Author Guo, Boyun.
Title Petroleum production engineering / Boyun Guo, Xinghui Liu and Xuehao Tan.
Imprint Cambridge : Gulf Professional Publishing, 2017.


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Edition 2nd ed.
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Note 6.4.3 Multi-Stage-Fractured Horizontal Wells.
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Subject Petroleum engineering -- Data processing.
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Contents Front Cover; Petroleum Production Engineering; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; Preface; List of Symbols; Greek Symbols; I. Well Productivity; 1 Well Components; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Wellbore; 1.3 Wellhead; 1.4 Flowline; 1.5 Safety Control System; 1.6 Summary; References; Problems; 2 Properties of Petroleum Fluids; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Properties of Oil; 2.2.1 Solution Gas-Oil Ratio; 2.2.2 Density of Oil; 2.2.3 Formation Volume Factor of Oil; 2.2.4 Viscosity of Oil; 2.2.5 Oil Compressibility; 2.3 Properties of Natural Gas; 2.3.1 Specific Gravity of Gas.
2.3.2 Gas Pseudo-Critical Pressure and Temperature2.3.3 Viscosity of Gas; 2.3.4 Gas Compressibility Factor; 2.3.5 Density of Gas; 2.3.6 Formation Volume Factor of Gas; 2.3.7 Gas Compressibility; 2.4 Properties of Produced Water; 2.4.1 Density, Specific Gravity, and Salinity; 2.4.2 Water Viscosity; 2.4.3 Water Formation Volume Factor; 2.4.4 Water Compressibility; 2.5 Interfacial Tension; 2.6 Summary; References; Problems; 3 Reservoir Deliverability; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Vertical Wells; 3.2.1 Transient Flow; 3.2.2 Steady-State Flow; 3.2.3 Pseudo-Steady-State Flow.
3.2.4 Hydraulic-Fractured Wells3.3 Horizontal Wells; 3.3.1 Nonfractured Wells; 3.3.2 Single-Fractured Wells; 3.3.3 Multistage Fractured Wells; 3.4 Multilateral Wells; 3.5 Inflow Performance Relationship; 3.5.1 IPR for Single (Liquid)-Phase Reservoirs; 3.5.2 IPR for Two-Phase Reservoirs; 3.5.3 IPR for Partial Two-Phase Oil Reservoirs; 3.6 Construction of IPR Curves Using Test Points; 3.7 Composite IPR of Stratified Reservoirs; 3.7.1 Composite IPR Models; Single-Phase Liquid Flow; Two-Phase Flow; Partial Two-Phase Flow; 3.8 Future IPR; 3.8.1 Vogel's Method.
3.8.2 Fetkovich's Method3.9 Summary; References; Problems; 4 Wellbore Flow Performance; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Single-Phase Liquid Flow; 4.3 Single-Phase Gas Flow; 4.3.1 Average Temperature and Compressibility Factor Method; 4.3.2 Cullender and Smith Method; 4.3.3 Flow of Impure Gas; 4.4 Multiphase Flow in Oil Wells; 4.4.1 Flow Regimes; 4.4.2 Liquid Holdup; 4.4.3 TPR Models; Homogeneous-flow models; Separated-flow models; 4.5 Summary; References; Problems; 5 Choke Performance; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Sonic and Subsonic Flow; 5.3 Single-Phase Liquid Flow; 5.4 Single-Phase Gas Flow.
5.4.1 Subsonic Flow5.4.2 Sonic Flow; 5.4.3 Temperature at Choke; 5.4.4 Applications; 5.5 Multiphase Flow; 5.5.1 Critical (Sonic) Flow; 5.5.2 Subcriticai (Subsonic) Flow; 5.6 Summary; References; Problems; 6 Well Deliverability; 6.1 Introduction; 6.2 Principle of Nodal Analysis; 6.3 Deliverability of Vertical Wells; 6.3.1 Analysis With the Bottom-Hole Node; Gas well; Oil well; 6.3.2 Analysis With Wellhead Node; Gas well; Oil well; 6.4 Deliverability of Horizontal Wells; 6.4.1 Non-Fractured Horizontal Wells; 6.4.2 Single-Fractured Horizontal Wells.
Summary Petroleum Production Engineering, Second Edition, updates both the new and veteran engineer on how to employ day-to-day production fundamentals to solve real-world challenges with modern technology. Enhanced to include equations and references with today's more complex systems, such as working with horizontal wells, workovers, and an entire new section of chapters dedicated to flow assurance, this go-to reference remains the most all-inclusive source for answering all upstream and midstream production issues. Completely updated with five sections covering the entire production spectrum, including well productivity, equipment and facilities, well stimulation and workover, artificial lift methods, and flow assurance, this updated edition continues to deliver the most practical applied production techniques, answers, and methods for today's production engineer and manager. In addition, updated Excel spreadsheets that cover the most critical production equations from the book are included for download. Updated to cover today's critical production challenges, such as flow assurance, horizontal and multi-lateral wells, and workovers Guides users from theory to practical application with the help of over 50 online Excel spreadsheets that contain basic production equations, such as gas lift potential, multilateral gas well deliverability, and production forecasting Delivers an all-inclusive product with real-world answers for training or quick look up solutions for the entire petroleum production spectrum.
Other Author Liu, Xinghui.
Tan, Xuehao.
Other Title Print version: Guo, Boyun. Petroleum production engineering. 2nd ed. Cambridge : Gulf Professional Publishing, 2017 9780128093740