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Eudyptes chrysolophus -- See Macaroni penguin


Eugenics -- See Also Genetic Counseling

An educational process that provides information and advice to individuals or families about a genetic condition that may affect them. The purpose is to help individuals make informed decisions about marriage, reproduction, and other health management issues based on information about the genetic disease, the available diagnostic tests, and management programs. Psychosocial support is usually offered.
      Atavistic tendencies : the culture of science in American modernity / Dana Seitler. Seitler, Dana.; PS228.E85 S45 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
      Backdoor to eugenics / Troy Duster. Duster, Troy.; RB155 .D87 2003eb   E-BOOK 2003
      Civilizing Argentina : science, medicine, and the modern state / Julia Rodriguez. Rodríguez, Julia,; F2847 .R639 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
      Community genetics and genetic alliances : eugenics, carrier testing, and networks of risk / Avaid Ra Raz, Aviad E.,; RB155.65 .R39 2009eb   E-BOOK 2009
21 additional entries    
Eugenics -- Biography.      
      Extreme measures : the dark visions and bright ideas of Francis Galton / Martin Brookes. Brookes, Martin,; QH429.2.G35 B76 2004   BOOK 2004
Eugenics -- history.    
      American eugenics : race, queer anatomy, and the science of nationalism / Nancy Ordover. Ordover, Nancy,; HQ755.5.U5 O73 2003eb   E-BOOK 2003
      Breeding contempt : the history of coerced sterilization in the United States / Mark A. Largent. Largent, Mark A.,; HV4989 .L275 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
      Building a better race : gender, sexuality, and eugenics from the turn of the century to the baby boo Kline, Wendy,; HQ755.5.U5 K55 2001eb   E-BOOK 2001
      By their fruits : eugenics, population control, and the abortion campaign / Ann Farmer. Farmer, Ann.; HQ755.5.G7 F367 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
21 additional entries    
Eugenics -- history -- California.      
      Eugenic nation : faults and frontiers of better breeding in modern America / Alexandra Minna Stern. Stern, Alexandra.; HQ755.5.U5 S84 2005   BOOK c2005
Eugenics -- history -- Germany.    
      Death and deliverance : "euthanasia" in Germany c. 1900-1945 / Michael Burleigh. Burleigh, Michael,; R726 .B87 1994   BOOK 1994
      Racial hygiene : medicine under the Nazis / Robert Proctor. Proctor, Robert,; RA418.3.G3 P76 1988   BOOK 1988
Eugenics -- history -- North Carolina.      
      Choice & coercion : birth control, sterilization, and abortion in public health and welfare / Johanna Schoen, Johanna.; HQ766.5.U5 S36 2005   BOOK c2005
Eugenics -- history -- United States.    
      A century of eugenics in America [electronic resource] : from the Indiana experiment to the human gen HQ755.5.U5 .C46 2011eb   E-BOOK c2011
      Eugenic nation : faults and frontiers of better breeding in modern America / Alexandra Minna Stern. Stern, Alexandra.; HQ755.5.U5 S84 2005   BOOK c2005
      The surgical solution : a history of involuntary sterilization in the United States / Philip R. Reill Reilly, Philip,  BOOK c1991
Eugenics -- legislation & jurisprudence.      
      A century of eugenics in America : from the Indiana experiment to the human genome era / edited by Pa HQ755.5.U5 C46 2011eb   E-BOOK 2011
Eugenics -- legislation & jurisprudence -- United States.      
      A century of eugenics in America [electronic resource] : from the Indiana experiment to the human gen HQ755.5.U5 .C46 2011eb   E-BOOK c2011
Eugenics -- moral & ethical aspects.      
      The genetic revolution and human rights / edited by Justine Burley. RB155 .G3869 1999eb   E-BOOK 1999
Eugenics -- Periodicals.    
      The Eugenics review [electronic resource]. HQ750.A1 E85   E-PERIODICAL 1968
      Genus [electronic resource]. HB881 .G4   E-PERIODICAL 1934-
      Journal of biosocial science [electronic resource]. HQ750.A1 J68   E-PERIODICAL 1971-
      880-01 Minzoku eisei [electronic resource]. GF1 .M56   E-PERIODICAL 2017
Eugenics Society (London, England)      
      Eugenics, human genetics, and human failings : the Eugenics Society, its sources and its critics in B Mazumdar, Pauline M. H.; HQ755.5.G7 M39 1991eb   E-BOOK 1992
Eugenics -- United States.      
      The black stork : eugenics and the death of "defective" babies in American medicine and motion pictur Pernick, Martin S.; RJ255 .P394 1996   BOOK 1996

Euglobulins -- See Serum Globulins

All blood proteins except albumin ( = SERUM ALBUMIN, which is not a globulin) and FIBRINOGEN (which is not in the serum). The serum globulins are subdivided into ALPHA-GLOBULINS; BETA-GLOBULINS; and GAMMA-GLOBULINS on the basis of their electrophoretic mobilities. (From Dorland, 28th ed)

Eugomphodus griseus -- See Sand tiger shark


Eugomphodus taurus -- See Sand tiger shark

      Algal toxins : nature, occurrence, effect and detection / edited by Valtere Evangelista [and others]. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Sensor Systems for Biological Threats: The Algal Toxins Case; RA1242.A36 N38 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
      Animal Eyes. Land, Michael F.; QL949 .L26eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Anoxia : evidence for eukaryote survival and paleontological strategies / edited by Alexander V. Alte QH518.5 .A56 2011eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Applied mycology / edited by Mahendra Rai and Paul Dennis Bridge. QK603 .A647 2009   E-BOOK 2009
105 additional entries    
Eukaryota -- cytology.      
      Structures and organelles in pathogenic protists / Wanderley de Souza, editor. QR251 .S77 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
Eukaryota -- enzymology.      
      Cysteine proteases of pathogenic organisms / edited by Mark W. Robinson, John P. Dalton. QP609.C94 C965 2011eb   E-BOOK 2011
Eukaryota -- growth & development -- Indexes.      
      Algal growth aqueous factors other than nitrogen and phosphorus; selected biological references [by] Mackenthun, Kenneth Marsh,  BOOK 1966
Eukaryota -- physiology.    
      Advances in algal biology : a commemoration of the work of Rex Lowe / edited by R. Jan Stevenson [and QK566 .A385 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
      Algae and cyanobacteria in extreme environments / edited by J. Seckbach. QK568.E26 A43 2007eb   E-BOOK 2007
Eukaryota -- radiation effects. /     
      An evaluation of the U.S. Navy's Extremely Low Frequency Communications System Ecological Monitoring National Research Council (U.S.).; QH545.E42 N38 1997eb   E-BOOK 1997

Eukaryotes -- See Eukaryota

One of the three domains of life (the others being BACTERIA and ARCHAEA), also called Eukarya. These are organisms whose cells are enclosed in membranes and possess a nucleus. They comprise almost all multicellular and many unicellular organisms, and are traditionally divided into groups (sometimes called kingdoms) including ANIMALS; PLANTS; FUNGI; and various algae and other taxa that were previously part of the old kingdom Protista.
Eukaryotic Cells.    
      Biochemical roles of eukaryotic cell surface macromolecules : 2011 ISCSM proceedings / Perumana R. Su QH447 .B56 2011eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Chromatin protocols / edited by Srikumar P. Chellappan. QH599eb   E-BOOK 2015
      Chromatin protocols / edited by Srikumar P. Chellappan. QH599eb   E-BOOK 2009
      DNA damage and repair / edited by Jac A. Nickoloff and Merl F. Hoekstra. QH467 .D15 1998   BOOK c1998-
12 additional entries    
Eukaryotic Cells -- Congresses.      
      The eukaryotic genome : organisation and regulation / Fiftieth Symposium of the Society for General M Society for General Microbiology.; QH447 .S63 1993   BOOK 1993
Eukaryotic Cells -- cytology.      
      DNA repair protocols : eukaryotic systems / edited by Daryl S. Henderson. QH467 .D185 1999eb   E-BOOK 1999
Eukaryotic Cells -- cytology -- Periodicals.      
      Endocytobiosis and cell research [electronic resource]. QH573 .E53   E-PERIODICAL 1984?
Eukaryotic Cells [MESH]      
      Bacterial pathogenesis. Part B, Interaction of pathogenic bacteria with host cells / edited by Virgin QP601eb   E-BOOK 1994
Eukaryotic Cells -- metabolism.      
      Metabolic flux analysis in eukaryotic cells : methods and protocols / edited by Deepak Nagrath. QH430eb   E-BOOK 2020
Eukaryotic Cells -- microbiology.    
      Cellular microbiology / editors, Pascale Cossart ... [et al.]. QR175 .C43 2000   BOOK 2000
      Cellular microbiology [electronic resource] / editors, Pascale Cossart, Patrice Boquet, Staffan Nor QR175 .C43 2005eb   E-BOOK c2005
Eukaryotic Cells -- Periodicals.    
      Eukaryotic cell [electronic resource]. QL366 .E943   E-PERIODICAL 2002-
      The journal of eukaryotic microbiology [electronic resource]. QL366 .J687   E-PERIODICAL  
Eukaryotic Cells -- physiology.    
      Cell cycle control : mechanisms and protocols / edited by Tim Humphrey, Gavin Brooks. QH605 .C445 2005eb   E-BOOK 2005
      Cell cycle control : mechanisms and protocols / edited by Tim Humphrey, Gavin Brooks. QH605 .C445 2005eb   E-BOOK 2005
      Cell cycle control : mechanisms and protocols / edited by Eishi Noguchi and Mariana C. Gadaleta. QH605 .C445 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Expression of recombinant genes in eukaryotic systems / edited by Joseph C. Glorioso, Martin C. Schmi QP601 .C733 vol. 306eb   E-BOOK 1999
      Genes and aging / M.S. Kanungo. Kanungo, M. S.; QP86 .K335 1994   BOOK 1994
Eukaryotic Cells -- ultrastructure.      
      Origin of mitochondria and hydrogenosomes / William F. Martin, Miklós Müller, editors. QH430 .O75 2007eb   E-BOOK 2007

Eulemur -- See Lemuridae

A family of the order PRIMATES, suborder STREPSIRHINI, containing four genera which inhabit Madagascar and the Comoro Island. Most of the lemurs prefer wooded areas. The four genera are Hapalemur, LEMUR, Lepilemur, and Varecia.
Eunuchism -- history.      
      The eunuch in Byzantine history and society / Shaun Tougher. Tougher, Shaun.; HQ449 .T68 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
      A history of euphoria : the perception and misperception of health and well-being / Christopher Milne Milnes, Christopher,; RA441 .M55 2019eb   E-BOOK 2019

Euratom -- See European Union

The collective designation of three organizations with common membership: the European Economic Community (Common Market), the European Coal and Steel Community, and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). It was known as the European Community until 1994. It is primarily an economic union with the principal objectives of free movement of goods, capital, and labor. Professional services, social, medical and paramedical, are subsumed under labor. The constituent countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. (The World Almanac and Book of Facts 1997, p842)

Európai Unió Bírósága -- See Court of Justice of the European Union

      Acceptable risk in biomedical research : European perspectives / Sigmund Simonsen. Simonsen, Sigmund,; KJC6206 .S56 2012eb   E-BOOK 2012
      Active citizenship and disability in Europe. Volume 1, Changing disability policy system / edited by HV1559.E85 A28 2017eb   E-BOOK 2017
      Africa and Africans in the making of the Atlantic world, 1400-1800 / John Thornton. Thornton, John K.; DT31 .T516 1998eb   E-BOOK 1998
      The afterlife of images : translating the pathological body between China and the West / Larissa N. H Heinrich, Larissa,; R836 .H46 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
181 additional entries    
Abortion, Induced -- Europe.      
      Reproductive behavior : central and eastern European experience / Henry P. David and Robert J. McInty David, Henry P.; HQ766 .D36   BOOK c1981
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome -- prevention & control -- Europe.      
      The second plague of Europe : AIDS prevention and sexual transmission among men in Western Europe / M Pollak, Michael,; RA644.A25 P66 1994   BOOK c1994
Adolescent -- Europe.      
      Health policy development for disadvantaged groups / edited by Per-Gunnar Svensson and Bengt Starrin. RA239 .H4 1992   BOOK c1992
Aged -- Europe.    
      Care for the elderly : significant innovations in three European countries / Robbert J. Kraan ... [et   BOOK 1991
      Health policy development for disadvantaged groups / edited by Per-Gunnar Svensson and Bengt Starrin. RA239 .H4 1992   BOOK c1992
      Integrating health and social care services for older persons : evidence from nine European countries HV1480 .I58 2005   BOOK c2005
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