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Author Wang, Ruzhu.
Title Adsorption Refrigeration Technology : Theory and Application.
Imprint Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.


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Note 4.4.4 Other Simplified Chemisorption Models.
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Subject Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery -- Research.
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery -- Technological innovations.
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery -- Environmental aspects.
Contents Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; About the Authors; Preface; Acknowledgments; Nomenclature; Chapter 1 Introduction; 1.1 Adsorption Phenomena; 1.2 Fundamental Principle of Adsorption Refrigeration; 1.3 The History of Adsorption Refrigeration Technology; 1.4 Current Research on Solid Adsorption Refrigeration; 1.4.1 Adsorption Working Pairs; 1.4.2 Heat Transfer Intensification Technology of Adsorption Bed; 1.4.3 Low Grade Heat Utilization; 1.4.4 Solar Energy Utilization; 1.4.5 Advanced Adsorption Refrigeration Cycle; 1.4.6 Commercialized Adsorption Chillers.
1.4.7 Current Researches on the Adsorption TheoryReferences; Chapter 2 Adsorption Working Pairs; 2.1 Adsorbents; 2.1.1 Physical Adsorbents; 2.1.2 Chemical Adsorbents; 2.1.3 Composite Adsorbents; 2.2 Refrigerants; 2.2.1 Most Common Refrigerants; 2.2.2 Other Refrigerants; 2.3 Adsorption Working Pairs; 2.3.1 Physical Adsorption; 2.3.2 Chemical Adsorption Working Pairs; 2.3.3 The Heat and Mass Transfer Intensification Technology and Composite Adsorbents; 2.4 Equilibrium Adsorption Models; 2.4.1 Equilibrium Models for Physical Adsorption; 2.4.2 Equilibrium Models for Chemical Adsorption.
2.5 Methods to Measure Adsorption Performances2.6 Comparison of Different Adsorption Refrigeration Pairs; References; Chapter 3 Mechanism and Thermodynamic Properties of Physical Adsorption; 3.1 Adsorption Equations; 3.1.1 Polanyi Adsorption Potential Theory and Adsorption Equation; 3.1.2 The Improved Adsorption Equation; 3.1.3 Simplified D-A Equation and Its Application; 3.1.4 p-T-x Diagram for Gas-Solid Two Phases Equilibrium; 3.2 Adsorption and Desorption Heat; 3.2.1 Thermodynamic Derivation of the Adsorption Heat; 3.2.2 Simplified Formula of Adsorption and Desorption Heat.
3.3 Equilibrium Adsorption and Adsorption Rate3.3.1 The Equilibrium Adsorption and Non-equilibrium Adsorption Process; 3.3.2 Diffusion Process of Adsorbate Inside Adsorbent; 3.3.3 The Adsorption Rate and the Mass Transfer Coefficient Inside the Adsorbent; 3.3.4 Typical Model of Adsorption Rate; References; Chapter 4 Mechanism and Thermodynamic Properties of Chemical Adsorption; 4.1 The Complexation Mechanism of Metal Chloride-Ammonia; 4.2 The Clapeyron Equation of Metal Chloride-Ammonia; 4.2.1 The General Clapeyron Equations.
4.2.2 The Principle and Clapeyron Diagram of Metal Chloride-Ammonia Adsorption Refrigeration4.3 Chemical Adsorption Precursor State of Metal Chloride-Ammonia; 4.3.1 Chemical Adsorbent with Different Expansion Space; 4.3.2 Attenuation Performance of the Adsorbent and Its Chemical Adsorption Precursor State; 4.3.3 Isobaric Adsorption Performance and Activated Energy; 4.4 Reaction Kinetic Models of Metal Chlorides-Ammonia; 4.4.1 The Model Based on Phenomena and Proposed by Tykodi; 4.4.2 The Global Reaction Model Proposed by Mazet; 4.4.3 The Model Based on the Phenomena and Proposed by Goetz.
Summary Gives readers a detailed understanding of adsorption refrigeration technology, with a focus on practical applications and environmental concerns Systematically covering the technology of adsorption refrigeration, this book provides readers with a technical understanding of the topic as well as detailed information on the state-of-the-art from leading researchers in the field. Introducing readers to background on the development of adsorption refrigeration, the authors also cover the development of adsorbents, various thermodynamic theories, the design of adsorption systems and adsorpt.
Other Author Wang, Liwei.
Wu, Jingyi.
Other Title Print version: Wang, Ruzhu. Adsorption Refrigeration Technology : Theory and Application. Hoboken : Wiley, ©2014 9781118197431