Turning-Back Capability -- Sustainable Development Evaluation Index System and Methods of Railway Construction Project -- Traffic State Forecast of Road Network Based on Spatial-Temporal Data Mining -- Analysis of TOD Categories According to the Differences of Land Uses.
An Analysis on Economic Development of Transportation Junction Pattern in Medium-Sized City -- Design Method of Residential Community Microcirculation Transport Services System Based on Behavior -- Key Technologies of Taxi-Sharing System -- A Bottleneck Identification Method for Transfer Pedestrian Route of Comprehensive Transportation Hub Based on Social Force Model -- Theory Model for Traffic Capacity of Unsignalized Roundabout in Urban Road -- Development Strategy of Harbor Waterway Combined Transport System -- Travel Information Sharing Platform for Comprehensive Passenger Hub -- Carrying Capacity Calculation Method of PDL Stations -- Evaluation of Level of Service in Comprehensive Transportation Hub Using Grey Relational Analysis -- Historical Changes of Research on the Road Landscape Methods in JapanTaking Research from 1960 to 2010 As Subjects -- A Model for Evaluating the Stabilization of the Taxi Industry : A Case Study in Anhui Province -- Traffic Organization Planning and Control of Shenzhen 2011 Summer Universiade -- Research and Programming of the Aviation Network of One Express Company -- Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Regional Express Railway -- Parking Demand Forecasting of Urban Comprehensive Development Blocks Involving Shared Parking and Location Conditions -- Rationality Evaluation on Regional Integrated Transport Network -- Division Degree of High-Grade Road in Big Cities -- Financing of Ordinary Highways after Fuel Tax Reform in China -- Status Classification and Relevant Feature Analysis on City Street Landscape in Chengdu -- Investment, Pricing, and Efficiency of Private Road with Heterogeneous Trip-Makers -- Intelligent Speed Adaptation The Next Generation of Traffic Management Tools -- Improved Model for Single Strategic-Loading-Station Location Problem -- A New Model for Solving Integrated Wagon-Flow Allocation and Shunting Locomotive Scheduling Problem at Railyard -- Multiple Coal Transportation Mode Network Optimizations -- Optimization Model of Freight Train Stations : Extend Hub-and-Spoke System -- Travel Speeds for Intercity and Intracity Rails under Regional Transportation Integration -- Passenger Transport Structure in Cheng-Yu Corridor Based on Passengers' Selection -- Train Stops Distribution Scheme Model and Algorithm Based on Train Stops Rate for Passenger Dedicated Line -- Crew Plan in Condition of Designated Cycle for Passenger Dedicated Lines -- Interval Estimating the Carrying Capacity of Railway Stations -- Integrated Calculation of the Throat in Railway Stations -- Evaluation of Comprehensive Traffic Hub of Railway Passenger Station Based on Entropy Weight and Set Pair Analysis -- Generalized Cost Model for Operation of Passenger Flow between High-Speed and Conventional Rail -- A Graph Approach to Distribute Waiting Rooms for Passengers -- A Simulation Model and Algorithm for Turning-Back Capacity of Intercity Dedicated Passenger Railway Station -- Railway Passenger Station Guiding Plan Preparation System -- A Network Method of Optimizing Dynamic Railcar Organization -- Method for Predicting Passenger Volume of the New PDL -- The Complexity of Railway Passenger Transportation Networks in China -- Expressway Network Planning of Multi-Center Group Cities Based on Traffic Location Theory : A Case Study of Guiyang -- Research on Fuzzy Self-Tuning of PID Autopilot -- Method for Constructing Operation Reliability Model of High-Speed Railway System Based on Petri Net -- Urban Rail Transit AFC's Tendency Referring Telecom BOSS System -- Evaluation of Inter-City Railway's Function Orientation in the Comprehensive Transportation Corridor -- A New Data Resolving Method in CBTC System -- The Optimization of Urban Rail Transit's Train Operation Plan in Non-Peak Period Based on Coordinated Transfer -- Methodology of Planning for Integrating Railway Transit and Urban Space -- A Method of Determining Town Passenger Transport Station Scale -- A Model Establishment for Reasonable Network Scale of Urban Rail Transit and Its Influencing Factor Analysis -- Intelligent Service-Integrated Software Framework Based on Mobile RFID Technology for Railway Industry -- Evaluation of Railway Passenger Station Service Level Based on Artificial Fish-BP ANN -- Stop Scheme of Passenger Dedicated Line -- Layout Optimization of Passenger Station in Kunming Railway Terminal -- Rough Calculation of Network Scale of Urban Rail Transit -- Role of Urban Rail Transit in Urban Traffic System and Its Inevitability of Development -- Operation Planning and Design of an Urban Rail Transit System -- The Forecasting of the Newly-Added Passenger Volume of Cheng-Du East Railway Station and the Method of Traffic Organization Improving the Traffic Condition of Its Station Square -- Optimization System Design of Train Plan for Urban Railway Transportation -- Passenger Volume of the Chengdu Metro Line 1 Analysis -- On the Marketing Strategy of Train Tickets under Multi-Layer Discounts -- Principles and Processes of Dedicated Passenger Railways' Train Running Scheme -- Theory and Methods of Post Evaluation for Urban Rail Transit Investment Project -- Effect of Rail Transit Accessibility on the Selection of Shanghai Expo Entrances -- Railway Administration Organization Modes Evaluation of Passenger Dedicated Line -- The Impact of Yichang-Wanzhou Railway on Regional Development -- Passenger Flow Distribution Based on the Choice of the Optimum Path in Urban Rail Transit Network -- Programs Evaluation of Introducing Epu-Zhanjiang Railway into Zhanjiang Terminal -- Scheme Evaluation on Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Exiting Railway Terminal -- Layout Planning Scheme Evaluation Model about Comprehensive Hub Passenger Stations -- Description and Calculation about Comprehensive Capacity of Railway Junction Terminals -- Adjustment of Intercity Passenger Dedicated Line Operation -- Comprehensive Evaluation on Transfer and Link-Up of Urban Passenger Transport Hub -- Train Scheduling Problem in Railway Passenger Dedicated Lines -- Passenger Transport Product Design and Distribution Model -- Passenger Flow Forecast in Guangzhou-Shenzhen (Hong Kong) High Speed Railway -- Passenger Vehicle Scheduling during the Transformation of the Old Passenger Train Operation Plan into the New Plan -- Influence Factors and Principle Analysis about Division of Passenger Special Line and Existing Railway -- Reliability of High-Speed Railway Security System.
Design of EMU Routing Scheme System for Passenger Dedicated Line -- Lost Time of Passenger Transfer and Waiting for Trains -- Optimizing Research of Utilization of Tracks in Passenger Dedicated Lines Station -- Prediction Model of Intercity Passenger Train Volume Based on Grey System Theory -- A Model for Layout Operating Program Based on Reserve Capacity Distribution Mode of Redundancy on Passenger Dedicated Line -- Carrying Capacity of High Speed Railway under the Mode of High and Medium Speed Mixture Trains in One Line -- Surface Pressure on the Noise Absorbing Board of High-Speed Railway Track -- Influence of Phase Separation upon Headway of Trains of Passenger-Dedicated Line -- Algorithm for Electric Multiple Unit Scheduling Based on High-Speed Railway Network -- Model of Passenger Traffic Sharing Rates in Transport Corridor Based on Fuzzy Measure and Fuzzy Integral -- The Charge Patter in High-Speed Rails for Passenger Transport -- Pricing Strategies on Intercity Dedicated Passenger Lines -- The Status and Development Trend of Rail Transportation Equipment and Technology -- High-Speed Railway Pricing Mechanism Based on Tour Expense for Family Private Car Using Highway -- Characteristics of Talent Demand and Coping Strategies in High-Speed Railway Era -- Evaluation under 3E Principle for Urban Rapid Rail Transit Network Planning Based on Grey Incidence Analysis -- Evaluation Method of Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Railway Terminals Based on Data Envelopment Analysis -- Multi-Objective Optimization Model and Algorithm of Through Passenger Trains' Departure Time Range -- Selecting Railway Timetables of Passenger Dedicated Line Based on Vague Sets -- Economic Evaluation of High-Speed Railway Development Based on Cost-Benefit Theory -- Carrying Capacity Calculation Method of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway -- Capacity Optimal Allocation in Railway Corridor under the Condition of High Speed Railway -- Literature Review and Prospects for Pricing of High-Speed Railroad -- Passenger Flow Simulation of Large-Scale Railway Passenger Station -- The Calculation of Stopping High-Speed Train Subtraction Coefficient in High-Speed Railway in China -- The Regional Economic Benefit of Sichuan Province from the High-Speed Railway -- An Analysis of the Rational Operation Range of High-Speed Trains on Existing Lines -- A New Definition Method of the Co-Structure Functions -- Methods of Fitting the Prony Series of Viscoelastic Models of Asphalt Mixture Based on Dynamic Modulus -- Fatigue Test of Composite Pavement on Stress Absorbing Layers for Reflective Cracking -- Load Sharing and Its Time Effect on Piled Raft Foundations under High Embankment -- Limited Value of Longitudinal Seam Stretching for Underwater High-Speed Railway Shield Tunnel -- The Dynamic Characteristics and Parameter Study of Slab Track -- Installation Technology and Deformation Control of a High-Level, Large-Span Steel Hoisting Structure -- A Scaled Field Test and Numerical Modeling for Jointless Turnout/Bridge Interaction under Temperature Effect -- Glasphalt Mixtures' Performance Research and Analysis -- Noise Reduction Performance of Double-Layered Porous Pavement -- Analyses of Viscosity Variation in Solidifying Procedure of Epoxy Asphalt -- Construction Risk Analysis of Red Clay Railway Tunnel -- Analysis of the Role That Sulphur Plays in the Asphalt Mixture in Pavement -- Stress-Strain Behavior of Gabion in Compression Test and Direct Shear Test -- Settlement Property of Subgrade Filled with Red Mudstone for Ballastless Track of High-Speed Railway -- Pavement Performance of Central Hot Plant Recycling Asphalt Mixture -- Train-Bridge Coupling System of Simple Supported Girder Bridge Stochastic Responses Analysis -- Using Seam Asphalt Mixture in Surface Course in Cold Areas -- Development and Application of Testing System for Roadbase Drainage -- Maximum Permission Safe Value of Step on Airfield Pavement -- Road Performance of Brucite Fiber Asphalt Concrete -- The Correlativity of Upstream and Downstream Traffic for Highway Tunnel Group -- In Situ Test on Pile-Soil Stress Ratio of CFG Pile Composite Foundation under Embankment Load -- Design of Substructure Bridge with Different Codes and Analysis Manually and by Using Plaxis Program 3D -- Effects of Fiber Type and Fiber Volume Content on Frost Resistance of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in Airport Pavement -- Plane Frame Method for Plate-Truss Composite Structures with Monolithic Orthotropic Deck -- Chongqing Light Rail 30m U-Beam Fatigue Model Experiment and Calculation -- On the Developmental Mechanism of Longitudinal and Deep Cracks on Road Slab in Seasonally Frozen Ground Region -- Influence of Newly Built Tunnel of High-Speed Railway Dewatering Excavation on Existing Tunnel -- Prediction Model of Graded Gravel Resilient Modulus -- Identifying the Depth of Voids beneath Rigid Pavement Slabs Method Based on GPR -- Stress Concentration Analysis in Concrete Round Dowels for Airport Jointed Rigid Pavement System -- Calculation Method and Analysis of Bearing Capacity of FRP Rebar Concrete Beam -- FRP Rebar Concrete Beam Deflection Calculation Method -- Pavement Service Life of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway (Hebei Section) under Heavy Load Traffic.
Dynamic Parameters Identification for Xi'an Bell Tower under Ambient Excitation -- Experimental Analysis on Ground Vibration Generated by High-Speed Train -- Factors Influencing Longitudinal Stability Analysis of Unit Slab Track on Subgrade -- Alleviating Bump at Bridge-Head Using Geocell Flexible Approach Slab -- Submerged Floating Tunnel : A New Type for Transportation -- Numerical Computation of Aerodynamic Noise Reduction by Using Ultra-Light Porous Metals -- Strong Interlocked Skeleton Dense Gradation for Graded Broken Stones -- Detecting by Pumping Height and Treating with Self-Compensation Mud-Jack Materials for Voids beneath Cement Concrete Pavement Slabs -- Model Test on Vertical Capacity of Inclined Pile Groups with Center Pile in Layered Strata -- Preferred Maintenance Programs of Asphalt Pavement -- Pavement Performance of Steel Slag Pervious Concrete -- Analysis of Excavating High Slope by Means of Finite Element Method -- Experimental Analysis of Cold Recycled Mixture Stabilized with Inorganic Binders -- Influence of Base Course on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Pavement Based on Viscoelastic Finite Element Analysis -- Thermal Stress and Temperature Field for Asphalt Pavement of Porous Concrete Base -- Reasonable Gradation of Asphalt Mixture of Reconstructed Highway in Longnan Region of Gansu Province -- Influence of Beam-End Lateral Expansion of Steel Truss Girder on Stability of CWR Track -- Influence of the Layout of Fixed Bearing of Continuous Beam Bridge on the Longitudinal Force and Displacement of the Welded Turnout -- Application of Post-Processing Technology in Vehicle Bumping Treatment at Bridge-Head -- Performance of Ecotypic Wall-Protective Mud with Feather Fibers from Poultry -- Fatigue Life Prediction of CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track -- Numerical Analysis of Steps Excavation Plans at the New and Old Subgrade Interaction Part by FEM -- A New System for Durability Assessment of Existing Concrete Bridges -- Test Result for Tension Control Experiment of U-Shaped Prestressed Tendons in Cable-Stayed Bridge Pylon -- Plane and Vertical Section CAD System of Subway Line -- Optimization Method for Curve Adjusting Calculation of Continuously Welded Rail Track Based on Coordinate Measurement -- Mechanism Research on Post-Processing Technology in the Widening Application of Expressway -- Analyses of Vertical Dynamic Properties of Ballastless Track Based on LS-DYNA -- Bearing Platform Excavation Technology of South Tower for Yangluo River Bridge -- Additional Temperature Forces of Continuous Welded Rail on Large-Span Steel Truss Cable-Stayed Bridge -- Wind-Excited Flutter Analysis of Asymmetric, Double Lanyard, and Single King-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge -- Performance Monitoring and Analysis for Engineering Behaviour As Construction of a Circular Pit with Depth of 37.4 m -- Numerical Simulation for Construction Process of a Very Deep Circular Pit -- Stability Evaluation Method for Karst Cave Roof Based on Fuzzy Theory -- Novel Calculation of Transverse Distribution Influence Line of Prefabricated Hinged Slab Bridge Considering the Effect of Bridge Deck Pavement -- Optimal Placement of Static Sensors Based on Damage Identification for Bridge Health Monitoring -- Analysis of Vibration Transmission of Elevated Elastic Supporting Block Track -- Method of Revising Hinged Slabs of Simply Supported Slab Bridges Considering Deck Pavement from the Perspective of Spatial Analysis -- Introduction and Analysis of a Construction Measure on Up-Down Crossing Tunnels -- Based on the Theory of Catastrophe Ultra-Shallow Railway Tunnel Construction Process of Numerical Simulation -- Explore Synthetic Deflection Correction Coefficient of Asphalt Pavement Based on Dynamic Parameters -- Theory and Method of Dynamic Monitoring for Superhigh Fill Station Subgrade Stability in Three Gorges Reservoir -- Performance of Low-Carbon Environmental Warm Mix Asphalt -- Performance of Fiberglass Asphalt As Waterproof and Cohesive Layer of Bridge Deck -- An Experiment of Thaw-Freeze Cycle's Influence on Silty Clays Intensity Index -- Stayed-Cable Parametric Vibration by Considering the Effect of Bridge Deck and Tower -- Quantitative Analysis on Microstructure of Clay Subgrade by Grouting -- The Raveling Characteristic of Porous Asphalt Mixture -- Vertical Force Properties for Longitudinal Coupled Ballastless Track with Heavy Grade -- Laboratory and Field Test on Tunnel Rock Masses Grouting -- Technical Property and Applying for Bridge Deck of Ceramsite Concrete -- Analysis of High Temperature Ability Influence Factors of Anti-Rutting Agent Modified Asphalt Mixture -- Effect of Joint Stiffness on Behavior of Bowl-Scaffold Used in Shanghai-Nanjing High Speed Railway Overpass -- Application and Performance of Polyethylene Modifying Additive in Asphalt Mixture -- Relationship between Void Feature and Road Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixture Based on Image Technique -- Gradation Determination of Impermeable Asphalt Mix on Subgrade Surface Layer for Ballastless Track in High-Speed Railway Lines -- Evaluation of Sasobit Warm Mix Rubber Asphalt Properties -- Experiment Assessment of Cement-Based Composite Materials on the Force Senstived Effect.
Seismic Response Analysis for Different Slopes of Highway Roadbed -- Seismic Dynamic Response Regularity of Two Different Types of Subgrade Retaining Walls -- Seismic Response Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridge Considering the Interaction of the Soil-Pile-Superstructure -- Selection and Performance Evaluation on Tack Coat Oil Used in Ultra Thin Wearing Course -- Full-Scale Model Test for One Box with Three Rooms Cable-Pylon Anchorage Zone of Cable-Stayed Bridge -- Theoretical and Experimental Analysis on Bending Creep Characterizations of Asphalt Concrete Using Modified Method -- Experimental Analysis of Shear Behavior of Oval Perfobond Connector -- Impact of Water Content and Compaction of Soil on Slope Protection by Vegetation -- Effect of Growth Rate of Load on Strain Aging of Soft Soil in Marsh -- High Temperature Stability of Brucite Fiber-Reinforced Asphalt Concrete -- Analysis on Settlement Controlling Parameters in Rigid Pile Composite Foundation in High Speed Railway -- Design and Quality Control Indexes for Warm-Mix Asphalt -- Application of Solid Works' Parametric Modeling Method in Tunnel's Finite Element Numerical Simulation Analysis -- Seismic Strengthening of Low Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Metal Alloy Brace -- Pile Group Efficiency of Micropiles Structure -- Solutions to the Development of Pavement Cement Concrete in the Low-Carbon Economy -- Collapsing Mechanism of Rock Slopes in Wenchuan Earthquake -- Superficial Deformation and Failure Modes of Small and Medium Scale Slopes in Red Bed Sichuan Basin -- Comparison of Different Asphalt Mixture Design Methods -- Type Selection and Structural Characteristics of Ballastless Track in Seismic Region -- High-Temperature Behavior of Compound Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt -- Influence of High-Speed Railway Subgrade Slope -- Analysis of CFG Composite Foundation Settlement of Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway -- Review of the Research Progress about Embankment over Sloped Weak Ground -- Calculation and Study of Longitudinal Forces of Continuous Welded Rail Track on Deck Arch Bridge -- Effect of Slab Void on Mechanical Properties of Longitudinal Connected Ballastless Track -- Calculation of Cable Force and Pre-Camber for Long-Span Rib Arch Bridge Construction by Unstressed State Control Method -- The Dynamic Performance of Single-Tower Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges with Spatial Cable -- Laboratory Test on Damping Characteristics of Asphalt Mixture -- Longitudinal Cracking Mechanism of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway -- Computational Theory and Field Test on Small-Diameter Steel Pipe Piles in the Reinforcement of Slope -- Stress Analysis of Asphalt Overlay Structure with the Presence of Concrete Pavement Base Void and Treatments -- Semi-Flexible Base's Material Properties and Pavement Structure Applicability -- Long-Term Performance Evaluation of Permeable Asphalt Treated Base in Arkansas -- Risk Analysis of Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Methods -- An RFID-Based Localization Algorithm for Shelves and Pallets in Warehouse -- Delphi-Entropy Weighted Decision Making Model for Third Party Logistics Services Selection -- Application of Entropy Fuzzy Matter Element Model in Evaluation of Logistics Development Capacity -- Application of Comprehensive Assessment Model in the Selection of Logistics Suppliers -- Pallet Dispatch Optimization of Pallet Pool System Based on Fractal Data Mining -- Model of Coordinated Product Distribution Based on Customer Satisfaction in Integration Phase of Product -- A Combinatorial Optimization Selection Method of Logistics Chain -- Optimization of Production-Distribution Network of Perishable High-Tech Products with Capacity -- The Method of Dynamical System for Supply Chain Analysis -- Intelligent Distribution System Based on IOT Technology -- Logistics Finance Service : A Supply Chain Perspective -- Differential Pricing Model of Third Party Logistics Based on Maximum Profit -- Analysis of Coordination Mechanism of Supply Chain Management in a Position of Pricing Power of Demand-Side -- Long-Term Price Risk Forecasting of Pledged Inventory -- Knowledge BA Analysis of Public Logistics Information Platform and Game Modeling -- The Fuzzy Recognition Stage Model of Regional Logistics Competitiveness -- Comparative Analysis of Application of Linear Programming and Dynamic Programming in Supply Chain Policy Decision -- Quantitative Comparison between Two Different Distribution Centers' Dynamic Location Decision Methods -- Multi-Item Inventory Control with Reverse Logistics Based on (s, S) Inventory System -- Dynamic Transport Routing Planning in Logistics of Sports Tour Resource Based on MAS and GIS -- A Model of Risks and Benefits of Common Logistics among Manufacturing Enterprises -- Material Supply Evaluation Index System Analysis and Design of High-Speed Railway Construction -- The Advantages of Railway Container Transportation Development and Constraint Factors in China -- Performance Evaluation of Low-Carbon Supply Chain Based on Rough Set -- Inventory Strategy of Retailer in a Three-Echelon Supply Chain under a Competitive Situation -- Decision Analysis of Two Financing Methods to Avoid the Destruction of Firm Capital Chain -- A Time-Space Diagram for Solving Dynamic Berth Allocation Problem at Container Terminal -- Fuzzy Synthesis Estimation System in Efficiency of Containerized Handling Facilities System -- Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Customer Service Level in Modern Logistics Enterprises Based on AHP Method -- A Novel Bi-Level Programming Model for Facility Location in Supply Chain Network Design -- The Prospect of Container Transport Development in Zhanjiang Port -- Construction of Public Service Platform for Rail Freight Informationization -- Dynamic Network Flow Model of Empty Container Distribution -- Vehicle Routing Optimization Based on Bi-Level Programming in Distribution Center.
Operating Analysis of the Closed Supply Chain of Green Agricultural Products Based on Logistics Center -- Profit Distribution of Complete Sets of Equipement Logistics Outsourcing -- Optimal Pricing Model for Third Party Logistics Based on SCM under Demand Variation -- Location Selection Formula of Logistics Distribution Center Research Based on Immune Genetic Algorithm -- Optimization of Fresh Agricultural Products Supply Chain in a Region -- Logistics Factor Select and Rule Evaluation Analysis for Resource-Owned City in the Southwest of China -- Logistics Network Layout of Green Agricultural Products Closed Supply Chain Based on Logistics Loss -- Analysis of Empty Container Discount Price Based on Average Time Value -- Empty Car Distribution of Heavy Haul Transportation -- Optimal Model and Algorithm for Freight Flow Distribution of Capacitated Logistics Network Based on Mixed Nonlinear Costs -- Selection of Logistics Alliance Partner in Supply Chain -- Consumer Acceptance of IOT Technologies in China : An Exploratory Study -- Multi-Stage Delivery Lead Time Reduction Model of High-Value and Time-Varying Products under E-Commerce -- Automatic Tiered Warehouse Storage System Capacity Based on Random Probability -- Implementation of the Integrated Operation of Supply Chain Logistics in Low-Carbon Economy -- Evaluation Index System of Transshipment and Repacking Solutions in Railway Container Terminals -- A Decision Support System with the Plan of Loading and Reinforcing Dimension Freight -- Planning Problems of Storing Position in Storage Area of Multi-Layer Logistics Facilities -- Differences Research of Regional Cold-Chain Logistics Capacities of Sideline Products Based on Principal Component Cluster Analysis -- Optimization Research of Maritime Empty Container Repositioning Based on Linear Programming -- Location Selection of Railway Logistics Center of Eastward Coal Transportation from Xinjiang -- The Construction of Sichuan Regional Modern Logistics System Based on Cluster Supply Chain -- Parameter Study of Combustion Process in Spark Ignition Engine under Oxygen-Enriched Air -- Arrangements for the Comprehensive Maintenance Sky-Window on Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway Line -- Optimizing Utilization of Electric Multiple-Unit on Passenger Dedicated Lines -- Balance of Lanes Impacting Traffic Operation in Merging Area of Expressway On-Ramp -- Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains with Wind Fence -- Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains under Complex Terrains in Strong Wind Regions -- Continuous Measurement Method of Wheel/Rail Contact Force Based on Neural Network -- Analysis and Calculation for Wheel Pair Flats Impact on CRH2 EMUs -- Dynamic Responses Due to Irregularity of No. 38 Turnout for High-Speed Railway -- Fatigue Strength Analysis of 160 km/h High Speed Freight Car Wheel Web -- Selection of Bogie Structures of Heavy Haul Based on Wheel Wear Simulation -- Correlation Analysis between Driver's Pupil Area Variance and Road Horizontal Alignment -- Dynamic Response Analysis of Vertical Vehicle-Track Coupled System in Frequency Domain -- GIS-Based Oil Distribution Monitoring of Gas Station -- Mechanical Fatigue Strength Analysis of Wheel Web for 32.5t Axle-Load Heavy Haul Wagon -- Effect of Lateral Stop Parameters on Vehicle Dynamics Performance -- Layout of BRT Station -- Nonlinear Control for Ship Steering Based on Cloud Model -- Application of Kansei Engineering in High-Speed Train Interior Design -- Analysis on Wheel/Rail Interaction Induced by Roughness in Subway -- Analysis of Freeway Weaving Section : A Review and Assessment of Methods -- The Reasonable Mode of Skylight on Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway -- Influence Analysis of Irregularities on Vehicle Dynamic Response on Curved Track of Speed-Up Railway -- Computation and Analysis of CNG Vehicle High Pressure Pipe Flow Field Characteristic -- Effect of Mass of High-Speed Railway Vehicle and Its Distribution in Vehicle Dynamics Performance -- Simulation of Automobile Dynamic Properties Based on MATLAB -- Vibration Test and Analysis of Urban Light Rail Bus -- Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Cylinder of Natural Gas Engine -- Deceleration Length of Left-Turn Lane of Four-Lane Highway by Field Observation -- Optimal Design of Container Terminal's Gate System Based on M/G/K Queuing Model -- The Application of Database Techniques in the Integrated Vessel Information Service System -- Effect of Highway Horizontal Alignment on Driver Decision Behavior on Trajectory Path -- Inspection and Analysis of Wheelset Lateral Displacement in High-Speed Turnout on Passenger-Dedicated Railway Line -- Speed Control for Traffic on Freeway Exit Deceleration Lanes -- EH4 Double-Source Electromagnetic Prospecting Method and Its Application on the Road Alignment of Expressway Threatened by Mined-Out Area -- Influence Factors and Developing Regularity of Air Pressure Pulse As Trains Pass by Each Other -- Wheel/Rail Asymmetrical Problem of Railway Vehicles -- Aerodynamics Effect of Train Passing through Subway Station with Ventilation Shaft -- Design for Approach Road of Truck Escape Ramp -- Lane-Width of Urban Secondary Arterial Road and Branch Road -- Design of Positioning Used in Short-Distance Maglev Vehicle -- Design of Function Model of Multi-Information Fusion System for Vehicle Automatic Driving -- The Permit Lateral Offset of Wagon Gravity Center Based on Anti-Overturning Stability -- Layout Methods and Location-Selecting Optimization for Highway Service Area -- Assessment Method of Environmental Factors in Traffic Accident Prevention -- Analysis of the Impact of Emissions on the Car Driving Cycle of Shenzhen City -- A Continuous Traffic Network Design Model Taking Reliability and Unreliability into Account Simultaneously -- Drivers' Heart Rate Variability in Prairie Highway Landscape Environment.
Design of Urban Public Rental Bicycle System Based on the Internet of Things -- Training for Moral Attainment of Traffic and Transportation High Quality Engineering Talents -- Dimensions of Innovation and Quality Training to the Transportation Talent -- Performance Evaluation of Railway Transport Enterprises Based on Catastrophe Theory -- Key Factor Analysis for Low-Carbon Logistics Development by Using Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory Method -- Construction of Express Companies Transport Network Based on Low-Carbon Economy -- Risk Evaluation Coupling Model of Ro-Ro Passenger Ship Terminals' Operation Based on Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process and Set Pair Analysis Method -- An Evaluation Model for Emergency Logistics Support Capability -- Principal Component Clustering Analysis Method Applied to Road Traffic Safety -- Analysis of Security Forewarning Model of Inland Waterway Transportation in Guizhou Province -- Division of Traffic Dangerous Grade in Highway Maintenance Region -- Analysis of Noise Radiated by High-Speed Railway Bridge -- Probe on Lifeboat Accidents -- Railway Transportation Safety Supervision and Management Information System -- Simulation for Automobile Power Performance and Fuel Economy -- Variable Speed Limits Control Based on Accident Rate before Freeway Main Toll Station -- Relationship between On-Road Vehicle Emissions and Gear Switching -- Experiment Identifying Approach for Accident-Prone Locations of Highways in Mountainous District -- Risky Control around Aerodrome Tower Area -- Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Four-Element Connection Number for Airport Pavement Service Performance -- Numerical Simulation of Fire Pressure Effect in Tunnels with Large Unidirectional Longitudinal Slope -- Game Analyses between Investors and Financing Sides of Solar Power Projects in the Transport Industry -- Traffic Safety of Pedestrian Crossing A Case Study of Wenzhou City -- Modeling and Solution of the Hazardous Waste Location-Routing Problem under Uncertain Conditions -- Jaywalker Detection Based on Motion Path Analysis -- Pest Analysis of Traffic Peccancy Forensics Service in China -- Energy-Efficient Train Operation with Given Time -- Function Design of Emergency Rescue Vehicle in Metro Fire -- Dynamic Assignment of Emergency Passenger Flows after Metro Accidents -- An Expert System for Remote Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of Railway Locomotives -- Field Test about Influence of Traffic Emissions on Environment around Exit Section of Highway Tunnel with Spillshield Tent -- Subjective Evaluation on Human-Machine-Environment System of Automotive Driving Simulation Experiment Platform -- Environmental Value of Green MeansTaking Urban Rail Transport for Example -- Applicability of Highway Snow-Melting Agents -- Variable Fuzzy Assessment Method and Its Application in Comprehensive Evaluation of Road Safety -- ITS Development Strategy in the Context of Low-Carbon Transportation -- Day-Night Traffic Noise Mapping of Foshan Chancheng District -- Visual Characteristics of the Driver to Tunnel Group Traffic Safety -- A Combination Weighting Method for Public Transportation Safety Evaluation Index System of Multi-Disasters about Large Passenger Terminals -- One-Way Traffic Configuration under Low-Carbon Conditions -- Methods of Altitude Control and Safe Landing on Final Approach of Non-Precision Approach Procedures -- Traffic Safety Evaluation of Bridge Approach -- Safety Research of Expressway Low-Information Intake Sections : Review -- Analysis of Railway Tank Cars' Adiabaticity in Liquifying Gas Transport -- Problems of Automobile Rear-End Collisions -- On Green Transport and Low Carbon Transport -- Application of FAHP in Maintenance Assessment of Highway Electromechanical System -- A Kind of Snow Removal Machine with High Efficiency and Low Cost -- Index Decomposition Analysis on Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Passenger Cars in Japan -- Performance Experiment of Gasoline Engine by Using Oxygen-Enriched Intake Air -- Risk Evaluation of Hazardous Materials Road Transportation -- Abnormal Traffic Incident Detection Based on Hidden Markov Models -- Freeway Accident Detection Model Based on Support Vector Machine -- Causes of Rear-End Accidents on Changzhang Freeway Based on Correspondence Analysis -- The Characteristics and Countermeasures of Road Accidents Caused by Commercial Vehicles in China -- Traffic Safety Regional Gradient Characteristics Analysis Based on Geographical Factors -- Warning Grading Method for Highway Network Traffic Conditions under Foggy Weather -- Relationship of Linear Combination of Tunnel and Heart Rate Increase Rate -- Prospect Probing in Piston Wind Application to Power Generation in Rail Tunnel -- An Extension Theory Based Evaluation of the Impact of Various Traffic Taxes on Low Carbon Traffic -- Optimization of Dangerous Goods Transport Rout Based on Fuzzy Neural Network Comprehensive Evaluation -- Visual Complexity Influences the Miss Rate in Simulated X-Ray Luggage Screening Task -- Dynamic Relief-Demand Management for Emergency Rescue.
Exploratory Proposal for E-Waste Recycling Deposit System under EPR -- Emergency Rescue System for Expressway Traffic Accidents -- Analysis and Modeling of Safety Based on Expressway Traffic Flow State -- Analysis of Influential Factors for Drivers' Capability of Handling Special Situations -- Influence Factors and Structure Model of Traffic Safety of Urban Bus -- LNG Heavy Goods VehicleThe Future Role of Low Carbon Freight Transport by Road -- Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Vehicle Scheduling Problem with Time Windows under Emergency Conditions -- Emergency Evacuation Optimization Research of Dynamic Road Network after Accident of Dangerous Goods Leakage Based on Ant Colony Algorithm -- An Analysis of the Injury Causality of Far Side Occupant in Lateral Impact Accident Based on Computer Simulation -- Civil-Military Collaboration in Humanitarian Logistics -- Analysis of the Effectiveness of Seat Belts Based on Traffic Accident Reconstruction -- Bi-Level Programming Model of Route Information Guidance Considering Carbon Emissions -- Studies Review of the Technology for Snow and Ice Control for Winter Road Maintenance -- Optimal Selection Model of Road Transportation Route of Dangerous Goods -- Pretreatment of Locomotive Direct Drinking Water by Nanofiltration -- Optimization Model of the Reliability on the Emergency Transportation System -- Driver Workload Mutations Induced Road Analysis of Traffic Accidents in the Rural-Urban Continuum -- Thought of Bicycle Traffic Development under Low-Carbon Background -- A Novel Reaction Time Measurement under Road Artificial Illumination -- An Indirect Assessment Method for Environmental Damage Compensation of Ship Oil Spill Accident -- Safety Analysis on Packaging of Railway Dangerous Goods Transportation.
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