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035    Springer Computer Science eBooks 2016 English+
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245 00 Wisdom web of things /|cNing Zhong, Jianhua Ma, Jiming Liu,
       Runhe Huang, Xiaohui Tao, editors. 
264  1 Switzerland :|bSpringer,|c2016. 
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490 1  Web information systems engineering and internet 
       technologies book series 
505 0  Research Challenges and Perspectives on Wisdom Web of 
       Things (W2T) -- WaaS -- Wisdom as a Service -- Towards W2T
       Foundations: Interactive Granular Computing and Adaptive 
       Judgement -- Towards a Situation-Aware Architecture for 
       the Wisdom Web of Things -- Context-Awareness in Autonomic
       Communication and in Accessing Web Information: Issues and
       Challenges -- Ontology-Based Model for Mining User's 
       Emotions on the Wisdom Web -- Wisdom as a Service for 
       Mental Health Care -- Leveraging Neurodata to Support Web 
       User Behavior Analysis -- W2T Framework Based U-pillbox 
       System towards U-healthcare for the Elderly -- Attention 
       Inspired Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Sensors in 
       Internet of Things -- Mining Multiplex Structural Patterns
       from Complex Networks -- Suitable Route Recommendation 
       Inspired by Cognition -- A Monitoring System for the 
       Safety of Building Structure Based on W2T Methodology -- 
       Brain Big Data in Wisdom Web of Things. 
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520    This book provides a thorough overview of the Wisdom Web 
       of Things (W2T), a holistic framework for computing and 
       intelligence in an emerging hyper-world with a social-
       cyber-physical space. Fast-evolving Web intelligence 
       research and development initiatives are now moving toward
       understanding the multifaceted nature of intelligence and 
       incorporating it at the Web scale in a ubiquitous 
       environment with data, connection and service explosion. 
       The book focuses on the framework and methodology of W2T, 
       as well as its applications in different problem domains, 
       such as intelligent businesses, urban computing, social 
       computing, brain informatics and healthcare. From the 
       researcher and developer perspectives, the book takes a 
       systematic, structured view of various W2T facets and 
       their overall contribution to the development of W2T as a 
       whole. Written by leading international researchers, this 
       book is an essential reference for researchers, educators,
       professionals, and tertiary HDR students working on the 
       World Wide Web, ubiquitous computing, knowledge management,
       and business intelligence. 
588 0  Online resource; title from PDF title page (SpringerLink, 
       viewed November 17, 2016). 
650  0 Artificial intelligence. 
650  0 Internet of things. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
700 1  Zhong, Ning,|d1956-|eeditor. 
700 1  Ma, Jianhua,|d1962-|eeditor. 
700 1  Liu, Jiming,|d1962-|eeditor. 
700 1  Huang, Runhe,|eeditor. 
700 1  Tao, Xiaohui,|eeditor. 
830  0 Web information systems engineering and Internet 
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       319-44198-6|zTo access this resource 
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