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1   Electronic circuits -- 25 Related Subjects    
2 Electronic circuits.    
      Acoustic imaging with electronic circuits / Henning F. Harmuth. Harmuth, Henning F.; TA1770 .H37   BOOK 1979
      Advanced DC/AC inverters : applications in renewable energy / Fang Lin Luo, Hong Ye. Luo, Fang Lin.; TK2791 .L86 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
      Advanced DC/AC inverters : applications in renewable energy / Fang Lin Luo, Hong Ye. Luo, Fang Lin.; TK2791eb   E-BOOK 2013
      The algebra of electronics. Page, Chester Hall.; QA401 .P25   BOOK 1958
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3 Electronic circuits -- Amateurs' manuals.    
      Der Maker-guide für die Zombie Apokalypse : 20 Survival-projekte mit einfacher elektronik, Arduino un Monk, Simon,; TJ223.P76eb   E-BOOK 2016
      The maker's guide to the zombie apocalypse : defend your base with simple circuits, Arduino, and Rasp Monk, Simon,; TK9965eb   E-BOOK 2016
      The maker's guide to the zombie apocalypse : defend your base with simple circuits, Arduino, and Rasp Monk, Simon.; TK9965eb   E-BOOK 2015
4 Electronic circuits -- Analysis -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Government Documents     
      Sneak circuit analysis : a means of verifying design integrity.   BOOK 1986
5 Electronic circuits -- Computer-aided design.    
      Analog Electronics with LabVIEW. Ashley, Kenneth L.,; TK7816 .A84 2003eb   E-BOOK 2002
      Simulación de circuitos electrónicos con OrCAD® 16 Demo / Camilo Quintáns Graña. Quintáns Graña, Camilo,; TK7866 ebook   E-BOOK 2008
6 Electronic circuits -- Computer simulation.    
      Analog design and simulation using OrCAD® Capture and PSpice® / Dennis Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, Dennis; TK7867eb   E-BOOK 2018
      Analog design and simulation using OrCAD Capture and PSpice / Dennis Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, Dennis; TK7867 .F57 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Circuit simulation / Farid N. Najm. Najm, Farid N.; TK7867 .N33 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
      Circuit simulation methods and algorithms / Jan Ogrodzki. Ogrodzki, Jan.; TK7867 .O33 1994eb   E-BOOK 1994
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7 Electronic circuits -- Computer simulation -- Congresses. : Internet     
      Modeling of Systems Circuits and Devices (MOS-AK India), Conference on [electronic resource]. TK7867 .M63   E-PERIODICAL  
8 Electronic circuits -- Computer simulation -- Textbooks. : Internet     
      Analog integrated circuit design by simulation : techniques, tools, and methods / Uğur Çilingiroğlu. Çilingiroğlu, Uğur,; TK7874.654eb   E-BOOK 2019
9 Electronic circuits -- Congresses.    
      1997 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems : circuits and systems in the information a IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems; TK454.2 .I42 1997   BOOK c1997
      1998 IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems : surfing the waves of scien IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits, and Systems; TK7874 .I32355 1998   BOOK c1998
      Circuit Theory and Design, ECCTD, European Conference on [electronic resource]. TK7867 .C57   E-PERIODICAL  
      Circuits and Systems, China International Conference on [electronic resource]. TK7801 .C48 1991   E-PERIODICAL  
26 additional entries    
10 Electronic circuits -- Data processing.    
      Circuit design and analysis : featuring C routines / C. Britton Rorabaugh. Rorabaugh, C. Britton.; TK7872.F5 R67 1992   BOOK c1992
      Evolutionary electronics : automatic design of electronic circuits and systems by genetic algorithms Zebulum, Ricardo Salem.; TK7867 .Z43 2002eb   E-BOOK 2002
      Macromodeling with SPICE / J. Alvin Connelly, Pyung Choi. Connelly, J. A.; TK454 .C68 1992   BOOK 1992
      Tolerance analysis of electronic circuits using MATLAB / Robert R. Boyd. Boyd, Robert; TK7867 .B65 1999   BOOK c1999
      Tolerance analysis of electronic circuits using MATLAB / Robert R. Boyd. Boyd, Robert; TK7867eb   E-BOOK 1999

Electronic circuits Design -- See Electronic circuit design

12 Electronic circuits -- Design and construction. : Internet     
      Electrónica análoga : diseño de circuitos / Alfredo José Constaín Aragón, Efraín Bernal Alzate. Constaín Aragón, Alfredo José,; TK7867 eb   E-BOOK 2009
13 Electronic circuits -- Design and construction -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Internet     
      Practical RF Handbook. Hickman, Ian.; TK6553eb   E-BOOK 2006
14 Electronic circuits -- Dictionaries. : Main Stacks     
      Illustrated encyclopedic dictionary of electronic circuits / John Douglas-Young. Douglas-Young, John.; TK7867 .D65 1983   BOOK c1983
15 Electronic circuits -- Effect of radiation on.    
      Radiation effects and soft errors in integrated circuits and electronic devices / editors, R.D. Schri TK7870.285 .R33 2004eb   E-BOOK 2004
      Terrestrial Radiation Effects in ULSI Devices and Electronic Systems. Ibe, Eishi H.; TK7870.285 .I384 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Terrestrial radiation effects in ULSI devices and electronic systems / Eishi H. Ibe. Ibe, Eishi H.; TK7870.285eb   E-BOOK 2015
16 Electronic circuits -- Experiments -- Data processing. : Main Stacks     
      Computer simulated experiments for electronic devices using Electronics Workbench Multisim / Richard Berube, R. H.; TK7867 .B428 2004   BOOK c2004
17 Electronic circuits -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.    
      Bauen, erleben, begreifen : fischertechnik-Modelle für Maker : Kreative Konstruktions- und Technik-Pr Gail, Andreas,; TK7867eb   E-BOOK 2018
      Contemporary electronics circuits deskbook / compiled by Harry L. Helms. Helms, Harry L.; TK7867 .H44 1986 f   BOOK c1986
      The Maplin electronic circuits handbook / Michael Tooley. Tooley, Michael H.; TK7867 .T658 1995eb   E-BOOK 1995
      The electronics handbook / editor-in-chief, Jerry C. Whitaker. TK7867 .E4244 1996   BOOK c1996
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18 Electronic circuits -- Juvenile literature.    
      A beginner's guide to circuits : nine simple projects with lights, sounds, and more! / Øyvind Nydal D Nydal Dahl, Øyvind,; TK7820eb   E-BOOK 2018
      Electronics for kids : play with simple circuits and experiment with electricity! / by Øyvind Nydal D Nydal Dahl, Øyvind,; TK7820eb   E-BOOK 2016
      Elektronik für Kids / Florian Schäffer. Schäffer, Florian,; TK7820eb   E-BOOK 2015
      Elektronik kinderleicht! : Experimente mit Elektrizität und Stromkreisen / Øyvind Nydal Dahl. Nydal Dahl, Øyvind,; TK7820eb   E-BOOK 2017
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19 Electronic circuits -- Maintenance and repair. : Internet     
      Troubleshooting Electronic Circuits : A Guide to Learning Analog Electronics [electronic resource] / Quan, Ronald,; TK7870.2eb   E-BOOK 2020
20 Electronic circuits -- Mathematical models.    
      Circuit simulation / Farid N. Najm. Najm, Farid N.; TK7867 .N33 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
      Control Components Using Si, GaAs, and GaN Technologies. Bahl, Inder J.; TK7867eb   E-BOOK 2014
21 Electronic circuits -- Noise.    
      CMOS RF front-end design of a very narrowband transceiver with 0.18[micrometers] [electronic resource Chen, Chih-Hung,; TK6564.3 .C5 2008   MANUSCRIPT 2008
      Controlling radiated emissions by design / Michel Mardiguian. Mardiguian, Michel.; TK7867.5 .M37 1992   BOOK c1992
      Design of high performance CMOS voltage-controlled oscillators / Liang Dai, Ramesh Harjani. Dai, Liang,; TK7872.P38 D35 2003   BOOK c2003
      Electromagnetic compatibility in power electronics / László Tihanyi. Tihanyi, László.; TK7867.5 .T55 1995   BOOK c1995
22 additional entries    
22 Electronic circuits -- Periodicals.    
      Circuit world [electronic resource] : journal of the Institute of Circuit Technology, technical journ TK3226   E-PERIODICAL  
      Connector specifier [electronic resource]. TK3521 .I57   E-PERIODICAL  
      Guide to integrated circuit topographies [electronic resource].   E-PERIODICAL  
      IEE proceedings. Circuits, devices, and systems [electronic resource]. TK7867 .I368   E-PERIODICAL 2006
10 additional entries    
23 Electronic circuits -- Power supply -- Handbooks, manuals, etc. : Internet     
      Handbook of power management circuits / edited by Haruo Kobayashi, Takashi Nabeshima. TK7867 .H35 2016eb   E-BOOK 2016
24 Electronic circuits -- Problems, exercises, etc. : Internet     
      Schaum's outline of theory and problems of electronic devices and circuits / Jimmie J. Cathey. Cathey, Jimmie J.; TK7867 .C34 2002eb   E-BOOK 2002
25 Electronic circuits -- Programming. : Internet     
      Environmental monitoring with Arduino / Emily Gertz and Patrick Di Justo. Gertz, Emily.; GE45.M37 G889 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
26 Electronic circuits -- Reliability -- Congresses. : Internet     
      Reliability Science for Advanced Materials and Devices (RSAMD), Conference on [electronic resource]. TK7870.23 .R45   E-PERIODICAL  
27 Electronic circuits -- Research -- Tennessee. : Government Documents     
      Waste minimization assessment for manufacturer of mountings for electronic circuit components / Richa Jendrucko, Richard J.  BOOK 1994
28 Electronic circuits -- Study and teaching (Middle school) -- Activity programs.    
      Short circuits : crafting E-puppets with DIY electronics / by Kylie Peppler, Katie Salen Tekinbaș, Me Peppler, Kylie A.,; TK7862 .P37 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Soft circuits : crafting E-fashion with DIY electronics / by Kylie Peppler, Melissa Gresalfi, Katie S Peppler, Kylie A.,; TK7862eb   E-BOOK 2014

Electronic circuits Temperature compensation -- See Also Thermistors

30 Electronic circuits -- Temperature compensation.    
      Comparative radiation tests on Bendix rod thermistors and Veco bead thermistors / Fred Salvatti, Kerr Salvatti, Fred.; TK7872.T4 S35 1962 f   BOOK 1962
      Heat management in integrated circuits : on-chip and system-level monitoring and cooling / Seda Ogren Ogrenci-Memik, Seda,; TK7870.25 .O37 2016   BOOK 2016
31 Electronic circuits -- Testing.    
      Advanced formal verification / edited by Rolf Drechsler. TK7867 .A38 2004   BOOK c2004
      Advances in electronic testing : challenges and methodologies / edited by Dimitris Gizopoulos. TK7867 .A385 2006   BOOK c2006
      Analog test signal generation using periodic [sigma delta]-encoded data streams / by Benoit Dufort an Dufort, Benoit,; TK7872.S5 D84 2000   BOOK c2000
      Computer aided failure analysis / by R.S. Smith. Smith, R. S.; E 1.28:BDX-613-2006/rev.   MICROFORM 1978
4 additional entries    
32 Electronic circuits -- Testing -- Congresses.    
      1995 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design : digest of technical papers ; Novemb IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design; TK7874 .I323 1995   BOOK c1995
      Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems (DDECS), IEEE [electronic resource]. TK7867 .D47   E-PERIODICAL  
      Design & Test Symposium (EWDTS), East-West [electronic resource]. TK153 .D47   E-PERIODICAL  
      European Test Conference [electronic resource]. TK7895.A8 E97   E-PERIODICAL  
5 additional entries    
33 Electronic circuits -- Testing -- Costs -- Congresses. : Internet     
      Economics of Design, Test, and Manufacturing, Proceedings., International Conference on the [electron TK7867 .E36   E-PERIODICAL  
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