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Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System -- chemistry -- Congresses.   c1995 1
Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System -- Congresses.   1975 1
Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System -- physiology.   2
Cytochrome P-450 Enzyme System -- physiology -- Congresses.   c1995 1
Cytochromes.   3
Cytochromes c.   3
Cytochromes c' -- chemistry.   1991 1
Cytochromes -- Congresses.   1968 1
Cytodiagnosis.   20
Cytodiagnosis -- Atlases.   2
Cytodiagnosis -- Laboratory Manuals.   2
Cytodiagnosis -- methods.   18
Cytodiagnosis -- methods -- Atlases.   2013 1
Cytodiagnosis -- Periodicals.   3
Cytodiagnosis -- veterinary.   2
Cytodiagnosis -- veterinary -- Case Reports.   2010 1

Cytofluorometry, Flow -- See Flow Cytometry

Technique using an instrument system for making, processing, and displaying one or more measurements on individual cells obtained from a cell suspension. Cells are usually stained with one or more fluorescent dyes specific to cell components of interest, e.g., DNA, and fluorescence of each cell is measured as it rapidly transverses the excitation beam (laser or mercury arc lamp). Fluorescence provides a quantitative measure of various biochemical and biophysical properties of the cell, as well as a basis for cell sorting. Other measurable optical parameters include light absorption and light scattering, the latter being applicable to the measurement of cell size, shape, density, granularity, and stain uptake.

Cytogenetic Aberrations -- See Chromosome Aberrations

Abnormal number or structure of chromosomes. Chromosome aberrations may result in CHROMOSOME DISORDERS.
  Cytogenetic Analysis -- 5 Related Mesh   5
Cytogenetic Analysis.   6
Cytogenetic Analysis -- Collected Works.   c2003 1
Cytogenetic Analysis -- methods.   8
Cytogenetic Analysis -- standards.   2016 1

Cytogenetic Techniques -- See Cytogenetic Analysis

Examination of CHROMOSOMES to diagnose, classify, screen for, or manage genetic diseases and abnormalities. Following preparation of the sample, KARYOTYPING is performed and/or the specific chromosomes are analyzed.
  Cytogenetics -- 5 Related Mesh   5
Cytogenetics.   25
Cytogenetics -- Congresses.   2
Cytogenetics -- methods.   8
Cytogenetics -- Periodicals.   7
Cytogenetics -- yearbooks.   1974 1

Cytohistological Preparation Techniques -- See Histocytological Preparation Techniques

Methods of preparing cells or tissues for examination and study of their origin, structure, function, or pathology. The methods include preservation, fixation, sectioning, staining, replica, or other technique to allow for viewing using a microscope.

Cytokeratin -- See Keratins

A class of fibrous proteins or scleroproteins that represents the principal constituent of EPIDERMIS; HAIR; NAILS; horny tissues, and the organic matrix of tooth ENAMEL. Two major conformational groups have been characterized, alpha-keratin, whose peptide backbone forms a coiled-coil alpha helical structure consisting of TYPE I KERATIN and a TYPE II KERATIN, and beta-keratin, whose backbone forms a zigzag or pleated sheet structure. alpha-Keratins have been classified into at least 20 subtypes. In addition multiple isoforms of subtypes have been found which may be due to GENE DUPLICATION.

Cytokine Receptors -- See Receptors, Cytokine

Cell surface proteins that bind cytokines and trigger intracellular changes influencing the behavior of cells.
Cytokines.   23
Cytokines -- antagonists & inhibitors.   3

Cytokines, Chemotactic -- See Chemokines

Class of pro-inflammatory cytokines that have the ability to attract and activate leukocytes. They can be divided into at least three structural branches: C; (CHEMOKINES, C); CC; (CHEMOKINES, CC); and CXC; (CHEMOKINES, CXC); according to variations in a shared cysteine motif.
Cytokines -- diagnostic use.   c1993 1
Cytokines -- Dictionary.   c1995 1
Cytokines -- drug effects.   c1997 1
Cytokines -- Electronic Journals.   2001- 1
Cytokines -- Handbooks.   c2003 1
Cytokines -- immunology   16
Cytokines -- isolation & purification.   1998 1
Cytokines -- metabolism.   c1991 1
Cytokines -- Periodicals.   2
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