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245 00 Handbook of neuroemergency clinical trials /|cedited by 
       Brett E. Skolnick, Wayne M. Alves. 
250    2nd ed. 
260    London :|bElsevier Academic Press,|c[2018] 
300    1 online resource 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Acute ischemic stroke / Bruce C.V. Campbell, Christopher 
       F. Bladin, Geoffrey A. Donnan and Stephen M. Davis -- 
       Subarachnoid hemorrhage / Robert Loch McDonald -- Clinical
       trials in spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage / Fred 
       Rincon and Stephan A. Mayer -- Imaging biomarkers in 
       stroke trials / Hans Bakken and Max Wintermark -- 
       Traumatic brain injury / Shamik Chakraborty, Brett E. 
       Skolnick, Wayne M. Alves, Lawrence F. Marshall and Raj K. 
       Narayan -- Improving approaches to evaluate efficacy and 
       safety of drugs for tarumatic brain injury / Andrew I.R. 
       Maas and David K. Menon -- Brain imaging in traumatic 
       brain injury / Timothy I. Alves -- The use of blood-based 
       biomarkers to improve the design of clinical trials of 
       traumatic brain injury / Olena Y. Glushakova, Alexander V.
       Glushakov, Rebekah Mannix, Emmy R. Miller, Alex B. Valdka 
       and Ronald L. Hayes -- Biostatistical issues in TBI 
       clinical trials / Sharon D. Yeatts, Yuko Y. Palesch and 
       Nancy Temkin -- Acute seizures and status epilepticus / 
       Susan T. Herman -- Neuroemergencies in critical care 
       patients / Jared A. Greenberg and Thomas P. Bleck -- 
       Neuroemergency clinical trials / Stephen D. Silberstein 
       and Thomas Berk -- Acute visual deficits / Clotilde 
       Hainline, Alexandra Lloyd-Smith, Janet C. Rucker, Madhura 
       A. Tamhankar and Laura J. Balcer -- Implications for new 
       trials in acute ischemic stroke in the new era of 
       endovascular therapy / Charlotte Zerna, Jessalyn K. 
       Holodinsky, Mayank Goyal and Michael D. Hill -- The role 
       of a project medical officer in acute neuroemergency 
       clinical studies / Howard Levy -- Regulatory 
       considerations / Steven B. Johnson -- Military 
       perspectives on brain injuries / Geoffrey Ling, Nicole 
       Draghic, Jamie Grimes and James Ecklund. 
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520    Handbook of Neuroemergency Clinical Trials, Second Edition,
       focuses on the practice of clinical trials in acute 
       neuroscience populations, or what have been called 
       neuroemergencies. Neuroemergencies are complex, life-
       threatening diseases and disorders, often with devastating
       consequences, including death or disability. The overall 
       costs are staggering in terms of annual incidence and 
       costs associated with treatment and survival, yet despite 
       their significance as public health issues, there are few 
       drugs and devices available for definitive treatment. The 
       book focuses on novel therapies and the unique challenges 
       their intended targets pose for the design and analysis of
       clinical trials. This volume provides neurologists, 
       neuroscientists, and drug developers with a more complete 
       understanding of the scientific and medical issues of 
       relevance in designing and initiating clinical development
       plans for novel drugs intended for acute neuroscience 
       populations. The editors provide the best understanding of
       the pitfalls associated with acute CNS drug development 
       and the best information on how to approach and solve 
       issues that have plagued drug development. 
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655  7 Handbooks and manuals.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423877 
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700 1  Skolnick, Brett Evan. 
700 1  Alves, Wayne M. 
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