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Scherr, Rachel E., editor. : Internet     
      Responsive teaching in science and mathematics /edited by Amy D. Roberton, Rachel E. Scherr, David Hammer. Q181 .R4866 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
Scherr, Raquel L.    
      Face value, the politics of beauty /Robin Tolmach Lakoff and Raquel L. Scherr. RA778 .L24 1984   BOOK 1984
      West of the West : imagining California : an anthology /edited by Leonard Michaels, David Reid, Raquel Scherr. F861.5 .W4 1995eb   E-BOOK 1995

Scherr, S. J. (Sara J.) -- See Scherr, Sara J.

Scherr, S. Jacob, 1948- : Main Stacks     
      Pills, pesticides & profits /Ruth Norris, editor ; contributors, A. Karim Ahmed, Robert Richter, S. Jacob Scherr. HD9666.5 .P54   BOOK 1981
Scherr, Sara J.    
      Farming with nature : the science and practice of ecoagriculture /[edited by] Sara J. Scherr, Jeffrey A. McNeely. S494.5.S86 S34 2007eb   E-BOOK 2007
      Mitigating climate change through food and land use /Sara J. Scherr and Sajal Sthapit ; Lisa Mastny, editor. S589.7 .S337 2009   BOOK c2009
      The oil syndrome and agricultural development : lessons from Tabasco, Mexico /Sara Jeannette Scherr.   BOOK 1985
      Trees on the farm : assessing the adoption potential of agroforestry practices in Africa /edited by S. Franzel, S.J. Scherr. S494.5.A45 T74 2002eb   E-BOOK 2002
Scherr, Vera, singer. : Internet     
      Die Jahreszeiten ; Die Schöpfung /Haydn.   STREAMING AUDIO 2012
Scherrei, Rita A. : Main Stacks     
      Maximizing leadership effectiveness /Alexander W. Astin, Rita A. Scherrei. LB2341 .A756   BOOK 1980
Scherrer, Amandine, 1979- : Internet     
      G8 against transnational organized crime /Amandine Scherrer. HV6252 .S34 2009eb   E-BOOK 2009

Scherrer, Christian, 1954- -- See Scherrer, Christian P.

Scherrer, Christian P.    
      Genocide and crisis in Central Africa : conflict roots, mass violence, and regional war /Christian P. Scherrer ; foreword by Robert Melson. DT450.435 .S355 2002   BOOK 2002
      Genocide and crisis in Central Africa : conflict roots, mass violence, and regional war /Christian P. Scherrer ; foreword by Robert Melson. DT450.435 .S355 2002eb   E-BOOK 2002
Scherrer, Christian P., author. : Internet     
      Ethnicity, Nationalism and Violence : Conflict Management, Human Rights, and Multilateral Regimes. JZ1251   E-BOOK 2017
Scherrer, Christoph. : Internet     
      Financial cultures and crisis dynamics /edited by Bob Jessop, Brigitte Young, Christoph Scherrer. HB3722 .F557 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
Scherrer, Christoph, editor. : Internet     
      Combating inequality : the global north and south /edited by Alexander Gallas, Hansjörg Herr, Frank Hoffer and Christoph Scherrer. HC59.72.I5 C66 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016

Scherrer, Cynthia J. Stacy- -- See Stacy-Scherrer, Cynthia J.

  Scherrer Institut -- 2 Related Authors    
Scherrer, Joseph H., author. : Internet     
      A cyberspace command and control model /Joseph H. Scherrer and William C. Grund.   E-REPORT 2009
Scherrer, Letizia.    
      Athalia /[electronic resource] / Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.   STREAMING AUDIO 2006
      Elias : /Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.   STREAMING AUDIO 2008
      Elias, op. 70 Elijah /[electronic resource] = Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.   STREAMING AUDIO c2011
      Der Graf von Gleichen /Franz Schubert ; Richard Dünser.   STREAMING AUDIO 2004
      Lord Nelson mass Nelsonmesse : missa in angustiis ; Creation mass = Schöpfungsmesse : missa solemni /[electronic resource] = Franz Joseph Haydn.   STREAMING AUDIO 2007
Scherrer, Letizia, performer. : Internet     
      Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher /Arthur Honegger.   STREAMING AUDIO 2013
Scherrer, Nicolas. / Container of (work): Sonatas. Selections. : Internet     
      Genève au siècle des lumières.   STREAMING AUDIO 2017?
Scherrer, Philip H. : Government Documents     
      The solar magnetic field, 1976 through 1985 : an atlas of photospheric magnetic field observations a /J. Todd Hoeksema and Philip H. Scherrer. QC801 .I23 vol. 94 QB539.M23   MICROFORM 1986

Scherrer, Robert, 1959- -- See Scherrer, Robert J. (Robert Joseph), 1959-

Scherrer, Robert J. (Robert Joseph), 1959- : Main Stacks     
      Quantum mechanics : an accessible introduction /Robert Scherrer. QC174.12 .Q34 2006   BOOK c2006

Scherrer-Schaub, C. A. (Cristina Anna) -- See Scherrer-Schaub, Cristina Anna

Scherrer-Schaub, Cristina. : Internet     
      Proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the IATS, 2003. Volume 14 : Dedicated to the Memory of R.E. Emme PL3705 .P384 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
Scherrer, Victor E.    
      Kinetic electron temperature measurement techniques for helium /Victor E. Scherrer.   BOOK 1970
      Laser breakdown of copper vapor /by Victor E. Scherrer.   BOOK 1970
      Laser heating of ionized helium /Victor E. Scherrer.   BOOK 1970
Schers, David, 1931- : Main Stacks, Special Collections      
      The popular sector of the Mexican PRI /by David Schers. JL1298.R45 S34 1972a   BOOK c1973
Scherson, Isaac D.    
      Interconnection networks for high-performance parallel computers /[edited by] Isaac D. Scherson, Abdou S. Youssef. QA76.58 .I495 1994   BOOK c1994
      The New frontiers, a workshop on future directions of massively parallel proceessing : proceedings, /edited by Isaac D. Scherson ; sponsored by IEEE Computer Society, National Aeronautics and Space Admi QA76.58 .N483 1992   BOOK c1993
Schertenleib, Hansjörg. : Internet     
      Mercy Seat : Roman. PS3623.I7eb   E-BOOK 2018
Schertl, Hans-Peter, editor. : Internet     
      HP-UHP metamorphism and tectonic evolution of orogenic belts /edited by Lifei Zhang, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China, Zeming QE475.A2eb   E-BOOK 2019
Schertle, Alice.    
      Advice for a frog /Alice Schertle & Norman Green. 811.54 Sch28a   BOOK 1995
      Button up! : wrinkled rhymes /by Alice Schertle ; pictures by Petra Mathers. 811.54 Sch28b   BOOK c2009
      Down the road /Alice Schertle ; illustrated by E.B. Lewis.   BOOK c1995
      Keepers /by Alice Schertle ; illustrated by Ted Rand. 811.54 Sch28k   BOOK 1996
3 additional entries    
Schertle, Rick, author.    
      Make : planes, gliders, and paper rockets : simple flying things anyone can make--kites and copters /Rick Schertle and James Floyd Kelly. TT870eb   E-BOOK 2015
      MBot for makers : conceive, construct, and code your own robots at home or in the classroom /Rick Schertle, Andrew Carle. TJ211.15eb   E-BOOK 2017

Schertler, R. J. (Ronald J.) -- See Schertler, Ronald J.

Schertler, Ronald J. : Government Documents     
      ACTS experiments program /[microform] / Ronald J. Schertler. NAS 1.15:88820   MICROFORM 1986
Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District (Tex.) : Government Documents     
      An intensive archeological survey for the proposed Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School /prepared for Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District ; prepared by GTI Environmenta F392.G85 I78 2008   BOOK 2008

Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD (Tex.) -- See Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District (Tex.)

Schertz, Keith F. (Keith Francis), 1927-    
      Isozyme genotypes of sorghum lines and hybrids in the United States /K.F. Schertz, A. Stec, and J.F. Doebley. S117 .E7 no. 1719   BOOK 1990
      A manual of techniques for starch gel electrophoresis of sorghum isozymes /Clifford W. Morden, John Doebley, and Keith F. Schertz. S117 .E7 no. 1635   BOOK 1987
Schertz, Lyle P., editor. : Internet     
      Modeling farm decisions for policy analysis /edited by Kenneth H. Baum and Lyle P. Schertz. HD1755eb   E-BOOK 2018
Schertz, Reinhard. : Internet     
      Complex Multiplication. QA564.S294 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
Schertz, Reinhard, 1943-    
      Complex multiplication /Reinhard Schertz. QA564 .S294 2010   BOOK 2010
      Complex multiplication /Reinhard Schertz. QA564 .S294 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
Schertz, Terry L.    
      Computation and use of volume-weighted-average concentrations to determine long-term variations of s /by Frank C. Wells and Terry L. Schertz.   BOOK 1984
      The Computer Program Estimate Trend (ESTREND), a system for the detection of trends in water-quality /by Terry L. Schertz, Richard B. Alexander, and Dane J. Ohe.   BOOK 1991
      Effects of October 1981 flood on the quantity and quality of water in selected streams and reservoir /by Frank C. Wells, Terry L. Schertz, and Marvin W. Flugrath ; prepared in cooperation with the Brazos   BOOK 1986
      Patterns of acid deposition variability in the eastern United States, 1981-84 /[microform] / by Harry F. Lins, Kenneth J. Lanfear, and Terry L. Schertz. I 19.76:87-454   MICROFORM 1987
6 additional entries    
Schertz, William V. : Government Documents     
      Analysis of heat-pipe absorbers in evacuated-tube solar collectors /John R. Hull, William V. Schertz, and John W. Allen. E 1.99:DE86 101764   MICROFORM 1986
Schertz, William W. : Government Documents     
      Side-by-side comparisons of evacuated compound parabolic concentrator and flat plate solar collector /by John W. Allen, William W. Schertz, and Alvin S. Wantroba. E 1.99:DE 88 004717   MICROFORM 1987
Schertzer, D. (Daniel)    
      Non-linear variability in geophysics : scaling and fractals /edited by D. Schertzer and S. Lovejoy. QC806.6 .N66 1991   BOOK c1991
      The weather and climate : emergent laws and multifractal cascades /Shaun Lovejoy, Daniel Schertzer. QC861.3 .L68 2012eb   E-BOOK 2013

Schertzer, Daniel -- See Schertzer, D. (Daniel)

Schertzer, Emmanuel. : Internet     
      Stochastic flows in the Brownian web and net /Schertzer, Emmanuel. QA274.75 -- S34 2013eb   E-BOOK 2014
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