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245 00 Nothingness in Asian Philosophy /|cedited by Jeeloo Liu, 
       Douglas L. Berger. 
260    Hoboken :|bTaylor and Francis,|c2014. 
300    1 online resource (386 pages) 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Contributors; 
       Introduction: Conceptions of Nothingness in Asian 
       Philosophy; PART I Emptiness in Brāhminịcal and Early 
       Buddhist Traditions; 1 The Unavoidable Void: Nonexistence,
       Absence, and Emptiness; 2 Semantics of Nothingness: 
       Bhartrḥari's Philosophy of Negation; 3 Madhyamaka, 
       Nihilism, and the Emptiness of Emptiness; 4 In Search of 
       the Semantics of Emptiness; 5 Madhyamaka Emptiness and 
       Buddhist Ethics; 6 Emptiness and Violence: An Unexpected 
       Encounter of Nāgārjuna with Derrida and Levinas; 7 
       Speaking of the Ineffable ... 
505 8  8 Emptiness as Subject-Object Unity: Sengzhao on the Way 
       Things Truly Are9 On Nothing in Particular: Delimiting Not
       -Being for Knowing's Sake; 10 The Cognition of Nonexistent
       Objects: Five Yogācāra Arguments; PART II Nothingness in 
       Early and Modern East Asian Traditions; 11 The Notion of 
       Wu or Nonbeing as the Root of the Universe and a Guide for
       Life; 12 The Relation of Nothing and Something: Two 
       Classical Chinese Readings of Daodejing 11; 13 Was There 
       Something in Nothingness? The Debate on the Primordial 
       State between Daoism and Neo-Confucianism. 
505 8  14 Heart-Fasting, Forgetting, and Using the Heart Like a 
       Mirror: Applied Emptiness in the Zhuangzi15 Embodying 
       Nothingness and the Ideal of the Affectless Sage in Daoist
       Philosophy; 16 Nothingness in Korean Buddhism: The 
       Struggle against Nihilism; 17 Zen, Philosophy, and 
       Emptiness: Dōgen and the Deconstruction of Concepts; 18 
       Anontology and the Issue of Being and Nothing in Kitarō 
       Nishida; 19 Tanabe's Dialectic of Species as Absolute 
       Nothingness; 20 Nishitani on Emptiness and Nothingness; 
       Bibliography; Index. 
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520    A variety of crucial and still most relevant ideas about 
       nothingness or emptiness have gained profound 
       philosophical prominence in the history and development of
       a number of South and East Asian traditions-including in 
       Buddhism, Daoism, Neo-Confucianism, Hinduism, Korean 
       philosophy, and the Japanese Kyoto School. These 
       traditions share the insight that in order to explain both
       the great mysteries and mundane facts about our experience,
       ideas of ""nothingness"" must play a primary role. This 
       collection of essays brings together the work of twenty of
       the world's prominent. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Philosophy, Asian. 
650  0 Nothing (Philosophy) 
700 1  Liu, JeeLoo. 
700 1  Berger, Douglas L.,|d1970- 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aLiu, JeeLoo.|tNothingness in Asian 
       Philosophy.|dHoboken : Taylor and Francis, ©2014
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