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111 2  Pipelines (Conference)|d(2006 :|cChicago, Ill.) 
245 10 Pipelines 2006 :|bservice to the owner : proceedings of 
       the Pipeline Division Specialty Conference, July 30 to 
       August 2, 2006, Chicago, Illinois /|csponsored by the 
       Pipeline Division of the American Society of Civil 
       Engineers ; edited by Alan Atalah, Armand Tremblay. 
246 3  Service to the owner 
260    Reston, VA :|bAmerican Society of Civil Engineers,|c©2006.
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Cover; Contents; Hydraulic Design; Design of Hydraulic 
       Structures for a 350 MGD Water Supply System; Case Studies
       in Transient Pressure Monitoring; Integrated Use of 
       City�s GIS Data and Hydraulic Model Development; Surge 
       Control Strategies for the Sacramento Lower Northwest 
       Interceptor; East Fork Water Supply Project, Conveyance 
       Pipeline: Review of Design Options for Flow Metering and 
       Lake Lavon Outfall; Groundwater Transfer Program: North 
       Harris County Regional Water Authority; Pipeline Asset 
       Management; Too Much Excitement under Highway 87. 
505 8  Condition Assessment of Norfolk�s 36-Inch Raw Water 
       Mains: Rehabilitation vs. ReplacementAssessing and 
       Managing PCCP Water Transmission Mains, Baltimore County, 
       Maryland�A Case Study; Fiber Optic Sensors for Acoustic 
       Monitoring of PCCP; Collection System Asset 
       Management�Benchmarking Performance through Annual 
       Reporting; RFEC/TC Inspection of PCCP with no Shorting 
       Straps at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission; 
       Asset Management Strategies for Metallic Municipal 
       Transmission Pipelines. 
505 8  Pinpointing Exfiltration in Large Diameter Pressurized 
       Wastewater Pipelines with the Sahara Tethered 
       SystemHydraulic Transients with Genetic Algorithms Used 
       for Leakage Detection in Real Water Distribution Networks;
       Scattergraph Principles and Practice: Tools and Techniques
       to Evaluate Sewer Capacity; Scattergraph Principles and 
       Practice: Practical Application of the Froude Number to 
       Flow Monitoring; Field Application of Sewer Electro-Scan 
       in Large Pipe Condition Assessment; A Non-Destructive 
       Method for Structural Evaluation of Pipeline Suspension 
505 8  Determining Base Infiltration in Sewers: A Comparison of 
       Empirical Methods and Verification ResultsComparison of 
       Identified Distress in CCP Pipelines Operated by Water 
       Utilities in North America; An Integrated Dynamic Approach
       to PCCP Integrity Management; Development of a PCCP 
       Management Plan Using Sonic/Ultrasonic Nondestructive 
       Testing Results; Financial Benefits from Seven Years of 
       Water Loss Control Utilizing the Sahara® System at Thames 
       Water in the United Kingdom; Developments in a Free-
       Swimming Acoustic Leak Detection System for Water 
       Transmission Pipelines. 
505 8  GLSD Asset Management of an “At Risk� PCCP Force 
       MainAssessment Model of Water Main Conditions; Pipeline 
       Construction Management; Overview of Design and 
       Construction of the Northern Water Supply System; Setting 
       the Construction Priorities of the Routes in a Common Duct
       Network; How One Large Water Utility Self-Performs 
       Construction Management; Leak Detection in Large Diameter 
       Fiberglass Pipe; The Great Man-Made River Project; 
       Horizontal Directional Drilling Utilizing 36-Inch Flexible
       Restrained Joint Ductile Iron Pipe�A Successful First 
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650  0 Pipelines|vCongresses. 
650  0 Structural engineering|vCongresses. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast 
700 1  Atalah, Alan. 
700 1  Tremblay, Armand. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aAtalah, Alan.|tPipelines 2006 : Service 
       to the Owner: Proceedings of the Pipeline Division 
       Specialty Conference, July 30 to August 2, 2006, Chicago, 
       Illinois.|dReston : ASCE, ©2014|z9780784408544 
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