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Title Plastics Technology Handbook, Fifth Edition.
Imprint Milton : CRC Press, 2017.


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Edition 5th ed.
Description 1 online resource (1045 pages).
Series Plastics Engineering
Plastics Engineering.
Note ""1.16 Deterioration of Polymers""
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Contents ""Cover""; ""Half Title""; ""Title Page""; ""Copyright Page""; ""Dedication""; ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Author""; ""Chapter 1: Characteristics of Polymers and Polymerization Processes""; ""1.1 What Is a Polymer?""; ""1.2 Molecular Weight of Polymers""; ""1.2.1 Number-Average Molecular Weight (Mn)""; "" End-Group Analysis""; "" Ebulliometry (Boiling-Point Elevation)""; "" Cryoscopy (Freezing-Point Depression)""; "" Membrane Osmometry""; "" Vapor-Phase Osmometry""; ""1.2.2 Weight-Average Molecular Weight (Mw)""; "" Light-Scattering Method""
"" Low-Angle Laser Light Scattering (LALLS)""""1.2.3 Viscosity-Average Molecular Weight (Mv)""; "" Dilute Solution Viscometry""; ""1.2.4 Polydispersity Index""; "" Gel Permeation Chromatography""; ""1.3 Polymerization Reactions""; ""1.3.1 Addition or Chain Polymerization""; ""1.3.2 Coordination Addition Polymerization""; ""1.3.3 Step Polymerization""; ""1.3.4 Supramolecular Polymerization""; ""1.3.5 Copolymerization""; ""1.4 Polymerization Processes""; ""1.4.1 Process Characteristics""; "" Bulk, Solution, and Suspension Polymerization""
"" Emulsion Polymerization"""" Microemulsion Polymerization""; ""1.4.2 Industrial Polymerization""; "" Heat Removal""; "" Reactor Agitation""; "" Residence Time""; "" Industrial Reactors""; "" Polymers Soluble in Their Monomers""; "" Polymers Insoluble in Their Monomers""; "" Solution Polymerization""; "" Suspension Polymerization""; "" Emulsion Polymerization""; ""1.5 Configurations of Polymer Molecules""; ""1.6 Conformations of a Polymer Molecule""; ""1.7 Polymer Crystallinity""
""1.7.1 Determinants of Polymer Crystallinity""""1.8 The Amorphous State""; ""1.9 Structural Shape of Polymer Molecules""; ""1.10 Thermal Transitions in Polymers""; ""1.10.1 Tg and Tm""; ""1.10.2 Regions of Viscoelastic Behavior""; ""1.10.3 Factors Affecting Tg""; "" Chain Flexibility""; "" Steric Effects""; "" Configurational Effects""; "" Effect of Cross-Linking""; ""1.10.4 Factors Affecting Tm""; "" Symmetry""; "" Intermolecular Bonding""; "" Tacticity""; "" Branching, Chain Flexibility, and Molecular Weight""
""1.10.5 Relation between Tm and Tg""""1.11 Designing a Polymer Structure for Improved Properties""; ""1.12 Cross-Linking of Polymer Chains""; ""1.12.1 Reactions of Functional Groups""; ""1.12.2 Vulcanization""; ""1.12.3 Radiation Cross-Linking""; ""1.12.4 Photochemical Cross-Linking""; ""1.12.5 Ionic Cross-Linking""; ""1.13 Solubility Behavior of Polymers""; ""1.13.1 Solubility Parameter""; ""1.14 Effects of Corrosives on Polymers""; ""1.15 Thermal Stability and Flame Retardation""; ""1.15.1 Thermal Degradation""; ""1.15.2 Ablation""; ""1.15.3 Flame Retardation""
Summary "Updated throughout to reflect advances over the last decade, the Fifth Edition continues the handbook's tradition of authoritative coverage of fundamentals, production methods, properties, and applications of plastics and polymer-based materials. It covers tooling for plastics fabrication processes, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, foamed plastics, reinforced plastics, plastisols, and new developments in mold design. It also discusses rubber compounding and processing technologies. More recent developments in polymer fabrication and processing, including electrospinning, electrografted coating, polymer-metal?hybrid joining, flex printing, and rapid prototyping/ 3D printing, are also presented. The handbook highlights advanced materials including natural and synthetic gfnanosize polymers, their unusual properties, and innovative applications, as well as polymer-carbon nanocomposites, graphene-based polymer nanocomposites, smart healable polymer composites, smart polymer coatings, electroactive polymers, polymer nanomaterials, and novel nano-/microfibrillar polymer composites. It offers updates on polymer solar battery development, plastics recycling and disposal methods, new concepts of "upcycling" and single-polymer composites, renewable synthetic polymers, biodegradable plastics and composites, and toxicity of plastics. The book also provides an overview of new developments in polymer applications in various fields including packaging, building and construction, corrosion prevention and control, automotive, aerospace applications, electrical and electronic applications, agriculture and horticulture, domestic appliances and business machines, medical and biomedical applications, marine and offshore applications, and sports."--Provided by publisher.
Other Title Print version: Chanda, Manas. Plastics Technology Handbook, Fifth Edition. Milton : CRC Press, ©2017 9781498786218