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111 2  International Symposium on Systematic Approaches to 
       Environmental Sustainability in Transportation|d(2015 :
       |cFairbanks, Alaska) 
245 10 Environmental sustainability in transportation 
       infrastructure :|bselected papers from the International 
       Symposium on Systematic Approaches to Environmental 
       Sustainability in Transportation, August 2-5, 2015, 
       Fairbanks, Alaska /|csponsored by the Center for 
       Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in Cold 
       Climates, the Construction Institute of the American 
       Society of Civil Engineers, Transportation Research Board,
       Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, China ; 
       editors, Jenny Liu, Ph. D., P.E., Sheng Zhao, Ph. D., Peng
       Li, Ph. D. 
264  1 Reston, Virginia :|bAmerican Society of Civil Engineers,
264  4 |c©2015 
300    1 online resource (vii, 292 pages) :|bcolor illustrations 
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504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0  Green Stormwater Infrastructure Strategies for Airports : 
       Challenges and Opportunities -- Determination of Ground 
       Water Resources in Elekuro and Environs, Abeokuta : Using 
       the Geoelectric Method (Vertical Electrical Sounding) -- 
       Quality Control of Precipitation Data for Wet Pavement 
       Accident Analysis -- Extended Performance of Media Filter 
       Drains : New Media -- Tack Coat's Vital Role in Assuring 
       Optimal Flexible Pavement Performance -- Managing Metallic
       Corrosion on Winter Maintenance Equipment Assets -- 
       Introduction of a Chemical Grouting Method for the Crack 
       Repairing of Asphalt Pavements -- An Experimental Study on
       the Repair of Deteriorated Concrete by the Electrochemical
       Deposition Method -- Field Evaluation of Precut Thermal 
       Cracks in an AC Pavement in Alaska -- Improved User 
       Experience and Scientific Understanding of Anti-Icing and 
       Pre-Wetting for Winter Roadway Maintenance in North 
       America -- Crack Surveying Methods to Evaluate Sealing 
       Practice in Alaska -- Sustainable Construction in Remote 
       Cold Regions : Methods and Knowledge Transfer -- Snow and 
       Ice Control Environmental Best Management Practices -- 
       Experimental Study of a Snow Melting System : State-of-
       Practice Deicing Technology -- The Current Status of 
       Roadways Solar Power Technology : A Review -- Life Cycle 
       Assessment Synthesis for a Volume of Lubricating Oil in 
       Marine Applications -- Assessment of Life Cycle Energy 
       Saving and Carbon Reduction of Using Reclaimed Asphalt 
       Concrete -- Life-Cycle Performance of Concrete Bridge 
       Decks Exposed to Deicer Environments : A New Risk Rating 
       Method -- Environmental and Energy Concerns for a Life 
       Cycle Analysis of Transportation Systems -- Impacts of 
       Specialized Hauling Vehicles on Highway Infrastructure, 
       the Economy, and Safety : Renewed Perspective -- Review on
       the Toxicological Effects of Chloride-Based Deicers : 
       Impacted Environments and Assessment Methods -- Water 
       Quality Implications and the Toxicological Effects of 
       Chloride-Based Deicers. 
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588 0  Online resource; title from PDF title page (ASCE Library, 
       viewed July 31, 2015). 
650  0 Transportation engineering|vCongresses. 
650  0 Sustainable engineering|vCongresses. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast
700 1  Liu, Jenny|c(Civil engineer),|eeditor. 
700 1  Zhao, Sheng|c(Writer on pavements),|eeditor. 
700 1  Li, Peng,|eeditor. 
700 1  Center for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation in 
       Cold Climates,|esponsoring body. 
710 2  Construction Institute,|esponsoring body. 
710 2  National Research Council (U.S.).|bTransportation Research
       Board,|esponsoring body. 
710 2  American Society of Civil Engineers,|eissuing body. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aLiu, Jenny.|tEnvironmental 
       Sustainability in Transportation Infrastructure.|dReston :
       ASCE, ©2015 
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