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Title Digital copyright law / Cameron Hutchison.
Imprint Toronto : Irwin Law, 2016.


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Description 1 online resource
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Subject Copyright and electronic data processing -- Canada.
Copyright -- Electronic information resources -- Canada.
Copyright -- Canada.
Contents Title Page; Summary Table of Contents; Detailed Table of Contents; Preface and Acknowledgments; Note; Introduction; A. The Interests That Copyright Law Is to Advance; B. Towards a Balancing of Interests; C. The Digital Disruption; D. Rebalancing Copyright in the Digital Age; E. How This Book Addresses Copyright Issues; Chapter 1: Interpretive Dimensions; A. Introduction; B. Digital Facts; C. Statutory Interpretation; 1) Approaches; a) Ordinary Meaning; b) Dynamic Intentionalism; c) Purposivism; D. Evolving Principles of Law; 1) Legitimate Economic Interests and Separation.
2) Technological Neutralitya) Non-discrimination; b) Non-interference; E. Neutralizing Digital Facts; F. The Future of Technological Neutrality ; Chapter 2: Authored Works; A. Introduction; B. Requirements for Copyright in Authored Works; 1) Literary, Dramatic, Musical, or Artistic Work; 2) Fixation; 3) Expression; 4) Originality; 5) Authorship; C. Economic Rights; 1) Reproduction and the Status of Non-consumptive Copies; 2) Substantial Taking; 3) Telecommunication ; 4) Distribution and Exhaustion; 5) Authorization; D. Moral Rights; Chapter 3: Neighbouring Rights and Collective Management.
A. IntroductionB. Neighbouring Rights; 1) Performers' Performances; 2) Sound Recordings; 3) Equitable Remuneration; 4) Broadcasts; C. Collective Management of Copyright; Table 3.1: Rights Spreadsheet; Table 3.2: Collective Societies Summary; Table 3.3: Copyrights and Collective Societies; Chapter 4: Ownership, Licensing, Registration, and Infringement; A. Introduction; B. Ownership; C. Licensing; 1) Assignments, Exclusive Licences, and Non-exclusive Licences; 2) Contract Law Issues; 3) Open-Source Licences; D. Copyright Registration; E. Infringement; 1) Identifying Infringers on the Internet.
Chapter 5: Technological Protection Measures and Rights Management Information A. Introduction; B. Technological Protection Measures: Section 41; 1) The International Legal Context ; 2) Purpose; 3) "Effective" Technological Protection Measures; 4) Circumvention; 5) Is There an Access Control Right?; 6) Manufacturers and Intermediaries; 7) Remedies; 8) Exceptions; C. Rights Management Information; Chapter 6: User Rights; A. Introduction; B. Fair Dealing; 1) Allowable Purposes ; 2) Criteria for Assessing Fairness; 3) Fair Dealing in the Digital Context.
C. Exceptions Outlined in Sections 29.21 to 32.21) User-Generated Content ; 2) Private Copy Exceptions; 3) Educational Institutions; 4) Libraries, Archives, and Museums (LAM); 5) Computer Programs; 6) Incidental Use/Temporary Copy; 7) Ephemeral Copies; 8) Retransmission; 9) Perceptual Disabilities; 10) Statutory Obligations; 11) Miscellaneous Exceptions; Chapter 7: Internet Intermediaries; A. Introduction; B. Background; 1) The Issues in CAIP; a) Safe Harbour Considerations; b) The Authorization Right; 2) The US Notice and Takedown Regime; C. The CMA Amendments.
Other Title Hutchison, Cameron, 1963- Digital copyright law./. Toronto : Irwin Law, 2016