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100 1  Al-Azzawi, Abdul,|eauthor. 
245 10 Advanced manufacturing for optical fibers and integrated 
       photonic devices /|cAbdul Al-Azzawi, Algonquin College, 
       Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 
264  1 Boca Raton, FL :|bCRC Press,|c[2016] 
264  4 |c©2016 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Workshops -- Production Lines -- Manufacturing Procedures 
       -- Clean Rooms -- High Manufacturing Technology -- Fiber 
       Optic Cable Types and Installations -- Manufacturing of 
       Passive Fiber Optic Devices -- Manufacturing of Active 
       Fiber Optic Devices -- Continuous Improvement in a 
       Production Line -- Types of Waste -- Application of the 
       5Ss in Manufacturing Lines -- Management and Employee 
       Responsibilities -- Lean Manufacturing -- Product 
       Improvement -- Time Management in a Professional 
       Environment -- Internal, External, and ISO Auditing -- 
       High-Tech Manufacturing Safety. 
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520    Advanced Manufacturing for Optical Fibers and Integrated 
       Photonic Devices explores the theoretical principles and 
       industrial practices of high-technology manufacturing. 
       Focusing on fiber optic, semiconductor, and laser products,
       this book: Explains the fundamentals of standard, high-
       tech, rapid, and additive manufacturing workshops. 
       Examines the production lines, processes, and clean rooms 
       needed for the manufacturing of products. Discusses the 
       high-technology manufacturing and installation of fiber 
       optic cables, connectors, and active/passive devices. 
       Describes continuous improvement, waste reduction through 
       5S application, and management's responsibilities in 
       supporting production. Covers Lean Manufacturing processes,
       product improvement, and workplace safety, as well as 
       internal/external and ISO auditing. Offers a step-by-step 
       approach complete with numerous figures and tables, 
       detailed references, and a glossary of terms. Employs the 
       international system of units (SI) throughout the text. 
       Advanced Manufacturing for Optical Fibers and Integrated 
       Photonic Devices presents the latest manufacturing 
       achievements and their applications in the high-tech 
       sector. Inspired by the author's extensive industrial 
       experience, the book provides a comprehensive overview of 
       contemporary manufacturing technologies. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Production engineering. 
650  0 Optical fibers|xDesign and construction. 
650  0 Fiber optic cables|xDesign and construction. 
650  0 Photonics|xMaterials|xDesign and construction. 
655  0 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aAl-Azzawi, Abdul.|tAdvanced 
       manufacturing for optical fibers and integrated photonic 
       devices.|dBoca Raton : Taylor & Francis, a CRC title, part
       of the Taylor & Francis imprint, a member of the Taylor & 
       Francis Group, the academic division of T & F Informa, plc,
       [2015]|z9781498729451|w(DLC)  2015025710|w(OCoLC)919202186
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