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Sandys, John Edwin, Sir, 1844-1922 -- See Sandys, John Edwin, 1844-1922


Sandys, Michael -- See Sandys, M. (Michael)


Sandys, Mr. (George), 1578-1644 -- See Sandys, George, 1578-1644

Sandywell, Barry.    
      The beginnings of European theorizing--reflexivity in the Archaic age /Barry Sandywell. HM585 .S25 1995eb   E-BOOK 1996
      Dictionary of visual discourse : a dialectical lexicon of terms /Barry Sandywell. BH39 .S257 2011eb   E-BOOK 2011
      Dictionary of visual discourse : a dialectical lexicon of terms /Barry Sandywell. BH56 .S26 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
      The handbook of visual culture /edited by Ian Heywood and Barry Sandywell with Michael Gardiner, Gunalan Nadarajan and Catherine Sous N72.S6 H36 2012   BOOK 2012
8 additional entries    
Sandywell, Barry, author.    
      Presocratic reflexivity : the construction of philosophical discourse c. 600-450 BC /Barry Sandywell. HM26 .S25 1996 vol. 3eb   E-BOOK 1996
      Problems of reflexivity and dialectics in sociological inquiry : language theorizing difference /Barry Sandywell [and four others]. HM24 .P763 2015eb   E-BOOK 2015
Sandywell, Barry, editor. : Internet     
      The reflexive initiative : on the grounds and prospects of analytic theorizing /edited by Stanley Raffel and Barry Sandywell. HM585 .R44 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
Sandzén, Birger, 1871-1954. : Main Stacks     
      Birger Sandzén : on art, music and transcendence /James M. Kaplan. N6537.S317 K37 2010   BOOK 2010

Sandzhi︠a︡n, Avetis G., 1921-1995 -- See Sanjian, Avedis K. (Avedis Krikor), 1921-1995

Sanē Čhāmarik. : Main Stacks     
      Technological independence : the Asian experience /edited by Saneh Chamarik and Susantha Goonatilake. T173.5.A78 T33 1994   BOOK c1994

Sanē Čhāmmarik -- See Sanē Čhāmarik

Sanecki, Jakub. : Internet     
      Creating templates with Artisteer. TK5105.888eb   E-BOOK 2013
Sanecki, Jakub, author. : Internet     
      Creating templates with Artisteer : design professional-looking websites and CMS templates, on your /Jakub Sanecki. TK5105.888 .S26 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013

Saneh Chamarik -- See Sanē Čhāmarik

Sanei, Saeid.    
      Adaptive processing of brain signals /Saeid Sanei. QP363.3eb   E-BOOK 2013
      EEG signal processing /Saeid Sanei and J.A. Chambers. RC386.6.E43 S252 2007   BOOK c2007
Sanei, Saeid, author. : Internet     
      Singular spectrum analysis of biomedical signals /Saeid Sanei and Hossein Hassani. RC78.7.S65 S26 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
Saneleuterio, Elia, 1982- : Internet     
      En homenaje a la amapola : estudios sobre José Hierro tras diez años de ausencia /Elia Saneleuterio Temporal, ed. ; Juan Ramón Barat [and others]. PQ6615.I45 ebookeb   E-BOOK 2012

Saneleuterio Temporal, Elia, 1982- -- See Saneleuterio, Elia, 1982-

Sanelli, Pina C. : Internet     
      Evidence-based neuroimaging diagnosis and treatment : improving the quality of neuroimaging in patie /L. Santiago Medina, Pina C. Sanelli, Jeffrey G. Jarvik, editors. RC349.D52 E95 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
Sanello, Frank.    
      The opium wars : the addiction of one empire and the corruption of another /W. Travis Hanes III and Frank Sanello. DS757.5 .H37 2005   BOOK 2005
      Reel v. real : how Hollywood turns fact into fiction /Frank Sanello. PN1995.9.H5 S26 2003   BOOK 2003

Sanén, Normand Asuad -- See Asuad Sanén, Normand

Saner, Bryant.    
      Archaeological testing of four sites on Camp Bowie, Brown County, Texas /by Jason D. Weston and Raymond P. Mauldin ; with contributions by J. Philip Dering, Russell D. Greave E78.T4 W45 2003   BOOK c2003
      Camp Maxey V : archaeological testing of seven sites on the Camp Maxey training facility, Lamar Coun /by Russell D. Greaves ; with contributions by Raymond P. Mauldin and Bryant Saner, Jr. ; Steve A. Tom E78.T4 G745 2003   BOOK c2003
Saner, F. D. : Main Stacks     
      The breast; structure, function, disease. RG491 .S3 1950   BOOK 1950
Saner, Hans, 1934- : Main Stacks     
      Kant's political thought : its origins and development /Hans Saner ; translated by E. B. Ashton. JC181.K4 S2513   BOOK 1973-
Saner, Raymond. -- 3 entries    
Saner, Reg.    
      Climbing into the roots : [poems] /Reg Saner. PS3569.A5254 C6 1976   BOOK c1976
      Essay on air /Reg Saner. PS3569.A5254 E8 1984   BOOK c1984
      Reaching Keet Seel : ruin's echo and the Anasazi /Reg Saner. E99.P9 S189 1998   BOOK c1998
      So this is the map /Reg Saner. PS3569.A5254 S6   BOOK c1981
Sanes, Dan Harvey.    
      Development of the nervous system /Dan H. Sanes, Thomas A. Reh, and William A. Harris. QP356.25 .S365 2006   BOOK 2006
      Development of the nervous system /Dan H. Sanes, Thomas A. Reh, William A. Harris. QP356.25 .S365 2012   BOOK c2012
Sanes, Dan Harvey, author. : Internet     
      Development of the nervous system /Dan H. Sanes, Thomas A. Reh, William A. Harris. QP356.25 .S365 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006

Sanes, Giovanni Felice, approximately 1600-1679 -- See Sances, Giovanni Felice, approximately 1600-1679

Saneš, Ján. : Main Stacks     
      The Neogene Basins of the West Carpathians. By Ján Seneš. QE260 .G83 no.19AC   BOOK 1967
Sanes Orrego, Aida, author. : Internet     
      Guía para el análisis de ciclo de vida en el sector industrial de impresión y litografía : el ca /Sandra Bautista Rodríguez, Lyzed Toloza Blanco, Aida Sanes Orrego. Z244.6.C7   E-BOOK 2019
Sanesi, Federico, instrumentalist. : Internet     
      Solo for voice 58 : 18 microtonal ragas /John Cage.   STREAMING AUDIO 2007
Saneto, Russell P., editor. : Internet     
      Mitochondrial case studies : underlying mechanisms and diagnosis /edited by Russell P. Saneto, Department of Neurology/Division of Pediatric Neurology, Seattle Childre RB147.5eb   E-BOOK 2016

Sanetti, Lisa M. Hagermoser -- See Hagermoser Sanetti, Lisa M.

Sanetti, Lisa M. Hagermoser. : Internet     
      Treatment Integrity : a Foundation for Evidence-Based Practice in Applied Psychology /Lisa M. Hagermoser Sanetti and Thomas R. Kratochwill, editors-in-chief. RA790.5 .T74 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
Saney, Parviz. : Main Stacks     
      Crime and culture in America : a comparative perspective /Parviz Saney.   BOOK 1986
Sanfaçon, Hélène.    
      Biotechnology and plant disease management /edited by Z.K. Punja, S.H. De Boer, and H. Sanfaçon. SB106.B56 B56 2007eb   E-BOOK 2007
      Biotechnology and plant disease management /edited by Zamir K. Punja, Solke De Boer, and Hélène Sanfaçon. SB106.B56 B553 2007eb   E-BOOK 2007

Sanfelice, Ricardo -- See Sanfelice, Ricardo G.

Sanfelice, Ricardo G., author. : Internet     
      Hybrid Dynamical Systems : Modeling, Stability, and Robustness /Rafal Goebel, Ricardo G. Sanfelice, Andrew R. Teel. QA402 .G889 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
Sanfelippo, Luis. : Internet     
      Trauma   E-BOOK 2018

Sanfeliu, A. (Alberto) -- See Sanfeliu, Alberto

Sanfeliu, Alberto.    
      Environment learning for indoor mobile robots : a stochastic state estimation approach to simultaneo /Juan Andrade-Cetto, Alberto Sanfeliu. TJ211.415 .A53 2006   BOOK c2006
      Pattern recognition and image analysis : selected papers from the IVth Spanish Symposium /edited by N. Pérez de la Blanca, A. Sanfeliu, E. Vidal. TA1632 .P39 1992   BOOK 1992
      Progress in pattern recognition, image analysis and applications : 9th Iberoamerican Congress on Pat /Alberto Sanfeliu, José Francisco Martínez Trinidad, Jesús Ariel Carrasco Ochoa (eds.). TK7882 .P3 I198 2004   BOOK 2004
      Progress in pattern recognition, image analysis and applications : 10th Iberoamerican Congress on Pa /Alberto Sanfeliu, Manuel Lazo Cortés (eds.). TK7882 .P3 I198 2005   BOOK c2005
      Progress in pattern recognition, speech and image analysis : 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern /Alberto Sanfeliu, José Ruiz-Shulcloper (Eds.) TK7882 .P3 I24 2003   BOOK c2003

Sanfeliu, Carmen Bellet -- See Bellet, Carme

Sanfeliu, Isabel.    
      Del origen de la vida a la emergencia del psiquismo   E-BOOK 2012
      Del origen de la vida a la emergencia del psiquismo : nivel de integración físico /Isabel Sanfeliú y Marta Sainz de la Maza (coords.). R724 ebookeb   E-BOOK 2012
      La hiperactividad   E-BOOK 2011
      Karl Abraham : the birth of object relations theory /Isabel Sanfeliu ; translated by Kate Walters. BF109.A25 S26 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Migración, racismo y poder : el narcisismo de las pequeñas diferencias /Isabel Sanfeliu, Jesús Varona, eds. JV8252 ebookeb   E-BOOK 2010
Sanfeliú, Isabel, author. : Internet     
      Amar-se : ecos actuales de Narciso /Isabel Sanfeliu. BF575.N35   STREAMING VIDEO 2016
Sanfeliú, Isabel, editor. : Internet     
      La complejidad de lo social : la trama de la vida : nivel de integración social /Rafael Alberto Pérez e Isabel Sanfeliu (Coords.). HM683   STREAMING VIDEO 2013

Sanfeliú Jiménez, Luz -- See Sanfeliú, Luz

Sanfeliú, Luz. : Internet     
      Republicanas : identidades de género en el blasquismo (1895-1910) /Luz Sanfeliu. HQ1695.V35 S36 2005eb   E-BOOK 2005
Sanfeliu, M. : Internet     
      Una evaluación actitudinal de la prevención de los riesgos profesionales. Revista de Psicología d HF5548.8 . S224 1988eb   E-BOOK 2003

Sanfelix, Vicente, 1957- -- See Sanfelix Vidarte, Vicente, 1957-

Sanfélix, Vicente, author. : Internet     
      Mente y conocimiento /Vicente Sanfélix ; presentación de Jacobo Muñoz. BD165 eb   E-BOOK 2014
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