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Title A History of the Czech Lands
Imprint Prague : Karolinum Press, 2018.


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Description 1 online resource (745 pages)
Note X. Enlightened Absolutism and the Birth of a Modern State (1740-1792) (Martina Ondo Grečenková)
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Contents Cover; Contents; Introduction to the second edition; I. Territorial Development and the Transformation of Landscape (Eva Semotanová); 1 The Formation of the Geographical Core of the Czech State; 2 The Bohemian Crown Lands; 3 Czechoslovakia in Central Europe; 4 The Czech Republic in the Heart of Europe; 5 Metamorphoses of the Landscape; 6 Landscape of the Czech Lands in the Neolithic Age and Early Medieval Colonization; 7 The Great Transformations of the Landscape in the Early Modern Era; 8 Landscape in the Time of Industrialization, Urbanization and the Rise of Transport
9 The Landscape in Conflict with Modern SocietyII. Prehistory and Beginnings of Slavic Settlement (to the 8th Century) (Dušan Třeštík); 1 The Significance of the Neolithic Revolution; 2 Celts in the Czech Lands; 3 The Transmigration of Nations; III. Great Moravia and the Beginnings of the State (9th and 10th Centuries) (Dušan Třeštík); 1 Beginnings of Great Moravia; 2 Great Moravia between Byzantium and the Empire of the Franks; 3 Political Unification of the Czech Lands; 4 The Crisis of 1000 and Its Resolution
IV. The Czech State in the Era of Přemyslid Princes and Kings (from the Beginning of the 11th Century to 1306) (Dušan Třeštík -- Josef Žemlička)1 Consolidation of the Czech State in the Era of the Princes; 2 Royal Titles and Their Historical Significance; 3 The Czech Lands in the Time of the Great Colonization; 4 The Realm of Přemysl Otakar II and Wenceslas II; V. The Expansion of the Czech State during the Era of the Luxemburgs (1306-1419) (Miloslav Polívka); 1 The European Dimension of Czech Politics; 2 Society and Culture in the Era of the Luxemburgs; 3 Before the Revolution
VI. The Hussite Revolution (1419-1471) (František Šmahel)1 Beginnings of the Reform Movement; 2 The Hussite Wars in the Years 1420-1434; 3 The Era of Restoration and Interregnums after Lipany (1434-1452); 4 Kingdom of Two Peoples; VII. The Bohemian Crownlands under the Jagiellons (1471-1526) (Jaroslav Boubín); 1 The Czech-Hungarian Personal Union; 2 The Estates and Society in the Jagiellon Period; 3 On the Eve of the European Reformation; 4 Education and Culture in the Jagiellon Era; VIII. The Czech Estates in the Habsburg Monarchy (1526-1620) (Jaroslav Pánek)
1 Integration of the Czech State into the Central European Monarchy of Habsburgs2 Land of the King and the Estates; 3 Society and Culture in the Century Preceding the Thirty Years' War; 4 The Approach of Conflict and the Bohemian Estates Rebellion, 1618-1620; IX. Baroque Absolutism (1620-1740) (Jiří Mikulec); 1 Constitutional and Social Changes during the Thirty Years' War; 2 Post-War Consolidation and Reconstruction of the Czech Lands; 3 The Czech State as an Integral Part of the Habsburg Monarchy; 4 Baroque Culture and Society in the Czech Lands
Other Author Tůma, Oldřich et al.
Other Title Print version: Pánek, Jaroslav. A History of the Czech Lands. Prague : Karolinum Press, ©2018