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McIlwraith, C. Wayne, editor. : Internet     
      Joint disease in the horse /edited by C. Wayne McIlwraith, David D. Frisbie, Christopher E. Kawcak, Rene Van Weeren. SF959.J64 J385 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
McIlwraith, Douglas G., author. : Internet     
      Allgorithms of the intelligent web /Douglas G. McIlwraith, Haralambos Marmanis, Dmitry Babenko. QA76.9.A43eb   E-BOOK 2016

McIlwraith, Maureen Mollie Hunter, 1922-2012 -- See Hunter, Mollie, 1922-2012


McIlwraith, Maureen Mollie Hunter McVeigh, 1922-2012 -- See Hunter, Mollie, 1922-2012

McIlwraith, T. F. (Thomas Forsyth), 1899-1964.    
      Nuxalk : NE06. E99.B39eb   E-BOOK 2011-
      Nuxalk : NE06. E99.B39eb   E-BOOK 2011-

McIlwraith, Thomas Forsyth, 1899-1964 -- See McIlwraith, T. F. (Thomas Forsyth), 1899-1964


McIndoe, A. (Andrew) -- See McIndoe, Andrew

McIndoe, Andrew.    
      Qbase anaesthesia. Vol. 1 : MCQs for the anaesthesia primary /Vol. 1 : edited by Edward Hammond, Andrew McIndoe ; authors, Mark Blunt [and others]. RD82.3 .Q23 1997eb   E-BOOK 1997
      Qbase anaesthesia. Vol. 2, MCQs for the final FRCA /Vol. 2, MCQs for the final FRCA / edited by Edward Hammond, Andrew McIndoe ; authors, Mark Blunt [and RD82.3 .Q23 1997eb   E-BOOK 1997
      Qbase anaesthesia. Vol. 3, MCQs in medicine for the FRCA /Vol. 3, MCQs in medicine for the FRCA / edited by Edward J. Hammond, Andrew K. McIndoe. RD82.3 .Q23 1999eb   E-BOOK 1999
      Qbase anaesthesia. Vol. 4, MCQs for the anaesthesia primary /Vol. 4, MCQs for the anaesthesia primary / edited by Edward Hammond, Andrew McIndoe ; authors, Mark B RD82.3 .Q23 1998eb   E-BOOK 1998
McIndoe, Andrew, editor. : Internet     
      Anesthesia emergencies /edited by Keith J. Ruskin (Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurosurgery, Yale University School of Me RD82.5eb   E-BOOK 2015
McIndoe, J. Scott. : Main Stacks     
      Mass spectrometry of inorganic, coordination and organometallic compounds : tools -- techniques -- t /William Henderson and J. Scott McIndoe. QD96.M3 H46 2005   BOOK c2005
McIndoe, J. Scott, author. : Internet     
      Transition metal carbonyl cluster chemistry /Paul J. Dyson, University of York, UK and J. Scott McIndoe, University of Cambridge, UK. QD411 .T73 2000eb   E-BOOK 2000

McIndoe, Scott -- See McIndoe, J. Scott

McIndoo, Brenda Kay, 1944- : M&M Microfilm, Main Stacks      
      A study in the use of physical manipulatives with college level mathematics students /by Brenda Kay McIndoo. QA18 .M35 1992   MANUSCRIPT 1992
McIndoo, Heidi. : Internet     
      The anti-inflammation diet /by Christopher P. Cannon and Heidi McIndoo. RB131 .C366 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014

McIndoo, Heidi Reichenberger -- See McIndoo, Heidi

McInerney, Claire Fleischman. : Children's     
      Find it! : the inside story at your library /by Claire McInerney ; illustrations by Harry Pulver. 025.5 M188f   BOOK c1989
McInerney, D. M. (Dennis M.), 1948-    
      Publishing your psychology research : a guide to writing for journals in psychology and related fiel /Dennis M. McInerney. BF76.8 M395 2001eb   E-BOOK 2001
      Research on sociocultural influences on motivation and learning /edited by Dennis M. McInerney and Shawn Van Etten. LB1065 .R45 2001   BOOK c2002
      Standards in education /edited by Dennis M. McInerney, Shawn Van Etten and Martin Dowson. LB3060.82 .S74 2007   BOOK c2007
      Student perspectives on assessment : what students can tell us about assessment for learning /Dennis M. McInerney, Gavin T. L. Brown, Gregory Arief D. Liem. LB3051 .M462487 2009   BOOK c2009
McInerney, D. M. (Dennis M.), 1948- author.    
      Helping kids achieve their best : understanding and using motivation in the classroom /Dennis M. McInerney. LB1065eb   E-BOOK 2020
      Publishing your psychology research : a guide to writing for journals in psychology and related fiel /Dennis M. McInerney. BF76.8eb   E-BOOK 2020
McInerney, D. M. (Dennis M.), 1948- editor.    
      Big theories revisited 2 /edited by Gregory Arief D. Liem, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, S LB1065 .B49 2018eb   E-BOOK 2018
      Understanding developmental disorders of auditory processing, language and literacy across languages /edited by Kevin Kien Hoa Chung, Kevin Chi Pun Yuen and Dennis Michael McInerney, the Hong Kong Instit LC4704 .U53 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014

McInerney, Dan, 1951- -- See McInerney, Daniel John, 1951-

McInerney, Daniel John, 1951- : Internet     
      The fortunate heirs of freedom : abolition & Republican thought /Daniel J. McInerney. E449 .M474 1994eb   E-BOOK 1994

McInerney, Dennis M., 1948- -- See McInerney, D. M. (Dennis M.), 1948-

McInerney, Dennis S., editor. : Internet     
      Promoting motivation and learning in contexts : sociocultural perspectives on educational interventi /edited by Gregory Arief D. Liem, Dennis S. McInerney. LB1065 .P76 2020eb   E-BOOK 2020
McInerney, Francis. : Main Stacks     
      FutureWealth : investing in the second great wave of technology /Francis McInerney & Sean White. HG4661 .M379 2000   BOOK c2000
McInerney, Jay.    
      The good life /Jay McInerney. PS3563.C3694 G66 2006   BOOK 2006
      A hedonist in the cellar : adventures in wine /Jay McInerney. TP548 .M4689 2006   BOOK 2006
      How it ended : new and collected stories /Jay McInerney. PS3563.C3694 H69 2009   BOOK 2009
McInerney, Jeremy. : Internet     
      A Companion to Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean. DE73 .C66 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
McInerney, Jeremy, 1958-    
      The cattle of the sun : cows and culture in the world of the ancient Greeks /Jeremy McInerney. SF196.G8 M38 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
      The folds of Parnassos : land and ethnicity in ancient Phokis /Jeremy McInerney. DF261.P55 M35 1999   BOOK 1999
McInerney, Jeremy, author. : Internet     
      The Cattle of the Sun : Cows and Culture in the World of the Ancient Greeks /Jeremy McInerney. SF196.G8eb   E-BOOK 2010
McInerney, Kathleen H. : Main Stacks     
      Too smart to be sentimental : contemporary Irish American women writers /edited by Sally Barr Ebest and Kathleen McInerney ; foreword by Caledonia Kearns. PS153.I78 T66 2008   BOOK c2008
McInerney-Lankford, Siobhán Alice, 1974-    
      The human right to water : legal and policy dimensions /Salman M.A. Salman, Siobhán McInerney-Lankford. K3260 .S25 2004eb   E-BOOK 2004
      Human rights and climate change : a review of the international legal dimensions. K3585.5 .M37 2011   E-BOOK 2011
McInerney, Mark A. : Internet     
      Methodology for development of design criteria for joint hurricane wind speed and storm surge events /Long T. Phan, Emil Simiu, Mark A. McInerney, Arthur A. Taylor, B. Glahn, Mark D. Powell.   E-REPORT 2007
McInerney, Maud Burnett. : Internet     
      Hildegard of Bingen : a book of essays /edited by Maud Burnett McInerney. BX4700.H5 H525 1998eb   E-BOOK 1998
McInerney, Meg, editor. : Internet     
      Slut : a play and guidebook for combating sexism and sexual violence /edited by Katie Cappiello and Meg McInerney ; introduction by Jennifer Baumgardner ; afterword with C PS628.W6 S58 2015eb   E-BOOK 2015
McInerney, Michael, 1967- : Main Stacks     
      Windows NT security /Michael McInerney. QA76.76.O63 M39875 2000   BOOK c2000
McInerney, Michael, director, producer.    
      Patton And The Desperate Tank Attack. D756.5.A7 P28 2006ev   STREAMING VIDEO 1928
      Shot Down: The U2 Spyplane. DK266.3 .S56 2005ev   STREAMING VIDEO 1994
McInerney, Michael J. : Government Documents     
      Microbial field pilot study.   MICROFORM 1989
McInerney, Michael, producer, director. / Producer. Director. : Internet     
      Alexander Graham Bell and the astonishing telephone. TK6015 .A44 2006ev   STREAMING VIDEO 1961
McInerney, Peter. : Special Collections     
      A contagion of war /by Terrence Maitland, Peter McInerney, and the editors of Boston Publishing Company. DS557.7 .M34 1983   BOOK c1983
McInerney, Peter, 1944-    
      Becoming educated : young people's narratives of disadvantage, class, place, and identity /John Smyth, Peter McInerney. LC191.8.A8 S55 2014   BOOK 2014
      'Hanging in with kids' in tough times : engagement in contexts of educational disadvantage in the re /John Smyth, Barry Down, Peter McInerney. LC4069.3 .S69 2010   BOOK c2010

McInerney, R. E. (Robert E.) -- See McInerney, Robert E.

McInerney, Robert E.    
      Direct satellite probe measurements of ionospheric irregularities in the F region and the polar cap /J.C. Ulwick, W. Pfister, R.E. McInerney.   BOOK 1964
      Satellite ionization gauge measurements of atmospheric density /J.P. McIsaac, R.E. McInerney, D. Delorey.   BOOK 1978
      Variability of the lower thermosphere determined from satellite accelerometer data /Frank A. Marcos, Robert E. McInerney, Robert W. Fioretti.   BOOK 1978
McInerney, Sheryl Locke. : Main Stacks     
      The changing role of the hospital : options for the future /compiled by the Minnesota Hospital Association ; Mara Minerva Melum, editor ; Fern Z. Liang and Shery RA963 .M56 1980   BOOK c1980

McInerney, Siobhán Alice, 1974- -- See McInerney-Lankford, Siobhán Alice, 1974-

McInerney, Suzanne. : Main Stacks     
      Infomedicine : a consumer's guide to the latest medical research /Fred D. Baldwin and Suzanne McInerney. RC81 .B2335 1996   BOOK c1996
McInerney, Thomas. : Main Stacks     
      Endgame : the blueprint for victory in the war on terror /Thomas McInerney, Paul Vallely. HV6432 .M387 2004   BOOK c2004
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