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035    eHRAF World Cultures 
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245 00 Nuxalk :|bNE06. 
260    New Haven, Conn. :|bHuman Relations Area Files,|c2011- 
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490 1  EHRAF world cultures 
500    This portion of eHRAF world cultures was last updated in 
       2011 and is a revision and update of the microfiche file, 
500    Title from Web page (viewed Nov. 11, 2011). 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tThird report on the Indians of British Columbia ; The 
       mythology of the Bella Coola Indians /|rFranz Boas --
       |tBella Coola /|rDorothy I.D. Kennedy and Randall T. 
       Bouchard --|tReferences ; Prologue, the repatriation of 
       the Nuxalk Echo mask ; Privileged knowledge versus public 
       education, tensions at Acwsalcta, the Nuxalk Nation 'Place
       of Learning' ; Physical and figurative repatriation, case 
       studies of the Nuxalk Echo mask and the Nuxalk Sun mask /
       |rJennifer Kramer --|tThe Bella Coola Indians /|rT.F. 
       McIlwraith --|tSympathetic magic and witchcraft among the 
       Bellacoola /|rHarlan I. Smith --|tCulture summary, Nuxalk 
       /|rAdam Arthur Solomonian. 
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520 2  This collection of 11 documents covers a wide range of 
       ethnographic topics related to the Nuxalk or Bella Coola 
       Indians, a Canadian First Nations group located in the 
       westernmost province of British Columbia. The date of 
       coverage for the collection ranges from approximately 1840
       to 2006. The primary documents dealing with the 
       traditional ethnography of the Nuxalk are: McIlwraith, 
       Kennedy and Bouchard, and Boas. Other topics covered 
       include: mythology and religion; the importance of magic 
       and sorcery in Nuxalk society; the examination of two old 
       Nuxalk dance masks; the repatriation of an old Echo mask 
       to the tribe; and the teaching of Nuxalk cultural 
       traditions by the traditional vs. western methods. 
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650  0 Nuxalk Indians. 
650  0 Indians of North America|zBritish Columbia. 
650  0 Ethnology|zBritish Columbia. 
651  0 British Columbia|xCivilization. 
651  7 British Columbia.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01205265 
700 1  Bouchard, Randy. 
700 12 Boas, Franz,|d1858-1942.|tThird report on the Indians of 
       British Columbia. 
700 12 Boas, Franz,|d1858-1942.|tMythology of the Bella Coola 
700 12 Kennedy, Dorothy I. D.|tBella Coola. 
700 12 Kramer, Jennifer.|tPrologue, the repatriation of the 
       Nuxalk Echo mask. 
700 12 Kramer, Jennifer.|tPrivileged knowledge versus public 
700 12 Kramer, Jennifer.|tPhysical and figurative repatriation. 
700 12 McIlwraith, T. F.|q(Thomas Forsyth),|d1899-1964.|tBella 
       Coola Indians,|nVol. 1. 
700 12 McIlwraith, T. F.|q(Thomas Forsyth),|d1899-1964.|tBella 
       Coola Indians,|nVol. 2. 
700 12 Smith, Harlan Ingersoll,|d1872-1940.|tSympathetic magic 
       and witchcraft among the Bellacoola. 
700 12 Solomonian, Adam Arthur.|tCulture summary, Nuxalk 
710 2  Human Relations Area Files, inc. 
830  0 EHRAF World Cultures.|pNorth America. 
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