Title Micro- and nanomanipulation tools / edited by Yu Sun and Xinyu Liu.
Imprint Weinhem, Germany : Wiley-VCH, [2015]


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Series Advanced micro & nanosystems
Advanced micro & nanosystems.
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Subject Micrurgy.
Nanoelectromechanical systems.
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Contents Related Titles; Title Page; Copyright; Table of Contents; About the Editors; Series Editors Preface; Preface; List of Contributors; Chapter 1: High-Speed Microfluidic Manipulation of Cells; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 Direct Cell Manipulation; 1.3 Indirect Cell Manipulation; 1.4 Summary; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 2: Micro and Nano Manipulation and Assembly by Optically Induced Electrokinetics; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Optically Induced Electrokinetic (OEK) Forces; 2.3 OEK-Based Manipulation and Assembly; 2.4 Summary; References.
Chapter 3: Manipulation of DNA by Complex Confinement Using Nanofluidic Slits3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Slitlike Confinement of DNA; 3.3 Differential Slitlike Confinement of DNA; 3.4 Experimental Studies; 3.5 Design of Complex Slitlike Devices; 3.6 Fabrication of Complex Slitlike Devices; 3.7 Experimental Conditions; 3.8 Conclusion; Disclaimer; References; Chapter 4: Microfluidic Approaches for Manipulation and Assemblyof One-Dimensional Nanomaterials; 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Microfluidic Assembly; 4.3 Summary; References.
Chapter 5: Optically Assisted and Dielectrophoretical Manipulation of Cells and Molecules on Microfluidic Platforms5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Operating Principle and Fundamental Physics of the ODEP Platform; 5.3 Applications of the ODEP Platform; 5.4 Conclusion; References; Chapter 6: On-Chip Microrobot Driven by Permanent Magnetsfor Biomedical Applications; 6.1 On-Chip Microrobot; 6.2 Characteristics of Microrobot Actuated by Permanent Magnet; 6.3 Friction Reduction for On-Chip Robot; 6.4 Fluid Friction Reduction for On-Chip Robot; 6.5 Applications of On-Chip Robot to Cell Manipulations.
6.6 SummaryReferences; Chapter 7: Silicon Nanotweezers for Molecules and Cells Manipulation and Characterization; 7.1 Introduction; 7.2 SNT Operation and Design; 7.3 SNT Process; 7.4 DNA Trapping and Enzymatic Reaction Monitoring; 7.5 Cell Trapping and Characterization; 7.6 General Concluding Remarks and Perspectives; Acknowledgments; References; Chapter 8: Miniaturized Untethered Tools for Surgery; 8.1 Introduction; 8.2 Macroscale Untethered Surgical Tools; 8.3 Microscale Untethered Surgical Tools; 8.4 Nanoscale Untethered Surgical Tools; 8.5 Conclusion; Acknowledgments; References.
Chapter 9: Single-Chip Scanning Probe Microscopes9.1 Scanning Probe Microscopy; 9.2 The Role of MEMS in SPM; 9.3 CMOS-MEMS Manufacturing Processes Applied to sc-SPMs; 9.4 Modeling and Design of sc-SPMs; 9.5 Imaging Results; 9.6 Conclusion; References; Chapter 10: Untethered Magnetic Micromanipulation; 10.1 Physics of Micromanipulation; 10.2 Sliding Friction and Surface Adhesion; 10.3 Fluid Dynamics Effects; 10.4 Magnetic Microrobot Actuation; 10.5 Locomotion Techniques; 10.6 Manipulation Techniques; 10.7 Conclusions and Prospects; References; Chapter 11: Microrobotic Tools for Plant Biology.
Summary Combining robotics with nanotechnology, this ready reference summarizes the fundamentals and emerging applications in this fascinating research field. This is the first book to introduce tools specifically designed and made for manipulating micro- and nanometer-sized objects, and presents such examples as semiconductor packaging and clinical diagnostics as well as surgery. The first part discusses various topics of on-chip and device-based micro- and nanomanipulation, including the use of acoustic, magnetic, optical or dielectrophoretic fields, while surface-driven and high-speed microfluidic.
Other Author Sun, Yu, editor.
Liu, Xinyu, editor.
Other Title Erscheint auch als: Druck-Ausgabe Micro- and nanomanipulation tools