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Title Handbook of EPR spectra from quinones and quinols / editor, Jens A. Pederson.
Imprint Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, 2018.


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Series CRC revivals
CRC revivals.
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Subject Quinone -- Spectra -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Hydroquinone -- Spectra -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Genre Handbooks and manuals.
Contents Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Preface; The Editor; Advisory Board; Table of Contents; Introduction; Assignments; Principles of EPR; Radicals; Hyperfine Splittings; Determinations of Splitting Constants from Experimental Spectra; Assignment of Splitting Constants; The g-Factor; An Analytical Application; Semiquinone Spectra; Explanation to Tables; Location of Radicals; Splitting Constants; Tables; I: Anions; Benzoserniquinone Anions; I.1 1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.2 1,3-Benzosemiquinones; I.3 1,4-Benzosemiquinones; I.3.1 2'-Substituted Pheny1-1,4-Benzosemiquinones
I.3.2 3'-Substituted Pheny1-1,4-BenzosemiquinonesI.3.3 4'-Substituted Pheny1-1,4-Benzosemiquinones; I.3.4 Polysubstituted Ary1-1,4-Benzosemiquinones; I.3.5 Imidazo- and Triazolo-1,4-Benzosemiquinones; I.4 Pyrogallol Serniquinones â#x80;#x94; Dianions; I.5 Pyrogallol Serniquinones â#x80;#x94; Monoanions; I.6 4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.6.1 2'-Substituted 5-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.6.2 3'-Substituted 5-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.6.3 4'-Substituted 5-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.6.4 Polysubstituted 5-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones
I.6.5 2'-Substituted 6-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-BenzosemiquinonesI.6.6 3'-Substituted 6-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.6.7 4'-Substituted 6-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.6.8 Polysubstituted 6-Pheny1-4-Oxido-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.7 4-Hydroxy-and 4-Alkoxy/Aryloxy-1,2-Benzosemiquinones; I.8 2-Hydroxy-and 2-Alkoxy/Aryloxy-1,4-Benzosemiquinones; I.9 Benzosemiquinones with Four Key Oxygens [1,2,3,4]; I.10 Benzosemiquinones with Four Key Oxygens [1,2,3,5]; I.11 Benzosemiquinones with Four Key Oxygens [1,2,4,5]; I.12 Benzosemiquinones with Five and Six Key Oxygens
I.13.1 BicyclobenzosemiquinoneI.13.2 Semiquinones Derived from 3',6'-Dihydroxybenzobicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-ene; I.13.3 Semiquinones Derived from 3',6'-Dihydroxybenzobicyclo[2.2.2]oct-2-ene; I.13.4 Semiquinones Derived from 3',6'-Dihydroxybenzobicyclo[2.2.1]hepta-2,5-diene; I.13.5 Semiquinones Derived from 3',6'-Dihydroxybenzobicyclo[2.2.2]octa-2,5-diene; I.14 Semiquinone Radicals Derived from Triptycene; Naphthosemiquinone Anions; I.15.1 Naphthosemiquinones with Two Key Oxygens; I.15.2 Naphthosemiquinones with Three Key Oxygens; I.15.3 Naphthosemiquinones with Four to Eight Key Oxygens
I.15.4 BicyclonaphthosemiquinonesAnthrasemiquinone Anions; I.16.1 Anthrasemiquinones with Two Key Oxygens; I.16.2 Hydroxy- and Alkoxyanthrasemiquinones; Phenanthrasemiquinone Anions; I.17 Phenanthrenesemiquinones; Miscellaneous Anions and Some Neutral Species; I.18.1 Tropone Anion Radicals and Tropolonyl Radicals; I.18.2 Benztropolonyl Radicals; I.19 Diphenosemiquinones; I.20 Semiquinones Derived from Diquinones; I.21 Diarylfuran Semiquinone Derivatives; I.22.1 3',4'-Dioxidoflavonoid Anion Radicals â#x80;#x94; B-Ring Semiquinones
I.22.2 2',3',4'- and 3',4',5'-Trioxidoflavonoid Anion Radicals â#x80;#x94; B-Ring Semiquinones
Summary This handbook contains a complication of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) data of numerous semiquinones and related radicals. The handbook is intended as a general reference guide to the structural studies of the radicals obtained by redox processes from natural and synthetic quinones and quinols.
Other Author Pedersen, Jens A., editor.