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100 1  Hou, Zhongsheng,|eauthor. 
245 10 Model Free Adaptive Control :|bTheory and Applications. 
260    |bCRC Press [Imprint],|cAug. 2013 ;|aAbingdon :|bTaylor & 
       Francis Group. 
300    1 online resource (399 pages) :|billustrations 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Introduction; Model-Based Control; Data-Driven Control; 
       Preview of the Book; Recursive Parameter Estimation for 
       Discrete-Time Systems; Introduction; Parameter Estimation 
       Algorithm for Linearly Parameterized Systems; Parameter 
       Estimation Algorithm for Nonlinearly Parameterized 
       Systems; Conclusions; Dynamic Linearization Approach of 
       Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems; Introduction; SISO 
       Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems; MIMO Discrete-Time 
       Nonlinear Systems; Conclusions; Model-Free Adaptive 
       Control of SISO Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems; 
       Introduction; CFDL Data Model Based MFAC; PFDL Data Model 
       Based MFAC; FFDL Data Model Based MFAC; Conclusions; Model
       -Free Adaptive Control of MIMO Discrete-Time Nonlinear 
       Systems; Introduction; CFDL Data Model Based MFAC; PFDL 
       Data Model Based MFAC; FFDL Data Model Based MFAC; 
       Conclusions; Model-Free Adaptive Predictive. 
505 0  Control; Introduction; CFDL Data Model Based MFAPC; PFDL 
       Data Model Based MFAPC; FFDL Data Model Based MFAPC; 
       Conclusions; Model-Free Adaptive Iterative Learning 
       Control; Introduction; CFDL Data Model Based MFAILC; 
       Conclusions; Model-Free Adaptive Control for Complex 
       Connected Systems and Modularized Controller Design; 
       Introduction; MFAC for Complex Connected Systems; 
       Modularized Controller Design; Conclusions; Robustness of 
       Model-Free Adaptive Control; Introduction; MFAC in the 
       Presence of Output Measurement Noise; MFAC in the Presence
       of Data Dropouts; Conclusions; Symmetric Similarity for 
       Control System Design; Introduction; Symmetric Similarity 
       for Adaptive Control Design; Similarity between MFAC and 
       MFAILC; Similarity between Adaptive Control and Iterative 
       Learning Control; Conclusions; Applications; Introduction;
       Three-Tank Water System; Permanent Magnet Linear Motor; 
505 0  Traffic System; Welding Process; MW Grade Wind Turbine; 
       Conclusions; Conclusions and Perspectives; Conclusions; 
       Perspectives; References. 
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520 8  Annotation|bModel Free Adaptive Control (MFAC) is a novel 
       data driven adaptive control method which is quite 
       different from the traditional model based adaptive 
       control. Traditional control methods are applied based on 
       models, but modeling processes can become more and more 
       difficult as system size and complexity grow. Models can 
       also bring accuracy problems, and lack flexibility to deal
       with different systems. MFAC will enable readers to take 
       advantage of the huge amount of process data of modern 
       industrial systems and use them to control the process and
       system effectively. 
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       and UK copyright law currently in force.|5WlAbNL 
650  0 Adaptive control systems. 
700 1  Jin, Shangtai,|eauthor. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aHou, Zhongsheng.|tModel Free Adaptive 
       Control : Theory and Applications.|dBosa Roca : CRC Press,
856 40 |uhttps://go.oreilly.com/univ-texas-ep/library/view/-/
       9781466594197/?ar|zTo access this resource 
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