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100 1  Jefferis, B. G.|q(Benjamin Grant),|d1851- 
245 10 Safe counsel, or, Practical eugenics :|bto which has been 
       added, The story of life. 
246 3  Story of life. 
246 30 Practical eugenics. 
250    40th ed. 
260    Chicago, Ill. :|bFranklin Pub. Co.,|c1930. 
300    1 online resource (512 pages) 
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520    "Safe Counsel was originally published in the year 1893 as
       the first sincere attempt to explain the essential facts 
       of sex life in their relationship to human happiness. In 
       those days of ridiculous false modesty it was a pioneer in
       the true meaning of the word. Thirty-nine separate and 
       distinct editions have now been printed. More than a 
       million copies have been sold on a positive guarantee of 
       satisfaction. Millions of people have found in this book 
       the information they sought, in terms they could readily 
       understand. In presenting this latest edition I offer an 
       entirely new book, with new type, new illustrations, and 
       many added features. Old fashioned theories have been 
       replaced by modern scientific facts. An honest effort has 
       been made to deal with the most delicate situations 
       clearly yet cleanly, without cant or hypocrisy, yet 
       without evasion. If, therefore, this little book serves to
       wipe out some medieval bigotry, to disperse some 
       entangling misunderstandings, and to increase to some 
       extent, at least, the happiness of the human race, its 
       purpose shall have been splendidly fulfilled"--Preface. 
       (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights 
650  0 Sexual ethics. 
650  0 Eugenics. 
650  0 Medicine, Popular. 
650  2 Eugenics. 
650  2 Medicine. 
650  2 Sex. 
700 1  Nichols, J. L.|q(James Lawrence),|d-1895. 
700 1  Davis, Ozora Stearns,|d1866-1931. 
700 1  Drake, Emma F. Angell|q(Emma Frances Angell),|d1849- 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aJefferis, B.G. (Benjamin Grant), b. 
       1851.|tSafe counsel.|b40th ed.|dChicago, Ill. : Franklin 
       Pub. Co., ©1930|w(OCoLC)65190622. 
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