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Title Cancer as a metabolic disease : on the origin, management, and prevention of cancer / Thomas Seyfried.
Imprint Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2012.


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Subject Cancer -- Prevention.
Neoplasms -- diet therapy.
Neoplasms -- metabolism.
Energy Metabolism.
Diet, Ketogenic.
Mitochondria -- metabolism.
Contents Cancer as a Metabolic Disease; Contents; Foreword; Preface; 1. Images of Cancer; How Cancer is Viewed; References; 2. Confusion Surrounds the Origin of Cancer; The Oncogenic Paradox; Hallmarks of Cancer; Reassessment; References; 3. Cancer Models; Problems with Some Cancer Models; Animal Charges as a Major Impediment to Cancer Research; Problems with Tumor Histological Classification; Personal Perspective on Cancer; References; 4. Energetics of Normal Cells and Cancer Cells; Metabolic Homeostasis; The Constancy of the D G'ATP; ATP Production in Normal Cells and Tumor Cells.
Energy Production Through Glucose Fermentation; Glutaminolysis with or without Lactate Production; Transamination Reactions; TCA Cycle, Substrate-Level Phosphorylation; Cholesterol Synthesis and Hypoxia; Summary; References; 5. Respiratory Dysfunction in Cancer Cells; Normal Mitochondria; Morphological Defects in Tumor Cell Mitochondria; Proteomic Abnormalities in Tumor Cell Mitochondria; Lipidomic Abnormalities in Tumor Cell Mitochondria; Cardiolipin: A Mitochondrial-Specific Lipid; Cardiolipin and Abnormal Energy Metabolism in Tumor Cells.
Complicating Influence of the In Vitro Growth Environment on Cardiolipin Composition and Energy Metabolism; Mitochondrial Uncoupling and Cancer; Cancer Cell Heat Production and Uncoupled Mitochondria; Personal Perspective; Summary; References; 6. The Warburg Dispute; Sidney Weinhouse's Criticisms of the Warburg Theory; Alan Aisenberg's Criticisms of the Warburg Theory; Sidney Colowick's Assessment of the Aisenberg Monograph; Apples and Oranges; References; 7. Is Respiration Normal in Cancer Cells?; Pseudo-Respiration.
How Strong is the Scientific Evidence Showing that Tumor Cells can Produce Energy Through OxPhos?; OxPhos Origin of ATP in Cancer Cells Reevaluated; What About OxPhos Expression in Other Tumors?; The Pedersen Review on Tumor Mitochondria and the Bioenergetics of Cancer Cells; References; 8. Is Mitochondrial Glutamine Fermentation a Missing Link in the Metabolic Theory of Cancer?; Amino Acid Fermentation can Maintain Cellular Energy Homeostasis During Anoxia; Evidence Suggesting that Metastatic Mouse Cells Derive Energy from Glutamine Fermentation.
Fermentation Energy Pathways can Drive Cancer Cell Viability Under Hypoxia; Competing Explanations for the Metabolic Origin of Cancer; Chapter Summary; References; 9. Genes, Respiration, Viruses, and Cancer; Does Cancer have a Genetic Origin?; Respiratory Insufficiency as the Origin of Cancer; Germline Mutations, Damaged Respiration, and Cancer; Somatic Mutations and Cancer; Revisiting the Oncogene Theory; Mitochondrial Mutations and the Absence or Presence of Cancer; Viral Infection, Damaged Respiration, and the Origin of Cancer; Summary; References.
10. Respiratory Insufficiency, the Retrograde Response, and the Origin of Cancer.
Summary The book addresses controversies related to the origins of cancer and provides solutions to cancer management and prevention. It expands upon Otto Warburg's well-known theory that all cancer is a disease of energy metabolism. However, Warburg did not link his theory to the "hallmarks of cancer" and thus his theory was discredited. This book aims to provide evidence, through case studies, that cancer is primarily a metabolic disease requiring metabolic solutions for its management and prevention.
Other Title Print version: Seyfried, Thomas N., 1946- Cancer as a Metabolic Disease : On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer. Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, ©2012 9780470584927