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Title Interfacial Electrochemistry : Theory: Experiment, and Applications / Andrzej Wieckowski.
Imprint London : Taylor and Francis, 2017.


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Edition First edition.
Description 1 online resource : text file, PDF
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Subject Electrochemistry.
Surface chemistry.
Interfaces (Physical sciences)
Contents Chapter 1 Theoretical Modeling of the Solid-Liquid Interface: Chemically Specific Simulation Methods -- chapter 2 Theory of the Metal-Electrolyte Interface -- chapter 3 Structure of Water at the Water-Metal Interface: Molecular Dynamics Computer Simulations -- chapter 4 Monte Carlo Methods for Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Problems in Interfacial Electrochemistry -- chapter 5 Electronic Structure Calculations of Polyatomic Oxyanions Adsorbed on Metal Surfaces -- chapter 6 Quantum Chemical Modeling of Electrocatalytic Reactions, Including Potential Dependence: Beginning Stages -- chapter 7 Theory and Computational Modeling: Medium Reorganization and Donor-Acceptor Coupling in Electron Transfer Processes -- chapter 8 Interfacial Electron Transfer in Electrochemistry and In Situ Scanning Tunneling Microscopy -- chapter 9 Electrochemical Processes Involving H Adsorbed at Metal Electrode Surfaces -- chapter 10 Reconstruction of Gold Surfaces -- chapter 11 In Situ Surface X-Ray Scattering Studies of Electrosorption -- chapter 12 Atomic-Scale Aspects of Anodic Dissolution of Metals: Studies by In Situ Scanning Tunneling Microscopy -- chapter 13 Auger Spectroscopy of Electrode Surfaces -- chapter 14 Flame-Annealing and Cleaning Technique -- chapter 15 Interfacial Chemistry of Palladium Electrodes -- chapter 16 Electrochemical Double-Layer Modeling Under Ultrahigh Vacuum Conditions -- chapter 17 Modeling of the Electrochemical Double-Layer in Ultrahigh Vacuum: Adsorption of Sulfuric Acid Species on Pt(111) -- chapter 18 Adsorbate Bonding and Reactivity in Electrochemistry: Some Vibrational Spectroscopic Links to Surface Science and Interfacial Chemistry -- chapter 19 Sum and Difference Frequency Generation at Electrode Surfaces -- chapter 20 Vibrational Coupling Effects on Infrared Spectra of Adsorbates on Electrodes -- chapter 21 A Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Approach to Double-Layer and Electrocatalysis Problems -- chapter 22 Second Harmonic Generation Anisotropy from Single Crystalline Electrode Surfaces -- chapter 23 Amphiphilic and Ionic Surfactants at Electrified Interfaces -- chapter 24 Ordered Organic Adlayers at Electrode Surfaces -- chapter 25 Capacitive and Voltammetric Responses from Stepped Faces of Gold -- chapter 26 Electrochemistry, Spectroscopy, and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Images of Small Single-Crystal Electrodes -- chapter 27 Radiotracer Studies of Adsorption/Sorption Phenomena at Electrode Surfaces -- chapter 28 Structure and Reactivity of Rhodium and Rhodium-Based Alloys -- chapter 29 Spectroelectrochemistry of Monolayer and Submonolayer Films Using an Electroactive Integrated Optical Waveguide -- chapter 30 Surface Science Studies of Organic Monolayer Corrosion Inhibitors -- chapter 31 Structure of Thin Anodic Oxide Films Formed on Single-Crystal Metal Surfaces -- chapter 32 Surface Oxidation of Noble Metal Electrodes -- chapter 33 Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry as a Tool for Interfacial Studies -- chapter 34 Electrode-Solution Interface Studied with Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Nanobalance -- chapter 35 Electrochemical Properties of Carbon Surfaces -- chapter 36 Bulk and Surface States of Reactive Oxide Films: An Extended Semiconductor Model withTi, Ni, and Fe as Examples -- chapter 37 Solid-State Voltammetry -- chapter 38 Conducting Polymer Films as Electrodes -- chapter 39 Photoelectrochemistry of Nanostructured Semiconductors:The Case of AnataseTiO2 -- chapter 40 Semiconductor Nanocomposite Films for Photoelectrochemical Applications -- chapter 41 Electronic and Morphological Structures of Semiconductor Electrodes -- chapter 42 Epitaxial Compound Electrodeposition -- chapter 43 Interfacial Electrochemistry of Conductive Oxides for Electrocatalysis -- chapter 44 Kinetic Modeling of Electrocatalytic Reactions: Methanol Oxidation on Platinum Electrodes -- chapter 45 Properties of Bimetallic Electrodes: Spectroscopic Characterization and Electrocatalysis -- chapter 46 Electrocatalysis at Well-Defined Surfaces: Kinetics of Oxygen Reduction and Hydrogen Oxidation/Evolution on Pt(hkl) Electrodes -- chapter 47 Mechanism of Methanol Electro-Oxidation -- chapter 48 Advanced Electrode Materials for the Direct Methanol Fuel Cell -- chapter 49 In Situ X-Ray Absorption Studies of Carbon-Supported Pt and Pt Alloy Nanoparticles -- chapter 50 Synergetic Effects of Surface Active Sites on the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction -- chapter 51 Methanol Oxidation Catalysis on Well-Defined Platinum/Ruthenium Electrodes: Ultrahigh Vacuum Surface Science and Electrochemistry Approach.
Summary "This text probes topics and reviews progress in interfacial electrochemistry. It supplies chapter abstracts to give readers a concise overview of individual subjects and there are more than 1500 drawings, photographs, micrographs, tables and equations. The 118 contributors are international scholars who present theory, experimentation and applications."--Provided by publisher.
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