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Title Catalysis Science from the Onset to the Modern Days.
Imprint Somerset : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, 2017.


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Description 1 online resource (344 pages)
Note 6.2.2 Al2O3 and Al2O3-Based Catalysts and Processes.
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.
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Subject Catalysis -- History.
Photocatalysis -- History.
Biocatalysis -- History.
Chemistry, Physical and theoretical -- History.
Genre History.
Contents Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Chapter 1 From the Onset to the First Large-Scale Industrial Processes; 1.1 Origin of the Catalytic Era; 1.2 Berzelius and the Affinity Theory of Catalysis; 1.3 Discovery of the Occurrence of Catalytic Processes in Living Systems in the Nineteenth Century; 1.4 Kinetic Interpretation of Catalytic Processes in Solutions: The Birth of Homogeneous Catalysis; 1.5 Onset of Heterogeneous Catalysis; 1.6 First Large-Scale Industrial Processes Based on Heterogeneous Catalysts; 1.6.1 Sulfuric Acid Synthesis; 1.6.2 Ammonia Problem.
1.6.3 Ammonia Oxidation Process1.6.4 Ammonia Synthesis; 1.7 Fischer-Tropsch Catalytic Process; 1.8 Methanol Synthesis; 1.9 Acetylene Production and Utilization; 1.10 Anthraquinone Process for Hydrogen Peroxide Production; References; Chapter 2 Historical Development of Theories of Catalysis; 2.1 Heterogeneous Catalysis; 2.2 Chemical Kinetics and the Mechanisms of Catalysis; 2.3 Electronic Theory of Catalysis: Active Sites; References; Chapter 3 Catalytic Processes Associated with Hydrocarbons and the Petroleum Industry; 3.1 Petroleum and Polymer Eras.
3.2 Catalytic Cracking, Isomerization, and Alkylation of Petroleum Fractions3.3 Reforming Catalysts; 3.4 Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) Processes; 3.5 Hydrocarbon Hydrogenation Reactions with Heterogeneous Catalysts; 3.6 Olefin Polymerization: Ziegler-Natta, Metallocenes, and Phillips Catalysts; 3.7 Selective Oxidation Reactions; 3.7.1 Alkane Oxidation; 3.7.2 Olefin Oxidation; 3.7.3 Aromatic Compounds Oxidation; 3.8 Ammoximation and Oxychlorination of Olefins; 3.9 Ethylbenzene and Styrene Catalytic Synthesis; 3.10 Heterogeneous Metathesis.
3.11 Catalytic Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene from Hydrocarbon FeedstocksReferences; Chapter 4 Surface Science Methods in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century; 4.1 Real Dispersed Catalysts versus Single Crystals: A Decreasing Gap; 4.2 Physical Methods for the Study of Dispersed Systems and Real Catalysts; 4.3 Surface Science of Single-Crystal Faces and of Well-defined Systems; References; Chapter 5 Development of Homogeneous Catalysis and Organocatalysis; 5.1 Introductory Remarks; 5.2 Homogeneous Acid and Bases as Catalysts: G. Olah Contribution; 5.3 Organometallic Catalysts.
5.4 Asymmetric Epoxidation Catalysts5.5 Olefin Oligomerization Catalysts; 5.6 Organometallic Metathesis; 5.7 Cross-Coupling Reactions; 5.8 Pd(II)-Based Complexes and Oxidation of Methane to Methanol; 5.9 Non-transition Metal Catalysis, Organocatalysis, and Organo-Organometallic Catalysis Combination; 5.9.1 Metal-Free Hydrogen Activation and Hydrogenation; 5.9.2 Amino Catalysis; 5.10 Bio-inspired Homogeneous Catalysts; References; Chapter 6 Material Science and Catalysis Design; 6.1 Metallic Catalysts; 6.2 Oxides and Mixed Oxides; 6.2.1 SiO2 and SiO2-Based Catalysts and Processes.
Other Author Califano, Salvatore.
Other Title Print version: Zecchina, Adriano. Catalysis Science from the Onset to the Modern Days. Somerset : John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, ©2017 9781119181262