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Dataller, Roger, 1892-1980 -- See Also Eaglestone, Arthur A. (Arthur Archibald), 1892-1980

Datalog 2010 (2010 : Oxford, England) : Main Stacks     
      Datalog reloaded : First International Workshop, Datalog 2010 Oxford, UK, March 16-19, 2010, revised /edited by Oege de Moor ... [et al.]. QA76.9.D34 D38 2010   BOOK 2011
Datalog (Workshop) (2012 : Vienna, Austria) : Main Stacks     
      Datalog in academia and industry : second international workshop, Datalog 2.0, Vienna, Austria, Sept /Pablo Barceló, Reinhard Pichler (eds.). QA76.9.D343 W67 2012   BOOK c2012
DataMod (Symposium) 2016 : Vienna, Austria) / (5th : jointly held conference. : Internet     
      Software technologies : applications and foundations : STAF 2016 Collocated workshops: DataMod, GCM, /Paolo MIlazzo, Dániel Varró, Manuel Wimmer (eds.). QA76.751   E-BOOK 2016
Datamonitor (Firm)    
      AC drives in Asia-Pacific /[electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK4058.A23 A78   E-PERIODICAL 2003-
      AC drives in Europe /[electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK4058.A23 E85   E-PERIODICAL 2003-
      AC drives in France /[electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK4058.A23 F8   E-PERIODICAL 2003-
      AC drives in Germany /[electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK4058.A23 G3   E-PERIODICAL 2003-
3302 additional entries    
Datan, Nancy.    
      Life-span developmental psychology : intergenerational relations /edited by Nancy Datan, Anita L. Greene, Hayne W. Reese. BF712.5 .L52 1986   BOOK 1986
      Life-span developmental psychology : intergenerational relations /edited by Nancy Datan, Anita L. Greene, Hayne W. Reese. BF712.5 .L52 1986eb   E-BOOK 1986
      Life-span developmental psychology, normative life crises : [papers] /edited by Nancy Datan and Leon H. Ginsberg ; contributors, Gary L. Albrecht ... [et al.]. BF712 .L537 1974   BOOK 1975
      A time to reap : the middle age of women in five Israeli subcultures /Nancy Datan, Aaron Antonovsky, Benjamin Maoz. HQ1728.5 .D37   BOOK c1981
      Transitions of aging : [proceedings] /edited by Nancy Datan and Nancy Lohmann. HQ1064.U5 W47 1979   BOOK 1980

Datapro (Firm) -- See Datapro Research Corporation


Information technology solutions -- See Information technology solutions

Datapro Research Corporation.    
      All about personal computers. QA76.5 .A374 1981 f   BOOK 1981
      All about small business computers. HF5548.2 .D29 1981 f   BOOK c1981
      All about word processors /Datapro Research Corporation. HF5679 .D373   BOOK c1981
      Management guidelines for office automation. HF5547.A3 D37 f   BOOK c1978

Datapro Research Group -- See Also Datapro Research Corporation

Datar, Gaurav. / Editor. : Internet     
      Moodle administration : an administrator's guide to configuring, securing, customizing, and extendin /Alex Büchner ; technical editor, Gaurav Datar. LB1028.68 .B83 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
Datar, Radhika, author. : Internet     
      Hands-On Exploratory Data Analysis with R /Datar, Radhika.   E-BOOK 2019
Datar, Radhika, speaker. : Internet     
      TensorFlow 2.0 new features /Radhika Datar. Q325.5   STREAMING VIDEO 2019
Datar, Ram, editor. : Internet     
      Circulating tumor cells /Richard J. Cote, Ram H. Datar, editors. RC269.5eb   E-BOOK 2016
Datar, Srikant M.    
      Cost accounting : a managerial emphasis /Charles T. Horngren, George Foster, Srikant M. Datar. HF5686.C8 H59 2000   BOOK c2000
      Cost accounting : a managerial emphasis /Charles T. Horngren, Srikant M. Datar, Madhav V. Rajan. HF5686.C8 H59 2012   BOOK c2012
      Managerial accounting : making decisions and motivating performance /Srikant M. Datar, Madhav Rajan. HF5657.4 .D37 2014   BOOK 2014
      Rethinking the MBA : business education at a crossroads /Srikant M. Datar, David A. Garvin, Patrick G. Cullen. HF1131 .D38 2010   BOOK c2010
Datar, Srikant M., author. : Main Stacks     
      Cost accounting : a managerial emphasis /Charles T. Horngren, Stanford University, Srikant M. Datar, Harvard University, Madhav V. Rajan, Stan HF5686.C8 H59 2015   BOOK 2015
Datas, Alejandro. : Internet     
      Ultra-high temperature thermal energy storage, transfer and conversion /edited by Alejandro Datas. TJ260eb   E-BOOK 2021
DataStar (Firm) : Media and Microforms     
      World War I the complete story /[videorecording] : produced by CBS News ; Datastar presents ; an MM & V Marathon Music & Video Presen D521 .W665 2008   VIDEO c2008
DataTech (Firm)    
      5th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks, October 16-18, 1996, Rockville /co-sponsored by DataTech and NASA ; technical co-sponsorship by IEEE Communication Society ; in coope TK5105.5 .I58 1996   BOOK c1996
      Proceedings /[electronic resource] / International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks. TK5105.5 .I584   E-PERIODICAL  
DATATECH Publications (Firm) : Main Stacks     
      Mastering the Macintosh toolbox /David B. Peatroy and DATATECH Publications. QA76.8.M3 P43 1986   BOOK c1986
  Datcher, Linda -- 2 Related Authors    
Datcher-Loury, Linda. : Main Stacks     
      Black women in the labor force /Phyllis A. Wallace, with Linda Datcher and Julianne Malveaux. HD6057.5.U5 W34   BOOK c1980
Datcher, Michael, 1967- author. : Main Stacks     
      Animating black and brown liberation : a theory of American literatures /Michael Datcher. PS169.L5 D38 2019   BOOK 2019

DATCP -- See Wisconsin. Dept. of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection


DATE -- See Design, Automation, and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition


Date, A. W. (Anwil Waman) -- See Date, Anil W. (Anil Waman)

Date, Anil W. (Anil Waman) : Main Stacks     
      Introduction to computational fluid dynamics /Anil W. Date. TA357 .D364 2005   BOOK c2005

Date, Anil Waman -- See Date, Anil W. (Anil Waman)

Date-Bah, Eugenia. : Main Stacks     
      Promoting gender equality at work : turning vision into reality for the twenty-first century /edited by Eugenia Date-Bah ; a study prepared for the International Labour Office within the framewor HD6053 .P654 1997   BOOK 1997
Date, C. J.    
      Database, a primer /C.J. Date. QA 76.9 .D3D366 1983   BOOK 1983
      Database design and relational theory : normal forms and all that jazz /A C.J. Date master class. QA76.9.D26   STREAMING VIDEO 2012
      Database design and relational theory : normals forms and all that jazz /C.J. Date. QA76.9.D3eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Database in depth : relational theory for practitioners /C.J. Date. QA76.9.D3 D384 2005   BOOK c2005
29 additional entries    
Date, C. J., author.    
      Database design and relational theory : normal forms and all that jazz /C.J. Date. QA76.9.D3 D383 2019eb   E-BOOK 2019
      The new relational database dictionary : a comprehensive glossary of concepts arising in connection /C.J. Date. QA76.9.D3eb   E-BOOK 2016
      Time and relational theory : temporal databases in the relational model and SQL /C.J Date, Hugh Darwen, Nikos A. Lorentzos. QA76.9.D3eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Type inheritance and relational theory : subtypes, supertypes, and substitutability : inheritance in /C.J. Date. QA76.9.D3eb   E-BOOK 2016
      What is database design, anyway? /C.J. Date. QA76.9.D26eb   E-BOOK 2015
Date, C. J., on-screen presenter.    
      The closed world assumption /C.J. Date. TK7868.L6   STREAMING VIDEO 2014
      An introductory to set theory /C.J. Date. QA248   STREAMING VIDEO 2014
      Nullology /C.J. Date. ZA4460   STREAMING VIDEO 2014
      Nulls, three-valued logic, and missing information /C.J. Date. TK7868.L6   STREAMING VIDEO 2014
2 additional entries    
Date, C. J., on-screen speaker. : Internet     
      Type inheritance and relational theory /Chris Date. QA76.9.D3   STREAMING VIDEO 2017

Date, Chris -- See Date, C. J.


DATE-Conference -- See DATE (1998 : Paris, France)


DATE-Conference (1998 : Paris, France) -- See Also the later heading Design, Automation, and Test in Europe Conference and Exhibition

Date, Eiji, singer. : Internet     
      Symphony no. 8 /Mahler.   STREAMING AUDIO 2008?
Date, Ghanashyam, author. : Internet     
      General relativity : basics and beyond /Ghanashyam Date. QC173.6 .D38 2015eb   E-BOOK 2015

Date, M. (Muneyuki), 1929- -- See Date, Muneyuki, 1929-

Date, Mizuki. / Vocalist. : Internet     
      Don Bucefalo /[electronic resource] / Antonio Cagnoni.   STREAMING AUDIO 2009
Date, Muneyuki, 1929- : Main Stacks     
      High field magnetism : proceedings of the International Symposium on High Field Magnetism, Osaka, Ja /edited by M. Date. QC750 .I57 1982   BOOK 1983
Date, Paresh. : Internet     
      Nonlinear estimation : methods and applications with deterministic sample points /Shovan Bhaumik, Paresh Date. QA276.8 .B43 2020eb   E-BOOK 2020
Dateline Productions.    
      Boys will be men /[electronic resource] / Bullfrog films presents ; a Moira Productions film in association with Dateli BF692.5 .B69 2001   STREAMING VIDEO 2001
      Boys will be men /Bullfrog films presents ; a Moira Productions film in association with Dateline Productions ; written BF692.5 .B69 2015   STREAMING VIDEO 2015
      A dream in Hanoi /Bullfrog Films ; Moira and Dateline Productions present ; a Tom Weidlinger film ; produced, written & PN2889.87.H25 D74 2016   STREAMING VIDEO 2016
      Elder care the Swedish choice /[videorecording] : produced by Dateline Productions, Inc. HV1455.2.S8 E4 1990   VIDEO c1990
2 additional entries    
Dater, Alan. : Media and Microforms     
      Home to Tibet /[videorecording] / a Marlboro production ; produced by Alan Dater & Lisa Merton ; written & directed DS786 .H58 2000   VIDEO 2000?
Dater, Brenda. : Internet     
      Parenting without Panic : a Pocket Support Group for Parents of Children and Teens on the Autism Spe RJ506.A9eb   E-BOOK 2014
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