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Xinci, Lichade -- See Hinz, Richard P.


Xinduhu, Daozao, 1862-1933 -- See Nitobe, Inazō, 1862-1933

Xing, Baoshan.    
      Biophysico-chemical processes involving natural nonliving organic matter in environmental systems /edited by Nicola Senesi, Baoshan Xing, Pan Ming Huang. TD193 .B547 2009   BOOK c2009
      Biophysico-chemical processes of anthropogenic organic compounds in environmental systems /edited by Baoshan Xing, Nicola Senesi, Pan Ming Huang. TD193 .B5475 2011eb   E-BOOK 2011
Xing, Baoshan, editor. : Internet     
      Engineered nanoparticles and the environment : biophysicochemical processes and toxicity /edited by Baoshan Xing, Chad D. Vecitis, Nicola Senesi. RA1270.N36 E54 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
Xing, Bo, 1979- author. : Internet     
      Smart computing applications in crowdfunding /Bo Xing, Institute for Intelligent Systems, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa an HG4751 .X56 2018eb   E-BOOK 2018

Xing, C. (Chunxiao) -- See Xing, Chunxiao

Xing, Chaoping, 1963-    
      Algebraic curves in cryptography /San Ling, Huaxiong Wang, Chaoping Xing. QA268 .L545 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
      Algebraic geometry in coding theory and cryptography /Harald Niederreiter and Chaoping Xing. QA268 .N54 2009   BOOK c2009
      Algebraic geometry in coding theory and cryptography /Harald Niederreiter and Chaoping Xing. QA268 .N54 2009eb   E-BOOK 2009
      Coding theory : a first course /San Ling, Chaoping Xing. QA268 .L564 2004eb   E-BOOK 2004
      Rational points on curves over finite fields : theory and applications /Harald Niederreiter, Chaoping Xing. QA565 .N594 2001   BOOK 2001
Xing, Chaoping, 1963- editor. : Internet     
      Applied algebra and number theory : essays in honour of Harald Niederreiter on the occasion of his 7 /edited by Gerhard Larcher, Friedrich Pillichshammer, Arne Winterhof, Chaoping Xing. QA241 .A67 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
Xing, Chengwen, author. : Internet     
      Channel estimation for physical layer network coding systems /Feifei Gao, Chengwen Xing, Gongpu Wang. TK5102.92eb   E-BOOK 2014
Xing, Chunxiao. : Main Stacks     
      Digital libraries for cultural heritage, knowledge dissemination, and future creation : 13th Interna /edited by Chunxiao Xing, Fabio Crestani, Andreas Rauber. ZA4080 .I578 2011   BOOK 2011
Xing, Chunxiao, editor. : Internet     
      Smart health : International Conference, ICSH 2013, Beijing, China, August 3-4, 2013. Proceedings /Daniel Zeng, Christopher C. Yang, Vincent S. Tseng, Chunxiao Xing, Hsinchun Chen, Fei-Yue Wang, Xiaol R858.A2 I58 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
Xing, Da. : Internet     
      Advances in Molecular Biophotonics. R857.O6 .D464 2017eb   E-BOOK 2016
Xing, Da, author. : Internet     
      Biomedical photoacoustics /Sihua Yang, Da Xing. QD96.O6eb   E-BOOK 2020

Xing da (China) -- See Guo li zhong xing da xue

Xing, Fuyi, author. : Internet     
      Modern Chinese grammar : a clause-pivot theoretical approach /by Xing Fuyi ; translated by Wang Yong & Dong Fangfeng. PL1103 .H715513 2017eb   E-BOOK 2017
Xing, Guang. : Internet     
      The concept of the Buddha : its evolution from early Buddhism to the trikāya theory /Guang Xing. BQ4180 .X56 2005eb   E-BOOK 2005

Xing, Guang, 1962- -- See Guang, Xing, 1962-


Xing, Hai, 1905-1945 -- See Xian, Xinghai, 1905-1945

Xing, Haipeng. : Internet     
      Statistical models and methods for financial markets /Tze Leung Lai, Haipeng Xing. HG176.5 .L35 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
Xing, Huilin.    
      Advances in geocomputing /[edited by] Huilin Xing. QE48.8 .X56 2009   BOOK c2009
      M8.0 Wenchuan earthquake /by Huilin Xing, Xiwei Xu. HV600 2008.W46 X56 2011   BOOK 2011
Xing, Jing.    
      Color analysis in air traffic control displays /[electronic resource] / Jing Xing.   E-REPORT 2007
      Color analysis in air traffic control displays, Part II. Auxiliary displays /[electronic resource] / Jing Xing.   E-REPORT 2007
      Color and visual factors in ATC displays final report /[electronic resource] : Jing Xing.   E-REPORT 2006
      Complexity and automation displays of air traffic control literature review and analysis : final rep /[electronic resource] : Jing Xing, Carol A. Manning.   E-REPORT 2005
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Xing, Jing, author. : Internet     
      An integrated human event analysis system (IDHEAS) for nuclear power plant internal events at-power /prepared by Jing Xing [and five others].   E-REPORT 2017
Xing, Jing Tang. : Internet     
      Fluid-Solid Interaction Dynamics : Theory, Variational Principles, Numerical Methods and Application /Jing Tang Xing. TA357.5.F58eb   E-BOOK 2019
Xing, Jing Tang, author. : Internet     
      Energy flow theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with applications /Jing Tang Xing. QA427eb   E-BOOK 2015
Xing, Juan, MD. : Internet     
      Atlas of Touch Preparation Cytopathology. RB27eb   E-BOOK 2017
Xing, Jun.    
      Asian America through the lens : history, representations, and identity /Jun Xing. PN1995.9.A77 H75 1998   BOOK c1998
      General Education and the Development of Global Citizenship in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China LC988.C6 G46 2013eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Reversing the lens : ethnicity, race, gender, and sexuality through film /Jun Xing and Lane Ryo Hirabayashi. PN1995.9.M56 X56 2003   BOOK c2003
      Teaching for change : the difference, power, and discrimination model /edited by Jun Xing ... [et al.]. LC1099.3 .T4333 2007   BOOK c2007
Xing, Jun, editor.    
      General education and the development of global citizenship in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China /edited by Xing Jun, Ng Pak-sheung, Cheng Chunyan. LC988.C6 G46 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
      Service-learning in Asia : curricular models and practices /edited by Jun Xing and Carol Hok Ka Ma. LC221.4.A78 S47 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
Xing, Kai, editor. : Internet     
      Wireless algorithms, systems, and applications : 8th International Conference, WASA 2013, Zhangjiaji /Kui Ren, Xue Liu, Weifa Liang, Ming Xu, Xiaohua Jia, Kai Xing (eds.). TK5103.2 .W37 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
Xing, Lei.    
      Artificial intelligence in medicine technical basis and clinical applications /[electronic resource] : edited by Lei Xing, Maryellen L. Giger and James K. Min. R859.7.A78eb   E-BOOK 2021
      Big Data in Radiation Oncology RC271.R3eb   E-BOOK 2019
Xing, Lei, editor. : Internet     
      Radiomics and radiogenomics : technical basis and clinical applications /edited by Ruijiang Li, Lei Xing, Sandy Napel, Daniel L. Rubin. RC270.3.D53eb   E-BOOK 2019
Xing, Li, 1962- editor. : Internet     
      The international political economy of the BRICS /edited by Li Xing. HC59.7eb   E-BOOK 2019
Xing, Liudong. : Internet     
      Binary decision diagrams and extensions for system reliability analysis /Liudong Xing, Suprasad V. Amari. TA169eb   E-BOOK 2015
Xing, Liudong, author. : Internet     
      Dynamic system reliability : modelling and analysis of dynamic and dependent behaviors /Liudong Xing, Gregory Levitin, Chaonan Wang. TA169 .X56 2019eb   E-BOOK 2019

Xing, Mohuan -- See Xing, Muhuan

Xing, Muhuan. / Taiwan: industrialization and trade policies. 1971. : Main Stacks     
      The Philippines: industrialization and trade policies /[by] John H. Power and Gerardo P. Sicat [and], Taiwan: industrialization and trade policies [by] Mo-h HC455 .P6 1971   BOOK 1971

Xing Quan Zhang -- See Zhang, Xing Quan

Xing, W. F. : Government Documents     
      Periodic vortex shedding in the supersonic wake of a planar plate /[microform] / W.F. Xing and G. Marenbach. NAS 1.15:77854   MICROFORM 1985
Xing, Wan-Li.    
      Biochips : technology and applications /Wan-Li Xing, Jing Cheng, eds. R857.B5 B55 2003   BOOK c2003
      Frontiers in Biochip Technology /edited by Wan-Li Xing, Jing Cheng. R857.B5 F76 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006

Xing, Wang -- See Wang, Xing

Xing, Wei, editor. : Internet     
      Rotating electrode methods and oxygen reduction electrocatalysts /edited by Wei Xing, Geping Yin, Jiujun Zhang. QD569eb   E-BOOK 2014
Xing xiang tang, kan. : Internet     
      Mo e xiao lu /bu zhu zhuan ren ; Wu Ji ji ding ; Xuepushannong chong jiao.   E-BOOK 1767
Xing, Yafei, author.    
      Digital holographic data representation and compression /Yafei Xing, Beatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Frederic Dufaux. QC449 .X56 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
      Digital holographic data representation and compression /Yafei Xing, Mounir Kaaniche, Béatrice Pesquet-Popescu, Frédéric Dufaux. QC449eb   E-BOOK 2016
Xing, Yan, 1988- : Internet     

Xing, Yan-Ling, 1956- -- See Xing, Yanling, 1956-


Xing, Yang, 1964- -- See Zhang, Yaojie

Xing, Yang, author. : Internet     
      Advanced driver intention inference theory and design /[electronic resource] : Yang Xing, Chen LV, Dongpu Cao. TL272.57 X56 2020eb   E-BOOK 2020
Xing, Yanling, 1956- : Main Stacks     
      T'ai chi ch'uan : the basic exercises /written and performed by Shing Yen-Ling ; technical supervisor, Wang Peikun ; translated into English GV504 .Y46 1990   BOOK c1990

Xing, Yu -- See Also Yu, Xing

Xing, Yun (Writer on chemistry) : Internet     
      Perfluoroalkyl substances in the environment : theory, practice, and innovation /editors, David M. Kempisty, Yun Xing, LeeAnn Racz. TD427.D4 P3945 2018eb   E-BOOK 2019

Xing zheng yuan guo jia ke xue wei yuan hui (China) -- See Guo jia ke xue wei yuan hui

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