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Title South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy : the Strategic Role of Platinum Group Metals.
Imprint Real African Publishers, 2014.


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Subject Platinum ores -- South Africa.
Platinum group -- South Africa.
South Africa.
Contents Front Cover ; Title Page ; Half Title ; Copyright ; Dedication ; Contents ; Foreword; Authors; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; List of Figures and Tables; Chapter 1: PGM and Other Strategic Minerals in the Hydrogen Economy: South Africa's Boon?; 1 Introduction; 2 World Reserves of Platinum Group Metals; 3 Contemporary Uses of Platinum Group Metals; 4 Trends in PGM Demand and Applications; 5 Prospects for Future PGM Applications; 6 The PGM Supply Chain; 7 New Energy Paradigm; 8 Strategic Role of PGM and Other Strategic Minerals in the Hydrogen Economy; 9 Other Strategic Minerals.
10 ConclusionBibliography; Chapter 2: The Global Hydrogen Economy and Fuel Cell Technology; 1 Introduction; 2 Global Hydrogen Fuel Cells; 3 Technological and Economic Challenges; 4 Prototype and Demonstration Projects; 5 Hydrogen Infrastructure; 6 Commercial Applications of Platinum-Based Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies ; 7 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies: South Africa; 8 Conclusion; Bibliography; Chapter 3: Emergence of New Industries: Industry and Knowledge Factors; 1 Introduction; 2 Theoretical Analysis; 3 Data and Method; 4 Findings; 5 Conclusion; 6 Model/Analytical Limitations.
7 Policy Implications for South AfricaBibliography; Chapter 4: Innovation and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturing; 1 New Shift in Global Manufacturing; 2 Collaborative Innovation in Manufacturing; 3 Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Manufacturing; 4 Factors Driving Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Manufacturing; 5 Strategies of Firms in South Africa; 6 Research Networks as a Localisation Strategy; 7 Policy Implications; Bibliography; Chapter 5: Exploring Pathways to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Transition in the South African Road Transport Sector; 1 Introduction.
2 What is Hydrogen in Physical and Energy Terms?3 Challenges to a Hydrogen Economy; 4 National Research Programmes in South Africa and Elsewhere; 5 The Performance of Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicles ; 6 The Future Costs of Fuel Cell Vehicles; 7 Results and Discussion; 8 Findings and Conclusions; Bibliography; Chapter 6: Geopolitical Implications of a Global Hydrogen Economy for Southern Africa; 1 Introduction; 2 Geopolitical Socio-Technical Landscape of PGM ; 3 Geopolitical Factors in the Socio-Technical Regime of PGM ; 4 The Dominant Practices and the PGM Sector.
5 Some Considerations in a Geostrategic ApproachBibliography; Chapter 7: Beyond Mining: Sustainability and Sustainable Development -- Theoretical Foundation; 1 Introduction; 2 Beneficiation; 3 Sustainability and Sustainable Development; 4 Regulatory Structures Impacting Mining; 5 Situational Analysis Pointing the Way Forward to Rethinking Sustainability on the Mines; 6 Sustainable Development as Managed Transitions; Bibliography; Chapter 8: Beyond Mining: Sustainability and Sustainable Development -- Sustainability Orientated Model; Section A; 1 Introduction.
Summary South Africa and the Global Hydrogen Economy: The Strategic Role of Platinum Group Metals' is the publication of a MISTRA research project on the use of strategic minerals in the global putative hydrogen economy. The book highlights the global significance of platinum group metals (PGM) and explores the strategic opportunities that arise out of South Africa's endowment of these strategic resources. From their extraction to their applications in fuel cells, what options are available for the country, the region and the world to better leverage this endowment towards supporting growth and development objectives? In view of their expanding range of applications, do PGM need the hydrogen economy? Conversely, does the hydrogen economy need PGM? Addressed to all industry stakeholders, including those in the public and private sectors, the options explored in this book are based on a thorough analysis of the global dynamics that should inform policy and business models related to PGM.
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