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100 1  Liu, Jihui 
245 10 East-Asian Marxisms and Their Trajectories. 
260    Florence :|bTaylor and Francis,|c2017. 
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490 1  Interventions 
500    Conclusion: materialist dialectic as immanent critique. 
505 0  East-Asian Marxisms and Their Trajectories- Front Cover; 
       East-Asian Marxisms and Their Trajectories; Title Page; 
       Copyright Page; Contents; Notes on contributors; 
       Acknowledgments; Introduction: Marxism, space, time and 
       East Asia; Perspectives of capital: universality, 
       particularity and temporality; Trajectories of Marxisms in
       Japan, China and Korea; PART I: Perspectives of capital: 
       universality, particularity and temporality; Chapter 1: 
       Deprovincializing Marx: reflections on a cultural 
       dominant; The shadow of history; Time and history; Toward 
       world history; Notes. 
505 8  Chapter 2: Marx, temporality and modernityToward a renewed
       encounter with Marx; Theoretical implications of global 
       transformations; Temporality and labor; Contradiction and 
       totality; Social form and subjectivity; Concluding 
       considerations; Notes; Chapter 3: Two kinds of new poor 
       and their future: the decline and reconfiguration of class
       politics and the politics of the new poor; The new poor 
       and the birth of the new workers; An indeterminate subject
       : migrant workers, the working class or new workers?; 
       Decreasing employment time, protecting legal rights and 
       political justice; Notes. 
505 8  Chapter 4: On the simultaneous world revolutionCounter-
       movements against the state; Kant's "Eternal Peace"; Kant 
       and Hegel; The gift and perpetual peace; The federation of
       nations as world-system; Notes; PART II: Trajectories of 
       Marxisms in Japan, China and Korea; Chapter 5: Historical 
       difference and the question of East-Asian Marxism; The 
       question of "East-Asian Marxism"; "Uneasy coexistence": 
       Japanese studies and the trope of adaptation; Chakrabarty 
       and the politics of "provincialization"; Historical 
       difference and the question of East-Asian Marxism(s); 
505 8  Chapter 6: Value without fetish: problematizing Uno Kōzō's
       reading of the value formWhat's labor got to do with it?; 
       The method and the object of the Critique of Political 
       Economy; Uno's understanding of the value form and 
       Kuruma's reply; Recapitulating value abstraction as 
       fetish; Final prospects: Karatani Kōjin as an heir to 
       Uno's emphasis on exchange; Notes; Chapter 7: Compradors: 
       the mediating middle of capitalism in twentieth-century 
       China and the world; The comprador in theory; Wang Yanan's
       theory of bureaucratic capitalism and the comprador in 
       1930s and 1940s China. 
505 8  The comprador as mediating middle of global 
       capitalismNotes; Chapter 8: "A vast crucible of electric 
       flame": Shanghai and the emergence of Chinese Marxism; The
       question of Soviet influence; Shanghai: the face of the 
       "old society"; The advent of the masses; Notes; Chapter 9:
       Paradoxical routes of the sinification of Marxism: 
       materialist dialectic and immanent critique; The question 
       of the sinification of Marxism; A project of 
       decolonization or a paradoxical-pathological turn?; One 
       divides into two and Mao's theory of contradiction; The 
       struggle between Confucianism and Legalism and its return.
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700 1  Murthy, Viren. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aLiu, Joyce C.H.|tEast-Asian Marxisms and
       Their Trajectories.|dFlorence : Taylor and Francis, ©2017
830  0 Interventions. 
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