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Title International Conference on Transportation Engineering 2007 : proceedings of the First International Conference, July 22-24, 2007, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, China / Qiyuan Peng . [and others].
Imprint [Reston, Va.] : [American Society of Civil Engineers], [©2007]


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"Conference sponsored by China Communications and Transportation Association, Transportation & Development Institute (T & DI) of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Education Fund."--Print version record.
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Subject Transportation engineering -- Congresses.
Genre Conference papers and proceedings.
Contents Soaking Plate Load Test after Treatment of Soft Clayey Soil for Railway Embankment of Baghdad : Beije New Railway Line -- Scheduled Highway Bus Service to Cope with the Operation of Taiwan High Speed Railway -- The Effect of ECOLOPAVI Stabilizer in Low Cost Roads (LCR) Pavement Response -- Positioning and Imaging Sensors for Automated Asset Management of Transportation Facilities -- A New Map-Matching Algorithm and Real-Time Parameter Correction for Land Vehicle Navigation System -- Model of Parking Choice Behavior with Parking Guidance Information -- Intelligent Scheduling Method of Molten Iron Transportation of Steel Enterprise -- The Influencing Factors of Carrying Capacity of Passenger Special Line -- Location Planning Model for Urban P & R Facilities -- Enterprise's Logistics Cost Checking Formation Based on Logistics Cycle Time -- Continuous Network Design Problem Considering Stochastic Demand -- The Mechanism of Information Sharing in Supply Chain Based on Mobile-Agent -- The Attractive Region of Rail Transit Station Based on Disaggregated Theory -- A High-Order Continuum Model of Mixed Traffic Flow -- Layout Model of Urban Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Hubs -- Analysis of Traffic Flow Based on the Finite Element Method -- Identification Method of New Traffic Accidents Blackspots Based on Accidents Space Distribution Character -- Perpetual Pavements Design Criterions -- Optical Properties of Seawater with Submerged Bubbles Generated by Ship Wakes -- Optimization of Selecting PGI Sign Locations Based on Parking Guidance Behavior Survey -- Reliability Analysis of Underground Pipelines Subject to Disturbance of Shield Tunnel Excavation -- The Combined Short-Term Forecasting Approach to Traffic Flow Based on Non-Parametric Regression -- Evaluation Methods and Optimization Policies for the Management of Telecom Material Inventory -- The Dynamic Response Analysis of Wuhan Rail Transit System Based on the Random Vibration Theory -- Driving Status Monitoring and Wireless Transmission System Based on Information Fusion Technology -- Scale and Scope Economies Based on Net Characteristic of Railway Transportation and Its Application -- Vehicle Routing Problem with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-Up with Time Windows -- Short-Term Traffic Flow Predication Based on PSO-SVM -- Inside Correlation and Integration Degree of Eclectic Logistics Corporations Information System -- The City Logistics Distribution Model -- Driving Simulator Based Route Tracing Simulation for Automatic Driving -- Dynamic Response of Rigid Airport Pavements under a Moving Aircraft Load with Variable Velocities -- Grading Optimization Model of Empty Car Distribution on Large Scale Railway Network -- Game Analysis of Formation Mechanism of Chinese Logistics Standardization -- Traffic Safety of a "Three Dimensional Future City" -- Information Retrieval on Task-Relevant Knowledge Using Fuzzy Concept Network and User Profile -- The Framework of Assessment on Travel Time Reliability -- Crash Prediction Model of Four-Leg Intersections with Unsignalized Control -- Influence Factors of Driveway Width in Urban Road -- Integrated Study on Urban Public Transit System in China -- Coordinated Optimization of Railway Empty Wagon Distribution and Routing -- Design of Adaptive Genetic Algorithm on Single Airport Ground-Holding Policy -- Comparative Study of Jointed Plain Concrete Pavement (JPCP) Design Methodologies in China and United States -- Coordination between the Transportation Development and Economy Development of Jiangsu Province -- Influence of Interlayer Conditions on Structural Responses of Asphalt Pavements -- Physical Model on Deformation Behavior of Super-Large Pile Group -- Fuzzy Neural Network Integrated Evaluation in Logistics Facility Layout -- Curve Fitting Techniques in Guideway Design of High-Speed Maglev TR System -- Vehicle Recognition Based on Gabor Wavelets Transform and Hidden Markov Model -- Dynamic Information Platform for Intelligent Transportation System -- Distribution Characteristic of Automobile Lamp Fragments in Front Crash -- Recognition of Pavement Image with Shadow Based on Image Decomposition -- A Nested Logit Model for Passenger Travel Behavior of Dedicated Passenger Railway -- War Preparedness Assessment of Equipment in the Conveyance of the Heavy-Cargo Transportation -- Direct Automatic Detecting Technique of Traffic Accident Based on Acoustic Signals -- Logistics Satisfactory Optimization Model and Algorithm for Forward-Reserve Problem -- WM Method and Its Application in Traffic Flow Modeling -- Median Design Analysis in the Manner of U-Turn Followed by Right-Turn -- Analysis on the Game among Transportation Modes in Comprehensive Passenger Transportation Corridor -- Impacts of Exclusive Lanes and Signal Priority on Bus Rapid Transit Effectiveness -- Long Down-Grade Highway Segment's Safety Investigation and Causation Inference in China -- Experimentation of 3D Pavement Imaging through Stereovision -- A Hybrid Grey Markov Prediction Model for Traffic Volume -- Simulation-Based Assessment of the Effect of Large-Scale Events on Urban Road Network Reliability -- Bi-Level Programming Model for Urban Bus Lanes' Layout -- An Optimal Model for Container Slot Allocation Based on Equilibrium Principle of Shipping Line -- Dynamics Simulation on Asymmetrical Rail Grinding in Railway Curve -- Economic Evaluation Method of Passenger Train Plan -- An Effective Meta-Heuristic Technique for Solving Train Scheduling Problem -- Mechanical Parameter Measuring and Contrastive Analysis on Pavement Performance of Glass Fiber Reinforced Bituminous Mixtures -- Entropy-Weight-AHP Evaluation on Clustering in Logistics Parks -- The Analysis of Freight Information Market Based on Game Theory -- Traffic State Estimation Method for Arterial Street -- A Price Coordination Mechanism for Purchasing Supply Chain Based on Dynamic Game of Incomplete Information -- Speed Regulation of Passenger Car Based on Side Wind Speed and Direction -- Sensitivity Analysis of Genetic Algorithm Based Network Optimization System with Multiple Objectives -- Measuring the Customer Satisfaction Degree for Freeway Traffic Management System -- A Simultaneous Route and Departure Time Choice Model for Evacuation Planning -- Novel Repair Materials and Techniques for Airport Pavement -- The Development and Its Logistical Countermeasure of China Railway's Long and Large Goods Transportation -- The Effect of Secondary Task on Driving Performance, Physiological Indices and Mental Workload: A Study Based on Simulated Driving -- Vessel Grounding Warning with Saga Model -- Delivery Lead-Time Model of Supply Chain in Uncertain Environment -- The Effects of Logistics Information Capabilities on the Supply Chain Performance in China -- An Analysis of Drivers' Route Choice Behavior in Urban Road Networks Based on GPS Data -- Impact Analysis of Factors for Taxi Pricing System -- Urban Parking Allocation Model Based on Minimum Generalized Parking Costs.
A Dynamic Game Analysis on the Incomplete Information in Enterprises' Reverse Logistics -- The Research of the Optimal Distribution for the Multitask using Types of Vehicles in the Military Road Transportation -- Research on Optimal Route of Road Transport Network with Restrictive Conditions -- The Evaluation Method of Service Quality for Passenger Transportation Airlines by Customer Perceives -- The Optimized Inventory Control Based on Disposing Reverse Logistics in Set Volume with the Franchisers' Assistance -- Study on Traveler's Behavior Value in City Passenger Traffic System -- Study on Pedestrian Detection Ahead of Vehicle Based on Machine Vision -- Effect of Fiber Content on Viscoelasticity of Asphalt Concrete -- Traffic-Actuated Signal Control Based on Dynamic Optimal Maximum Green Time -- The Reliability Model of Double Locomotive Drives' Working Behavior -- Road Extraction Based on Image Features of Raster Urban Traffic Map -- Study on Reasonable Replaceable Path Acquiring Method Based on Similarity -- Decision-Making Model for Multi-Ship Collision Avoidance Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm -- The Effect of Experience and Gender of Drivers' on Situation Awareness and Mental Workload -- Analysis and Control of Recurrent Traffic Congestion on Urban Expressway -- The Macro-Performance of China Railway Transportation: Based on Combinatorial DEA Aligorithms Model -- Prediction of Highway Truck Conveyance Configuration under Over-Limit Prohibition and Conveyance Equilibrium -- Returned Logistics Implemented by Household Appliances Manufacturers -- System Dynamics Analysis on the Regional Transport Infrastructure and Social Economic Development -- A Profit Distribution Model among Enterprises in Mixed Alliance Based on the Shapely Value -- Influence of Pavement Roughness on Riding Comfort Based on Whole Vehicle Model -- Perishable Product's Ordering Optimization Decision with Consideration of the Other Surplus Alternative -- Structural Modulus of Semi-Rigid Base Course for Asphalt Pavement -- Simulation on Emergency Evacuation Plan for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games -- Comprehensive Evaluation for the Traffic Safety of the Expressway Based on Quantitative Analysis -- Integrative Innovation of Productive Service-Transportation Industry-Urban Agglomeration -- The Application Technology of Roadpacker Solidified Limestone Soil -- Map Matching Algorithm for GPS Data with Irregular and Relatively Long Intervals -- A Model Equipment Used to Investigate Mechanism of Dynamic Instability for Riverside Roadbed -- Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Inter-City Passenger Train Operation Plan -- Model of Highway Freight Volume Time Serial Forecast Based on Support Vector Regression -- Train Stopping Plan of Dedicated Passenger Traffic Line -- A Model of Calculating for On-Ramp Junction Capacity of Freeway -- Numerical Analysis of Porosity of Granular Materials -- Method of Measuring Workload about Delivering Express Goods at the Destination City -- Elastic Demand Traffic Assignment Model by Price-Quantity Regulation -- The Effectiveness of Travel Information Based on Information Entropy and Transmission Index -- Using Distributed Simulation to Support CPFR Practice: A Web Service-Oriented System Simulation Framework -- Distribution of Passenger Stations in One Railway Hub -- The Preliminary Application of Element-Free Galerkin Method (EFGM) in Asphalt Pavement Mechanical Analysis -- Quality Evaluation System of Expressway Slope Planting -- On Performance Evaluation of Activity-Based Costing Control in Third Party Logistics Enterprises -- Train Delay Propagation Simulation in Rail Transit System -- The Evolutionary Support Vector Machine Forecasting Model of Road Traffic Accident -- Application of Dynamic Segmentation Technology in Urban Geographic Information System for Transportation -- The Cause Analysis of Cracks on Key Segment of Box Girder of Fuli-Taoyuan Bridge -- Objectively Evaluation of the Structure of Logistics Industry Based on Rough Set Theory -- Test and Analysis on Performances of Drainage Asphalt Pavement -- Failure Mode of Reinforced Embankment under Earthquake Loading -- Traffic Safety and Road Lighting Evenness Influence -- A Model for Dynamic Network Traffic Flow Based Virtual Space-Time Network -- A GPS-Free City Bus Real-Time Positioning System -- Urban Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Neuro-FDT -- Reliability Evaluation on Driver Reaction Characteristics -- Dynamic Model on Urban Land-Use and Transportation System -- Level of Service Reliability in Stochastic Supply and Demand -- Fatigue Detecting Embedded System Based on S3C44Box -- Evaluation Method for Accuracy of Road Traffic State Information -- On-Ramp Adaptive Traffic Volume in Freeway Merging Area -- Network Planning of Special Passenger Transportation Line -- A Method for the Design of Optimal Locomotive Working Diagrams -- Agent-Based IDSS Model for Wagon Flow Forecast in Railway Network -- Remote Monitoring System Construction for Freight Overloading Vehicle on High-Class Highway -- Dynamic Comprehensive Evaluation of Transport Environment Based on Support Vector Machine -- Vehicle Classification Using Acoustic Energy Signature in Wavelet Scale Space and Neural Network -- Nash Equilibrium of Public Transport Service Competition -- Simulation Analysis of Impact of Pedestrian Traffic Distribution on Emergency Evacuation -- The Contents and Principles of Barrier-Free Design in Urban Mass Transit -- Function Configuration and Reliability of Parallel Routes -- Dynamic Response of Rigid Pavement under Moving Multi-Load -- A Method for Rack Area Zoning Based on Task Cycle Time in Automated Storage/Retrieval System -- Relationship between Road Safety Guarantee Level and Driver Safety Perception -- Design and Application of the Digital Tracks Management Model on the Sea Based on Agents -- The Relationship Model between Traffic Volume and Traffic Conflict at the Merging Points of Urban Tunnel Entrance -- A New Vague Set Algorithm Applied on the Third Part Logistics Provider Preference -- Vehicles Safety Distance on Freeway -- Performance Evaluation of Cold Chain Based on BP Neural Network -- Wavelet Analysis of Airfield Road Surface Roughness and Dynamic Response of Aircraft -- The Optimization of Non-Dense Loading Patterns of Perishable Goods by Railroad -- CCD Monocular Imaging and Its Application in Vehicle Longitudinal Distance Measuring -- Analytical Solution for In-Plane Displacement of Multi-Span Curved Bridge -- The Signal Processing Method of Strip Piezoelectric Sensor of Weigh-In-Motion on Highway -- The Application of the Management System about Information Project in Traffic Engineering Design -- Solution of Three-Station Scattered Freight Loading Problem Based on Genetic Algorithm -- A Dynamic Process Research for Fleet Planning Based on the Periodic Fluctuation of Shipping Market.
An Integrated Model of Third-Party Lean Logistics -- Predictive Control of Inventory in Supply Chain under Stochastic Customer Demand -- Vehicle Delay Model with Colony of Pedestrian Signal Noncompliance at Signalized Intersections in Developing Cities -- Queuing Model of Railway Section Carrying Capacity -- Logistics Grid Based on SOA and its Core Technologies -- The Rule of Lateral Vibration for Solid Piers of Railway Bridges -- Freeway Traffic Flow Modeling Based on Recurrent Neural Network and Wavelet Transform -- Safety of Pavement Skid-Resistance for Expressway Tunnel -- Capacity Allocation Policy of Third Party Warehousing Based on Revenue Optimization -- Intelligent System of Outer Rail Superelevation on Curve and its Key Technologies -- Chu Da Highway Accidents Analysis and Prevention Suggestion -- The Calculating Model and Algorithm of Wagon Flow in Railway Bureau Dispatch System -- Quantitative Analysis Model of Non-Accident Loss for Tropical Cyclone Avoidance Routing -- Criterion and Measurement of Traffic Flow System Complexity: Chaos, Fractal and Complexity -- Bus Transit Route Network Design Using Genetic Algorithm -- Vehicle Train Lateral Stability Based on the Scale Model -- Safety Assessment on Negotiation of Locomotive under the Condition of Traction -- The Measurement of Driving Decision-Making Support Information in Intelligent Vehicles -- Model and Algorithm for Inventory-Transportation Integrated Optimization:In View of One-Warehouse Multi-Retailer Distributing Network -- Fuzzy Logic-Based Urban Traffic Congestion Evaluation Models and Applications -- Supplier Choice Based on Supplier Subdivision -- Mechanism of Logistics Centralizing Function Based on Regional Economy -- The Measurement of Driver's Mental Workload: A Simulation-Based Study -- Regional Integrated Transportation Network Layout Planning -- Internal Roads Layout Optimization in Waterpower Project Site -- The Influence on Development of the Third Party Logistics by Trade Cost -- Wind Erosion Controlling Measures Effect of Geerm-Lahsa Section, Qinghai-Tibet Railway -- Testing Research on Decreasing Brittleness of Pavement Concrete -- The Research on the Lot Size Control in MRP -- Proper Occasion for China's Coastal Port Construction -- Vehicle Interior Multi-Channel Active Noise Control Systems Based on Neural Network Model -- Technology of Sound Intensity Theory in High Speed Railway Car Noise Controlling -- Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Lagrange Support Vector Regression -- Hydrodynamic Modeling of Port Container Logistics -- Synchronized Optimization Model of Regional Bus Scheduling System Based on Multilevel Programming -- Competitive Stock-Replenishment Policies in a Two-Stage Supply Chain -- Capacity of Connecting Area between Uninterrupted and Interrupted Traffic Flow -- New Application of Dynamics in the Mixed Vehicle Flow Theory Research -- Predicted Model of Asphalt Pavement Non-Segregated Zone -- Y-Shape Bridge Analysis Based on Space Grillage Method -- Adaptability of SVR Time Series Analysis Used in Forecasting of Logistics Demand -- Optimization of Urban Public Traffic Networks -- Unfairness of System Optimal Traffic Assignment Strategy for Signal Controlled Network -- Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Demand Forecast Based on Support Vector Machines -- Road Integrated Safety Management and Technical System -- Bi-Level Programming Model in Road Network Programming and Its Genetic Algorithm -- Characteristics of Trip Generation and Attraction Based on Complex Network Theory -- A Self-Adaptive and Multi-Agent Model of Supply Chain Management System -- Transportation Heterogeneous Data Integration Based on Web Services -- Container Loading Problem Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm -- Business Process Reengineering in Heilongjiang Rice Container Intermodal Transportation -- Location Planning Method for Urban Passenger Intermodal Transfer Points in Big Cities -- Modern Information Fusion Technology on Agile Transportation Management -- Modeling Travel Mode Choice Behavior and Individual Time Preference Heterogeneity -- Measuring the External Costs of Urban Traffic Congestion -- The Real Time Traffic Control Strategy of Oversaturated Intersections on Urban Traffic Arterial -- The Microscopic Driving Model Analysis of the Aggressive Driving -- Carrier Selection Optimization Model and Algorithms for Various Sections of Multimodal Transportation -- Application of Stress-Relief Method in the Controlling Engineering of Pipeline-Across Landslide -- Influence of Different Wheel Coupling Mode to Wheelset Longitudinal Vibration -- The Application of Multi-Agent-Based Dynamic Immunity Model in the Car Safety-Detection -- Development and Application of Steel Bar Energy-Absorbing Type Frontal Impact Sled Test System -- A Stochastic Location-Routing-Inventory Problem in Logistics Distribution Systems -- Cracking Control of Semi-Rigid Pavement Layers in Cold Regions and Construction Technique -- Construction Technology and Quality Control Research for Rock Embankment -- Predicting Crashes Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Identifying the Hazardous Crash Type at Intersections -- Research and Application of Weighted Apriori Algorithm in Rail Freight Volume Forecasting -- Establishment of Regional Logistics Core Competence System and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation -- An Improved TSP Model Based on Stranger Problem in Logistics Distribution -- Optimization Model and Simulation Analysis For Pre-Timed Signals at Isolated Intersections -- Short Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Artificial Neural Network Combined Predictor -- A Transit Dispatching Model for a Congested Public Bus Line Using Genetic Algorithm -- Development and Application of Experiment Apparatus for Road Material -- Safety Level of Service at Highway Signalized Intersections -- Programming and Arrangement Research into Regional Logistics System by Fuzzy C-Means Clustering -- The Development of Sustainable Transportation System in Urban Conservation District -- Decision Support System Design for Urban Public Transit Safety Based on Geography Information System -- Leading and Decision-Making Method for Traffic Jam Based on Equilibrium Theory -- Integrated Networks of Third Party Logistics Service Providers -- Analytical Solution to Temperature Variations in Highway Concrete Bridges Due to Solar Radiation -- Logit Cargo Flows Analysis Model and Its Application to Integrated Transportation -- Traffic Information Collection Based on Cell Phone Positioning -- The Early-Warning Model in the Monitoring of Logistics Transportation -- Logistics Decision-Making Based on Public Logistics Information Platform -- The Transfer Behavior of the Line Transferring Passenger Flow in the Railway Passenger Transportation Corridor -- Predicting the Truck Speed Based on Four Factors of Transportation Engineering: A Curvilinear Regression Model -- Mixed Multi-Speed Vehicles on Two-Lane Cellular Automaton Model under Public Transit Influence with Open Boundary Condition.
Construction of Support System for Effective Operation of Supply Chain -- Location of High-Speed Railway Passenger Station Based on Passenger Time Satisfaction Degree -- Digital Image Processing Technique to Indirect Tensile Test of Asphalt Mixtures -- Optimization Model and Algorithm for the Size of Function Areas in Distribution Center under Constraint -- Chuanjiu Highway Reconstruction and Landscape Design -- Highway Embankments over Sloped Ground and Influence on Pavement Responses -- The Evolution Mechanism between Transport Net Work and Regional Economy -- Grey Relational Analysis on Accidents of Navigation Markers Erratic in River -- Research and Design of Urban Complex Traffic Signal Control System -- The Logistics Vehicle Routing and Supervision System -- Multi-Constrained Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows of Optimization for Electronic Commerce -- An Agent-Oriented Simulation Modelling Research on Unidirectional Pedestrian Flow -- Locating the Variable Message Signs by Cell Transmission Model -- Theory and Method of Production Logistics Plan Optimizing for an Iron and Steel Enterprise -- Vessel Information Service System Based on ECDIS and AIS -- Problems in Regional Track Traffic Network Planning -- Vessel Collision Avoidance in Close-Quarter Situation Using Differential Games -- Business Process Analyzing and Reengineering of Container Non-Stop Express Transportation -- Automatic Traffic Event Detection Based on Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm -- Improved GA of Train Operation Simulation Model -- Economical and Policy Approach for Improving Equity of Road Resources Distribution -- Wavelet Based Highway Incident Detection Model with Three Degree Alarm -- Complexity of Urban Road Networks -- Pedestrian Management Method and Simulation Evaluation Practice in Olympic Games -- Review on Driver Fatigue Detection Technology -- PEMS-Based Comparative Study on Real-Road Emissions from Hybrid Electric and Gasoline Vehicles -- Numerical Simulation for Temperature Field of Subgrade on Seasonal Frozen Area -- Out-of-Round Wheels and the Correlation Problem of Metro Vehicles -- Application of Trigger Point Model in Construction Projects Management of Highway Network -- Travel Time Prediction Algorithms Based on RBF Neural Networks -- Identifying and Eliminating Constraints in Reverse Logistics System of End-of-Life Home Appliance -- Automatic Identification of Pavement Cracks Using Mathematic Morphology -- Modeling and Developing an Integrated Supply-Chain Management System Oriented to Life Circles of Packages -- Integrated Development of the Vehicle-Monitoring System -- Strategic Commitment to Price to Stimulate Downstream Innovation under Supplier Competition -- Forecast Method of Expressway Longitudinal Operating Speed Based on Genetic-Neural Networks -- Localization of Spatial and Temporal Parameters in Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models Based on Genetic Algorithms -- A New Logical Control Model of Traffic Lights -- An Application on Traffic Lights Based on Logic Control -- Vehicle Routing Problem with Travel Time Reliability Constrain -- The Influence of Traffic Environmental Variation to City Function Localization Based on the System Dynamics -- A Dynamic Model of the Two-Route Traffic Flow -- Constructing Virtual Enterprise Based on Multimodal Transport -- Coordinating Retailers with Price and Service Competition -- Computational Methods of Critical Filling Height in Roadbed Based on Twin Shear Unified Strength Theory -- Optimizing Shipment Size with Variable Transit Time and Random Transportation Capacity in Outsourcing Transportation Service -- The Interaction Development between Port Cluster and City Based on Green Conception -- A New Method of Precise Self-Adaptive Automatic Exposure Control for Camera in Intellegent Transportation Systems -- Shipping Alliances' Formation Based on Evolutionary Game Theory -- Connotation and Design on the Strategic Target for the Development of China's Communications and Transportation -- Modeling Lane Changing Behavior using Fuzzy Logic -- The Multiple-Vehicle Transportation Policy under the High Uncertainty of the Returns in Reverse Logistics -- Highway Traffic Accident Detection Method with Fuzzy Neural Network -- Effect of Asphalt Pavement Layers on Rutting Development -- Optimal Pricing Strategy of Traffic Information under Multi-Objective Route Guidance -- Analysis and Strategy of Principal-Agent Problem in Supply Chain Appliance -- Mechanism of Dynamic Instability for Riverside Subgrade -- Synthetic Assessment of Highway Landscape Based on Set Pairs Analysis -- Externality Problem Based on Collusion Theory -- Rural Residents' Trip Satisfaction Degree -- Evaluation and Melioration of Guiding Visual Evironment for Rail Transit Station:Example of Shanghai Xujiahui Station -- Planning of Leading Passenger Special Line into Stub-End Type Junction Terminal -- An Efficient Approach for Slant Correction of Vehicle Licenses Based on Hough Transform and Mathematics Morphology -- Analysis and Forecast of Railway Freight Ton-Kilometers Based on Partial Least Square Regression -- Logistics Industrial Cluster Based on Complex Adaptive System Theory -- The Evaluation of Urban Public Traffic Line Network Based on the Grey-AHP Method -- Road Network Optimization Scheme -- Economy of Scale and Routes Optimization of Large Containerships -- Recognition of Traffic Signs Based on Color Features and Neural Network Model -- Damage Identification of Truss Bridge under Normal Traffic Loads -- Derailment Safety Analysis of Rail Transit Route Parameters -- The Mining Method of Drivers' Route Selection Preferences Based on Differential Perceptron -- The Impact of Character Differences of Highway Landscape on Aesthetic Perception -- Prediction Model and Genetic Algorithm of Car Flow for Stage Operating Plan at Railway Technical Station -- Coordinated Control for Traffic Corridor under the Influence of Guidance Information -- Mining Association Rules on Data of Crane Health-Condition Monitoring -- Algorithm of Best Path in Dynamic Route Guidance System -- Design of Intelligent and Distributed Traffic Flux Measurement System Based on Infrared Technology -- Level of Service Standards for Pedestrian Facilities in Shanghai Metro Stations -- Survey on Application of Wireless Sensor Networks for Traffic Monitoring -- Multidimensional State Estimation Rules in Urban Traffic System Based on Rough Set Theory -- Video Processing and RFID Based Vehicle Detection and Identification System -- A New Model for Studying the Impact on Travel Behavior by ATIS and Information Release Strategy -- Analysis of Urban Transportation and Environment -- Freeway Incident Detection Research Based on Wavelet Analysis -- Real Time Estimation on Turning Rates of N-Leg Intersections -- The Travel Choice Behavior with Traffic State Information -- Logistics Resources Integrating Efficiency of the RSTE Based on the Pareto Optimum.
Simulation of Entire Derailment Course of a Freight Train on the Yellow River Bridge of Beijing-Guangzhou Railway -- Evaluation Approaches of Freeway Green Landscape -- Multi-Objective Algorithm for Navigation Co-Scheduling of the Three Gorges Dam and Gezhouba Dam -- Intelligent Driver Assistance System Based on Panoramic Video Technique -- The Recycling Logistic System Design of the Civil Waste for Chongqing -- IIAPC: A New Image Compression Algorithm for Intelligent Transport System -- Traffic Assignment Model and Algorithm Based on Interval-Valued Impedance -- A New Heuristics for VRP with Simultaneous Delivery and Pick-Up -- Extension's Utilization in Model's Self-Learning -- Sustainable Development Ability Evaluation for Chinese Synthetic Transportation System -- Application of Renewal Theory and Renewal Function in Research on Vehicle Optimum Maintenance Period -- Risk Identification of Logistics Outsourcing Based on Interface Management -- Travel Time Prediction of Urban Expressway in Unstable Traffic Flow -- A Method of Forecasting Air Pollution Induced by Vehicle Exhaust with Traffic Simulation Technology -- System Dynamics-Based Operational Mode of Trade Credit System for Enterprise in Supply Chains -- Experimental Research on Mechanical Property of High Performance Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) -- Damage Safety Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Bridges -- Simulation Research on Form and Kinematics Law of Contact Process for Automobile-Pedestrian Collision Based on the Coupling of PC-Crash and MADYMO -- A Method of Exchange Wagon-Flow Allocating in Bidirectional Marshalling Yards -- Applicability of Signal Control Method at Roundabout -- Empty Containers Distribution among Railway Network Container Freight Stations -- Optimization of Station Distribution Plan in Urban Rail Transit -- A Multi-Agent System for Container Terminal Automation -- Mode of Transport Organization of Mixed Passenger and Freight Trains Railway Speed-Up 200KM/H -- Reflections on Conditional Hypotheses and Parameter Calibration of Traffic Flow Models -- The Optimization of Container Flow Routing Between Railway Network Container Freight Stations -- Effect of Spatial Assembly and Diffusion of Expressway Economic Parts Towards Regional Road Web Configuration -- Analysis of Relationship between the Radius of Horizontal Curve and Traffic Accidents and Research on the Choice of Proper Value for Designing Parameters -- Stiffness Characteristics and Geometric Configurations of Cable-Supported Bridges -- A Microscopic Emission Model for the Light-Duty Vehicles Based on PEMS Data -- Analysis of the Effect of Traffic Safety with the Highway Greening Model -- Analysis on the Information Processing Model for Mixed Traffic -- The Risk Assessment Method of Building Based on Interval Mathematics -- The Construction of Transit Smart Card System Based on Mobile Phone -- Evaluation Method for Expressway Socioeconomic Benefit Based on Rough-Set-Neural-Fuzzy System -- A Design of Research on Knowledge Collaboration Mechanism in Supply Chain Based on Semantic Web -- Supervision System of Taxi Trade Based on Government Regulation -- Decision-Making Support System for Vessel Automatic Anti-Grounding and Anti-Reef -- Vehicle Communication Aerial Platform Design -- Effects on Traffic Characteristics with the Number of Lanes on Expressways -- Ontology-Based Information Retrieval for City Intelligent Public Traffic -- Integrated Control Method for On-Ramp and Correlated Intersection -- Driver's Alertness Level Identify Method Based on Computer Vision -- Electric Load Forecasting Method Based on Theory of Rough Set in Decomposed Decision Attribute -- A Symplectic Eigensolution Method in Transversely Isotropic Elastic Halfspace -- Cooperative Implementation for UTCS and UTFGS Based on Multi-Agent -- Strategy of the Reliability of SC -- Locating Transport Terminals in a City -- Optimization of Highway Transport Line Configuration Based on Whole Trip Course -- Analysis and Optimization of National Defense Traffic and Transport Networks Based on the Scale-Free Theory -- A Multivariate Chaotic Time Series Approach for Road Network Short-Term Traffic State Forecasting -- Data Communication for Comprehensive Regional Transport Hub -- Research on the Matching and Coordinating Relationship of Operation System in Marshalling Station on Trunk Line with Increased Speed -- Application of Stated Preference Survey Method in Waterbus System Design -- Study on Modeling Supply Chain Based on Disruption Risk -- Study on Classification of Marshalling Station Based on Fuzzy Clustering Analysis -- Model for Location Planning Problem on Railway Baggage & Parcel Logistics Base and Distribution Sites with Uncertain Demand -- Commodity Inventory Decision-Making Based on Fuzzy Cluster Classification -- Motion Model of Planned Target in Marine Simulation System -- Chaos Research of Vehicle Spacing in Signalized Intersection -- Research of the 4th Party Logistics Network Platform Based on XML -- Green Supply Chain Management of Manufacturing Based on System Dynamics -- The Zigbee Application on Intelligent Bus Dispatch -- Genetic Algorithms with Application to Optimize High Speed Train ATO -- Benefit Analysis on Bus Rapid Transit Exclusive Lanes -- An Optimal Location Model for Public Transit Hubs Using On/Off Data at Bus Stops -- Study on Road Traffic Safety Management and Rescue System Based on 3S Technology -- Research on the Production Logistics System of Shipbuilding Enterprise Based on MRP and TOC -- Study on Postponement in Supply Chain Management -- An Empirical Study of the Support Vector Machine Model of Demand Forecast for Transportation Energy -- Technology Features Reasearch of Japanese Railway Signal System -- The Application of Tabu Search in Physical Distribution Capacitated Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem -- Method of Adaptive Neuron Model Utilizing Information of Local Samples for Loss Prediction in the Road Traffic Accident -- Prediction of Low Temperature Properties Using Dynamic Rheological Properties of Asphalt at Intermediate Temperature -- Traffic Data Collection System Based on Floating Cars and its Application in Shanghai -- A Study on Team Incentive Mechanism for Logistics Service Supply Chain -- Research on Digital Road Traffic Guarantee System -- The State Bridge Management System under the Development of Modern Transportation -- The Bionic Model of Knowledge Supply Chain of Enterprise Human Resources in Crew-Manning Companies -- Research on the layout issue of the Railway out of Gauge Detecting System -- Research on the Application of Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network in the Inter-Vehicle Communication System -- Car-Following Model Based on Driving Behavior and Research on the Stability of the Model -- Dynamic Field Monitoring and Stability Analysis of a Cataclastic Rock High-Slope -- A Time-Varying Congestion Pricing Model Satisfying Stochastic User-Equilibrium Conditions of Multimodes.
An Algorithm of Motor Train Set Scheduling Based on TSP Model -- A Kind of Model and Algorithm with Elastic-Weight for Combined Assignment -- Optimal Ship Weather Routing Using Isochrone Method on the Basis of Weather Changes -- The Comprehensive Evaluation for the Synergetic Development of Urban Traffic System Based on DEA Model -- An Executable and Reliable Method for Chinese ITS Architecture Development -- Urban Interrelated Intersections Study via Fuzzy Graph Theory -- Study on Microscopic Traffic Simulation System for ITS -- Study on Vision Monitoring Techniques of Driver Fatigue and Loosing Alertness -- Autonomous Collision Avoidance for Ships using APF Method -- Design and Implementation of Intelligent Emergency Management System for Urban Rail Transit in Shanghai -- Research on the Theory and Application of Road Speed Limit -- Strategic Planning of Multipurpose Transit Smart Card Systems -- Study on Muti-Energy Powertrain Control Strategy of Hybrid Electric Vehicle -- Study on Comprehensive Assessment Location Approach of Supply Chain Logistics Network Facility Based on TFAHP -- Evaluate TDM Pricing Measures to Heterogeneous Users by Bi-Criteria Nested Logit Based Combined Mode Split Assignment Model -- Multi-Port Model of Non-Cooperation Competition Strategy -- A Model of Learning Supply Chain Based on Multi-Agent Theory -- Field Experimental Study on Measurement and Analysis Strain on the Rigid Pavement Slab Subjected to Moving Vehicle Loads -- The Route Guidance Arithmetic for IPGS Influenced by Dynamic Factors -- Optimal Location of Park and Ride Facility -- Hybrid Algorithm to Minimize Total Weighted Wait-Time of Ships for Navigation Co-Scheduling in the Three Gorges Project -- Active Development Strategy of Urban Public Transportation Based on the Marketing Management Theory -- QFD-Based Decision-Making Method on Urban Public Car Park Location -- Reliability-Based Program Study of RC Beams Strengthened with CFRP -- Empirical Research on Road Transportation Regional Classification -- Indirect Benefits of ITS Projects in China -- Role and Position of ETT in the Future Comprehensive Transportation System -- The Evaluation and Control of Environment Vibration Induced by Underground Railway -- Operating Efficiency of China Civil Airports Based on Malmquist TFP Index -- A Kind of JIT Information System of Load and Empty Matching -- Optimization Research on Transfer between Urban Subway and Bus Based on the Adjacency Matrix -- Spatiotemporal Data Model on Urban Road Traffic Network under Adverse Weather Conditions -- Traction Grade and Starting/Breaking Distance in LIM Wheel/Rail Transit System -- Task Scheduling and Routing Optimization for AGVs Based on Intelligent Multi-Agent Technologies in Tobacco AS/RS -- Input-Output Model for Forecasting the Interregional Freight Volume -- Real-Time Optimization Supervisory Control of HEV Powertrain -- Intelligent Marine Traffic System Architecture for Changjiang River -- The Eye Tracking and Driving Behavior -- A Model for Intelligent Supply Chain Based on All Set Theory -- A Meta-Heuristics Algorithm for Train-Set Crew Scheduling -- Deformation of Permafrost Yard-and-Station Roadbed for Qinghai-Tibet Railway -- Improved EOQ Model for Items with Weibull Distribution Deterioration -- Tackling the Bad Geology and High Retaining-Wall Disasters of Highway in a Comprehensive Way:Using "Concrete Slab and Prestressed Anchor Stay" Technique -- Hybrid Electric City Bus Control Strategy Based on Driving Cycle -- Evaluating Study on Road Danger Based on Amending of Danger Coefficient Method -- Application of Virtualization Technology in Railway Informatization -- Port Construction Investment with Game Theory -- The Self-Organization Mechanism of Urban Passenger Traffic System Evolving -- Prediction of Traffic Flow Based on Gray Theory and BP Neural Network -- Speed Estimation on Freeways Using Floating Cars Equipped with GPS Receivers -- Supplier Selection Based on the Combination of Entropy Weight and TOPSIS -- Equivalent Principle of Temperature-Aging for Asphalt Mixture Based on Creep Test -- Cellular Automata Model for Two-Lane Traffic Flow Simulation -- Characteristics of the Regional Tourism Transport Network:Taking the Tourism Region along the Yangtze River as an Example -- Spread Characteristic and Economic Contribution of Waterway Transport Industry of Liaoning Province -- Left-Turn Gap Acceptance Behavior of Tee Type of Unsignalized Intersection -- Numerical Computation and Analysis on Dynamic Pore Water Pressure in Asphalt Pavement -- Simulation Computation and Experimental Investigation on Inflatable Rubber Boat Based on Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis -- The Costing Principle, Step, Model and Application of Activity Based Costing in Logistics Enterprises -- Law of Traffic Accidents in China -- Macroscopic Evaluation Model of Urban Transportation Network Based on GIS and GPS -- The Application Research of Double-Layer Programming Model for the Location Selection of Logistics Center -- Bicycle Traffic on Bicycle Lane: Characteristics and Influences on Motorized Vehicle Traffic -- Distribution Analysis of Railway Stations Dealing with Refrigeration Containers Based on Information Entropy -- The Management and Issuance of Electronic Navigational Chart in Marine Spatial Information Platform -- Zonal Absorption Capacity and Service Level of Urban Road Networks -- Model and Ant Colony Optimization Algorithms for Railway Empty Wagons Distribution -- Application of Entropy-DEA Method on the Comprehensive Evaluation for Urban Rail Transportation Planning -- Effect of Subsidy Policy on Technical Efficiency: An Empirical Study of China's Urban Public Transportation -- Less-Than-Volume Container Loading Problem of Single Size Boxes -- Group Decision Model of Intelligent Traffic Integrated Information Platform Based on Multi-Agent Technique -- Suitable Road Framework of Chengdu City -- Accessibility of the Staggered Shifts Policy -- Measuring the Operational Efficiency of the Six Airlines in China -- A Coordination Model for Seaports and Its Application in the Beibu Bay Area -- ANSYS Based Numerical Simulation Study of Stone Arch Bridge Construction -- Numerical Simulation Research of Stone Arch Bridges under Moving Load -- Modeling Unsignalized Crossing Behavior of Pedestrian Based on Cellular Automa and Application -- Supply-Demand Crisis of Public Transport in Pakistan -- The Analysis of the Influences of the Double Parking Vehicles to the General Traffic Flow -- Profit Optimization for Container Carriers -- Evaluating Economic Analysis Alternatives in the Transportation Decision Making Process -- Attitudes and Concerns of Drivers with Respect to School Zone Safety and Speed Compliance: Results of an Opinion Survey of Drivers -- Analyze Bus Delay Severity Using Ordered Probit Model -- Third Part Reverse Logistic Process Modeling Based on ARIS -- Database Design of Railway Passenger Train Plan Decision Support System -- Application of LBS Technology for ITS -- Evacuation Model and Algorithms for Emergency Management System -- Allocation of the Joint Distribution Cost.
Multi-Generation Compete Genetic Algorithms and Its Application in Vehicle Routing Problem -- A Dynamic Transportation Organize Method Based on the Integrated Operation of Traffic Guidance and Traffic Control -- A Quick Map Matching Algorithm for Train Locating Based on Grid Partition -- A Simulation Model for Strategies of Vehicle Weight Regulation Using System Dynamics -- Optimized Adhesion Control of Electric Locomotives Based on Wavelet Analysis and Cloud Model -- Analysis of Profit Distribution Mechanism between Virtual Supply Chain Partners -- Simulation and Analysis in Hazardous Materials Transportation Based on Risk -- An Augmented Lagrangian Dual Algorithm for Multiple Vehicle Stochastic User Equilibrium Path Flow Estimator -- MAS and AIS Based Vessel Automatic Collision Avoidance System -- Setting Price to Railway Passenger Ticket -- Analysis and Prediction of Capacity Considering the Advanced Technique of Automobiles -- Three-Dimensional Loading Optimization Problem of Freight Transshipment in Multimodal Transportation -- System Planning for External Passenger Transport Hub Connection -- Dynamic Simulation of the Transportation System in Large-Scale Hydraulic Engineering Construction -- Railway Passenger Station Daily Traffic Working Plan Automation -- The Service in the Originating Station Based on the Randomness Analysis -- The Automatic Search of Pavement Surface Distress Image Based on On-Line Learning -- The Regional Economic Impact of the Cross-Strait Projects : Taking Qiongzhou Channel as an Instance -- The Application Norm Research to the Digital Signature Technology of the Hospital Information System -- Performance Evaluation on Waterproofing Materials Applied to Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck Pavement -- Taicang Terminal's Logistics Competitiveness: SWOT Analysis and Implications -- Forecasting Tourist Aviation Passenger Flows in Sichuan Province -- Ionospheric Effects on GPS Navigation in Low-Latitude Area -- Forecast of Railway Passenger Transportation on Economy's Influence -- The Intellectual Capital Impacts on Logistics Business Performance -- Application of Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering Arithmetic in Ship Fault Diagnosis -- Effects of Mud Content on the Strength and Dry-Shrinkage Performance of HAS-Modified Aggregate -- The Application of Combined Forecast Method in Predicting Freight Volume of Railway -- Safety Evaluation and Weight of Container Logistic System in Ports -- Transportation Modes Competitiveness Evaluation of Passenger Corridor -- Set Pair and Extension Based Intelligent Transportation Controller: SpETCer and its Application -- On Chinese Railway Transport Corporate Cultural Construction -- Mode Classification Based on Decision-Tree-Based Support Vector Machine in the Inventory Control -- An Empirical Study on the Customer Perceived Risks of Third Party Logistics Service -- The Drivers' Reaction Characteristics at Sites with Promise on Secondary Road in Plain Area -- The Intelligentized Rail-Highway Model -- Traffic Environment with Fractal Theory -- Urban Road Proportion in Grades Based on Vehicle Trip Distance-Turnover Coupling Mechanism -- Optimization System of Linear Traffic Control with Transverse Interference Amendment -- The Relationship of Urbanization and the Development of Transportation Industry: A New Analytical Approach from New Classical Economics -- Development of China's Railway Electrification Evolution and Prospect -- Model of Rural Intersection Traffic Safety Evaluation -- Method of Spare Parts Inventory Management Based on Reliability -- Logistics Demand Forecast Based on Gray System Theory -- Implementation and Validity of the Free Flow Speed Model of on Freeway -- Road Freight Virtual Enterprise Organization Based on Swarm Intelligence -- On Fractal Behavior of Road Surface Roughness -- Design and Research on the Comprehensive Information System of Railway Large-Scale Passenger Station Based on the COM Technology -- The Measurement of Critical Gap of Return Headway on Chinese Two-Lane Highway Using Passing Experiment -- Fare Distribution Method Based on Travel Choice for Urban Rail Transit -- Void Identifying of Concrete Pavement Slab Based on Integrated Neural Networks -- Application of Principle of Regional Coordination in Economy & Social Development Plan -- Identification of Safety Speed on Urban Arterial Roads Based on Traffic Conflict Technique -- Optimum Model for the Layout Scheme of Traffic-Information Obtaining Stations in Highway Network -- Safety Assessing Method for Signal Controlled Intersections of Urban Road -- Integration of Forward and Reverse Logistics at the Vehicle Routing Level -- Decision Optimization of Pavement Maintenance Management for Regional Expressway Network -- The Application of SP(G+I+E+C+D+M+J) in ITS -- A Hybrid Method Based on Chaotic Phase Space Restructuring and Comparability Principle for Railway Passenger Demand Forecasting -- Analysis of the Bayesian Game between Up-Stream Enterprise's Service Aware and Down-Stream Enterprise's Service Supply in Supply Chain -- Development of Logistics Joint Station at Chongqing Railway Terminal -- Modeling Interference of Bicycles on the Right-Turning Vehicles at Signalized Intersections Based on Mechanism Approach -- Analyse and Study of Freeway Traffic Accidents -- "Three-Dimensional" Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation and Selection of the Currency Channel Members -- A Traffic Assignment Algorithm to Obtain Path Flow Information Based on Link Analysis -- Bus Dispatching at Transfer Station Using Genetic Tabu Search Algorithm -- Wavelet-Chaotic Integration-Based Forecasting for Short-Term Traffic Flow -- Supply Chain Coordination in the Perspective of Cost Management -- City Logistics Layout Plan Based on Rough Set Theory -- Taxonomy and Hotspots: Review of Logistics Research -- Transportation Planning Model Aid Design System -- Intelligent Transportation System Based on Dynamic GIS -- Modeling and Its Analysis on the Gross Cargo Throughput -- Logistics Field Theory and Model -- Application of PPP Mode in Rail Transit Field of China -- Urban Traffic Integrated Service Information System -- The Public Transportation Optimum Route Algorithm Based on Network Changes -- Intelligent Speed Adaptation Impact of Driving Safety -- Model and Algorithms for Trip Optimization of Uncertain Network -- A New Video-Based Approach to Extract Traffic State Parameters for Traffic Surveillance -- Uncertainty of Large Scale Project Logistics Based on the Decision Network Planning Technique -- Location Model for Double-Hierarchy Distribution Network -- The Evaluation Study of Logistics Services Performance in the Process of New Fashioned Industrialization -- The Traffic Impact Forecast of a Proposed Constructive Project and Simulation Analysis -- The Design and Realization of Multi-Scale Navigation Electronic Map -- The Relationship Study of the Logistics and Economy in the Resource Depending City:Neoclassical Frameworks -- Emergency Treatment Assistant Decision System of Urban Rail Transit.
Research and Implementation of the Operatable Virtual Models of Hoisting and Conveying Machinery -- The Application of Optimum Service Rate in Highway Charging System -- An Optimized Model of Shiplock Scheduling on the "Unpredictable/Single Line" Condition -- The Existing Problems and New Methods of the Net Programming for Reverse Supply Chain -- Vehicle Scheduler in City Logistics under Uncertain Traffic -- Application of Genetic Algorithms in Supply Chain Platform Products Design -- The Theory Model of Urban Roundabouts' Capacity -- Train-Set Adjustment Scheduling of Passenger Traffic Special Line Optimization Study -- Effect of Changing Cross-Section Dimension of Speed Bumps on Impact Applied to Pavement and Vehicles -- Research on Operating Security of Electric Railway Based on Harmonic Suppression of Traction Power -- Research on the Evolution Trend of Urban Public Passenger Transport Structure -- Scatter Search Algorrithm to Multiple Container Loading Problem -- Study on Management of the Overload Transportation Without Car Stopping -- Study on Dynamic Pricing Model of Deteriorating Items Based on Revenue Management -- Application of Genetic Local Search Algorithm to Location-Allocation Problem in Reverse Logistics Network -- Study on the Measurement Systems and Implementation Methods of Strategic Supplier's Core Competence under Supply Chain Management -- Simulating Analysis on the Excavation and Lining of Twin-Arched Tunnel -- Congestion Pricing Strategy Research under No-Wardrop-Equilibrium Principle -- Nonlinear Analysis of Joint in Roadbed Based on Infinite Element Theory -- Experimental Study on Bearing Features of Bored Pile under Non-Refreezing Condition in Permafrost Region -- Study on the Choice of Train Operation Adjustment Based on Cross DEA -- The Research of Logistics Information Classifying Coding Based on the Information Coding Technology of Hull Structure -- Research on the Form of Olympic Logistics and Industrialization -- A Review of the Relationship between Driving Speed and Traffic Safety -- Supply Chain Structure Optimization Based on Risk Management -- Humanized Design of Urban Traffic Infrastructure -- Evaluation of Mass Transit Transfer Hub Based on Improved Gray Cluster Evaluation -- A Synthetic Method to Estimate WLC of High-Tech Railway Projects Based on CS, FC, GM and Delphi Methods -- A Study on Tourism Information and Self-Driving Tour Traffic -- Research on Train Density of Passenger Dedicated Line -- Designing a Coordinating Framework of Emergency Management for 3PLS Based on Agent -- URT Plan Integrated with Urban Planning Based on Yizhuang's TOD Research -- Dealing with Stochastic Dependence in the Modeling of Train Delays and Delay Propagation -- Information Environment for Flying Operation of Modern Large Transport Aircraft -- Traffic Volume Composite-Forecast Based on Grey Relation Projection Method -- Urban Transit Route Network Design Problem using Tabu Search Algorithm -- The Impact of Railway Location on Ecology Environment -- The Finance Ability Research of Expressway in China -- Security Problems and Solutions for Internet-Based EDI -- Analysis of Travel Mode Choices for KTX Service Access : A Case Study at Iksan Railway Station of Korea -- Stochastic Static Wagon-Flow Allocation Model in a Marshalling Station -- Models and Algorithm for Rough Solid Transportation Problem -- Automated Traffic Pattern Identification Algorithms for Freeways Based on 3GS Technologies -- The Quantitative Analysis and Empirical Research on Choosing the Inland Transportation Mode -- Models and Genetic Algorithms for the Optimal Riding Routes in Railway Passenger Transport -- Efficient Methods for Evaluating the Reliability of Railroad Network Carrying Capacity -- A Service Oriented Urban Traffic Simulation Platform on Grid -- Road Traffic Safety Controlling System Based on ITS -- Intersection Traffic Channelization Mode Based on Harmonious Traffic -- Study on the Parameter Estimation in the Modal Demand Forecast Theory -- Special Function Analysis Method of Dynamic Response of Rigid Pavement under Vehicle Load -- A Multi-Objective Optimization VRP of Individual-Tourist Scattered Meeting -- Partitioning Model Construction of Centralized Sub-Areas in Regional Logistics -- Calculation Models of the Urban Traffic Environmental Carrying Capacity -- The Fuzzy Assessment of the Adaptability of Railway Transportation Capacity -- Experiment Analysing on Portrait Dynamics Performance of Transition Subgrade between Bridge and Tunnels on Ballastless Track -- A Novel Model of Coordinated Development of Integrated Transportation -- Modelling Issues on Traceability System in Food Supply Chain -- ABC Inventory Classification Based on Multicriteria Optimization -- Public Transport Service Level Influence on Travel Mode Choice -- Method to Estimate Traffic State by Using Real-Time GPS Vehicle Positioning Data -- System Analysis of Multifractal Structure in Expressway's Traffic Flux -- Routing of Trains between Parallel Railway Lines -- Experimental Research on Dynamic Properties of Fly Ash Soil and Silty Clay After Freeze-Thaw Cycling -- A Level of Service based Planning Model for Distribution Network Design -- An XML-Based Data Integration Method for Port Logistics Information System -- The Convergence of RFID with Wi-Fi and on the Applications in Logistics System -- Demarcating Location of Distribution Center -- Nano Particle Modified Bonding Agent for Concrete Repair -- Study on Analyzing and Optimizing the Business Process of Multimodal Transport -- A Study on Logistics Service Project Evaluation Based on Rough Set -- A Stochastic Frontier Model of the Productive Efficiency of Chinese Ports -- Inframarginal Analysis of Logistic Outsourcing -- Research on Section Division of Freeway with Ordinal Clustering Method -- A Research of Supplier Selection Based on Evidence Theory -- Study of Method on Parking Guidance Route Optimization Based on Parking Lot Choice -- Research on Optimization Model for Urban Underground Logistics System -- Cycle Track Networks Enhancing Social, Economic and Sustainable Development in Hong Kong -- Method for Carrying Capacity Based on Service Quality of Dedicated Passenger Line -- Distribution Characteristics of Passengers in Competing Mass Transit Systems -- Design and Control Mechanism of Cluster Supply Chain Risk System -- Performance Measurement for SCM Based on Balanced Score Card and Self-Adaptive RBF Neural Network.
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