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1   Computer input-output equipment -- 25 Related Subjects    
2 Computer input-output equipment.    
      ²TL : a raid I/O scheduling algorithm for simultaneously providing latency and throughput guarantees Kwok, Yipkei.; HB142 .K96 2014   MANUSCRIPT 2014
      ABIOS for IBM PS/2 computers and compatibles : the complete guide to ROM-based system software for OS QA76.8 .I25963A25 1989   BOOK c1989
      Advanced intelligent terminals as a user's network interface. Anderson, Robert H.; TK5105.5.A644 .A483 f   BOOK 1975
      Approach for human computer interaction to simulate the function of a computer mouse [electronic reso Shivaswamy, Kumar,; TK7887.5 .S55 2006   MANUSCRIPT 2006
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3 Computer input-output equipment -- Asia -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Asia-Pacific [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.A78 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
4 Computer input-output equipment -- Australia -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Australia [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.A8 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
5 Computer input-output equipment -- Belgium -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Belgium [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.B4 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
6 Computer input-output equipment -- Brazil -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Brazil [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.B6 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
7 Computer input-output equipment -- Canada -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Canada [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.C2 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
8 Computer input-output equipment -- Catalogs. : Main Stacks     
      Engineering Systems Group graphics referral catalog T385 .E597 1983 f   BOOK 1983
9 Computer input-output equipment -- China -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in China [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.C6 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
10 Computer input-output equipment -- Comparative method. : Government Documents     
      Geographic information systems comparisons of hardware and data entry methods [microform] / by Alan B Bell, Alan.  MICROFORM 1993
11 Computer input-output equipment -- Computer simulation. : Main Stacks     
      VHDL, hardware description and design / by Roger Lipsett, Carl F. Schaefer, Cary Ussery. Lipsett, Roger,; TK7887.5 .L57 1989   BOOK c1989
12 Computer input-output equipment -- Congresses.    
      Digest of papers / Compcon ... Annual IEEE Computer Society International Conference. Compcon.; QA75.5 .C58   SERIAL c1996
      Hardware and software, verification and testing : 4th International Haifa Verification Conference, HV International Haifa Verification Conference; QA76.76 .V47 I54 2008   BOOK 2009
      Hardware and software : verification and testing : 6th International Haifa Verification Conference, H International Haifa Verification Conference; QA76.76 .V47 I54 2010   BOOK 2011
      Hardware and software, verification and testing : First International Haifa Verification Conference, International Haifa Verification Conference; QA76.76 .V47 I54 2005   BOOK 2006
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13 Computer input-output equipment -- Czech Republic -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in the Czech Republic [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.C94 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
14 Computer input-output equipment -- Denmark -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Denmark [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.D4 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
15 Computer input-output equipment -- Design and construction.    
      Assessment of the ergonomic quality of hand-held tools and computer input devices / edited by Helmut TJ1195 .A74 2007eb   E-BOOK 2007
      Computer output design / Susan Wooldridge. Wooldridge, Susan,; TK7887.5 .W66   BOOK 1975
      Embedded SOPC design with NIOS II processor and VHDL examples / Pong P. Chu. Chu, Pong P.,; TK7895.E42 C48 2011eb   E-BOOK 2011
      The hardware hacker : adventures in making and breaking hardware / Andrew "Bunnie" Huang. Huang, Andrew,; TK7836eb   E-BOOK 2017
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16 Computer input-output equipment -- Development -- Specifications. : Main Stacks     
      Platform-independent data locality analysis to predict cache performance on abstract hardware platfor Shrestha, Sonish,; TK7895 .M4 S47 2014   MANUSCRIPT 2014
17 Computer input-output equipment -- France -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in France [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.F8 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
18 Computer input-output equipment -- Germany -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Germany [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.G3 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
19 Computer input-output equipment -- Great Britain -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in the United Kingdom [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.G7 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
20 Computer input-output equipment -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.    
      Complete guide to RS232 and parallel connections : a step-by- step approach to connecting computers, Seyer, Martin D.; TK7887.5 .S46 1988   BOOK c1988
      MCSA/MCSE 2003 JumpStart : computer and network basics / Lisa Donald. Donald, Lisa.; QA76.5 .D663 2003beb   E-BOOK 2003
      Microprocessor and peripheral handbook. TK7887 .M52   SERIAL c1987-
      Raspberry Pi blueprints : design and build your own hardware projects that interact with the real wor Nixon, Dan,; QA76.8.R15eb   E-BOOK 2015
21 Computer input-output equipment -- Hungary -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Hungary [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.H9 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
22 Computer input-output equipment -- India -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in India [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.I4 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
23 Computer input-output equipment -- Italy -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Italy [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.I8 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
24 Computer input-output equipment -- Japan -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Japan [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.J3 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
25 Computer input-output equipment -- Korea (South) -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in South Korea [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.K6 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
26 Computer input-output equipment -- Maintenance and repair -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Internet     
      PC hardware annoyances : how to fix the most annoying things about your computer hardware / Stephen J Bigelow, Stephen J.; TK7887.5 .B52 2004eb   E-BOOK 2005
27 Computer input-output equipment -- Marketing. : Internet     
      The hardware startup : building your product, business, and brand / Renee DiResta, Brady Forrest, and DiResta, Renee,; HD9696.25.A2 D57 2015eb   E-BOOK 2015
28 Computer input-output equipment -- Mexico -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Mexico [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.M6 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
29 Computer input-output equipment -- Miscellanea. : Internet     
      Handbook of computer troubleshooting / Michael Byrd, Jim Pearson, Robert A. Saigh. Byrd, Michael,; TK7887 .B97 2001eb   E-BOOK 2001
30 Computer input-output equipment -- Netherlands -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in the Netherlands [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.N4 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
31 Computer input-output equipment -- Norway -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Norway [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.N8 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
32 Computer input-output equipment -- Pacific Area -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Asia-Pacific [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.A78 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
33 Computer input-output equipment -- Periodicals.    
      Computer equipment industry yearbook [electronic resource]. HD9696.2 .C667   E-PERIODICAL  
      Computer hardware in Singapore [electronic resource]. HD9696.25.A1   E-PERIODICAL  
      Global computer hardware [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7885.A1 G563   E-PERIODICAL  
      Global computer storage & peripherals [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5 .G563   E-PERIODICAL  
      Global technology hardware & equipment [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5 .G563   E-PERIODICAL  
34 Computer input-output equipment -- Poland -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Poland [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.P7 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
35 Computer input-output equipment -- Programming.    
      Building a better mouse trap : a programmer's guide to the mouse / Jeffrey S. Donovan. Donovan, Jeffrey S.; TK7887.8 .M52 D66 1992   BOOK c1992
      Hacking the Kinect / Jeff Kramer [and others]. TK6681 .H33 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Kinect hacks / Jared St. Jean. St. Jean, Jared.; TK7882.P3 S7 2012eb   E-BOOK 2013
      Programming with the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit / David Catuhe. Catuhe, David.; TJ223.P76 C38 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Start here! learn Microsoft Kinect API / Rob Miles. Miles, Rob S.; TK6681eb   E-BOOK 2012
36 Computer input-output equipment -- Purchasing -- Periodicals. : Main Stacks     
      Computerworld's buyer's guide: terminals and peripherals. TK7887.8.T4 C666 f   BOOK 1983-
37 Computer input-output equipment -- Reliability. : Main Stacks     
      Beyond redundancy : how geographic redundancy can improve service availability and reliability of com Bauer, Eric.; TK7887.5 .B395 2012   BOOK c2012
38 Computer input-output equipment -- Russia -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Russia [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.R8 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
39 Computer input-output equipment -- South Africa -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in South Africa [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.S6 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
40 Computer input-output equipment -- Spain -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Spain [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.S7 C666   E-PERIODICAL  

Computer input-output equipment Standards -- See Also the narrower term InfiniBand (Standard)

42 Computer input-output equipment -- Standards.    
      InfiniBand Network Architecture / Shanley, Tom. Shanley, Tom,  E-BOOK 2002
      Storage module interfaces (with extensions for enhanced storage module interfaces) / U.S. Department United States.  BOOK 1985
43 Computer input-output equipment -- Standards -- United States.    
      Coding and modulation requirements for 4,800 bit/second modems. National Computer Systems Laboratory (U.S.)  BOOK 1989
      I/O channel interface : category-- hardware standard, subcategory-- interface. United States.  BOOK 1984
      Interface between data terminal equipment (DTE) and data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) for oper United States.  BOOK 1983
44 Computer input-output equipment -- Standards -- United States -- Auditing. : Internet     
      Information technology: agencies need to develop modernization plans for critical legacy systems : re United States.  E-REPORT 2019
45 Computer input-output equipment -- Sweden -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Sweden [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.S8 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
46 Computer input-output equipment -- Taiwan -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in Taiwan [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.T28 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
47 Computer input-output equipment -- Testing -- Evaluation. : Main Stacks     
      Platform-independent data locality analysis to predict cache performance on abstract hardware platfor Shrestha, Sonish,; TK7895 .M4 S47 2014   MANUSCRIPT 2014
48 Computer input-output equipment -- United States -- Periodicals. : Internet     
      Computer hardware in the United States [electronic resource] / Datamonitor. TK7887.5.U5 C666   E-PERIODICAL  
49 Computer input-output equipment ǂx Performances. : Government Documents     
      I/O performance measurement on Cray-1 and CDC 7600 computers. QA75.5   MICROFORM 1980
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