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Genetic Diseases, X-Linked.   2
Genetic Diseases, X-Linked -- periodicals.   2008- 1

Genetic Diversity -- See Genetic Variation

Genotypic differences observed among individuals in a population.
Genetic Drift.   2004 1
  Genetic Engineering -- 8 Related Mesh   8
Genetic Engineering.   109
Genetic Engineering -- adverse effects.   2002 1
Genetic Engineering -- Congresses.   9
Genetic Engineering -- Dictionary.   1985 1
Genetic Engineering -- ethics.   22
Genetic Engineering -- ethics -- Personal Narratives.   c2007 1
Genetic Engineering -- ethics -- United States -- Essays.   2
Genetic Engineering -- history.   2015 1
Genetic Engineering -- Laboratory Manuals.   3
Genetic Engineering -- Legislation.   1997 1
Genetic Engineering -- legislation & jurisprudence.   4
Genetic Engineering -- legislation & jurisprudence -- United States.   1999- 1
Genetic Engineering -- methods.   33
Genetic Engineering -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals.   c2009 1

Genetic Engineering of Proteins -- See Protein Engineering

Procedures by which protein structure and function are changed or created in vitro by altering existing or synthesizing new structural genes that direct the synthesis of proteins with sought-after properties. Such procedures may include the design of MOLECULAR MODELS of proteins using COMPUTER GRAPHICS or other molecular modeling techniques; site-specific mutagenesis (MUTAGENESIS, SITE-SPECIFIC) of existing genes; and DIRECTED MOLECULAR EVOLUTION techniques to create new genes.
Genetic Engineering -- Periodicals.   6
Genetic Engineering -- Popular Works.   2006 1
Genetic Engineering -- psychology.   2007 1
Genetic Engineering -- trends.   4
Genetic Engineering -- United States -- Congresses.   2010 1
Genetic Engineering -- veterinary.   4
Genetic Engineering -- veterinary -- Laboratory Manuals.   c2009 1
Genetic Enhancement -- ethics.   5
Genetic Enhancement -- methods.   2002 1

Genetic Equilibrium -- See Gene Frequency

The proportion of one particular in the total of all ALLELES for one genetic locus in a breeding POPULATION.

Genetic Fingerprinting -- See DNA Fingerprinting

A technique for identifying individuals of a species that is based on the uniqueness of their DNA sequence. Uniqueness is determined by identifying which combination of allelic variations occur in the individual at a statistically relevant number of different loci. In forensic studies, RESTRICTION FRAGMENT LENGTH POLYMORPHISM of multiple, highly polymorphic VNTR LOCI or MICROSATELLITE REPEAT loci are analyzed. The number of loci used for the profile depends on the ALLELE FREQUENCY in the population.

Genetic Fitness -- See Also Selection, Genetic

Differential and non-random reproduction of different genotypes, operating to alter the gene frequencies within a population.
Genetic Heterogeneity.   3

Genetic Imprinting -- See Genomic Imprinting

The variable phenotypic expression of a GENE depending on whether it is of paternal or maternal origin, which is a function of the DNA METHYLATION pattern. Imprinted regions are observed to be more methylated and less transcriptionally active. (Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)

Genetic Induction -- See Transcriptional Activation

Processes that stimulate the GENETIC TRANSCRIPTION of a gene or set of genes.

Genetic Information, Personal -- See Genetic Privacy

The protection of genetic information about an individual, family, or population group, from unauthorized disclosure.

Genetic Intervention -- See Genetic Engineering

Directed modification of the gene complement of a living organism by such techniques as altering the DNA, substituting genetic material by means of a virus, transplanting whole nuclei, transplanting cell hybrids, etc.

Genetic Linkage -- See Also Genotyping Techniques

Methods used to determine individuals' specific ALLELES or SNPS (single nucleotide polymorphisms).
Genetic Linkage.   2010 1

Genetic Load -- See Also Hybrid Vigor

The adaptive superiority of the heterozygous GENOTYPE with respect to one or more characters in comparison with the corresponding HOMOZYGOTE.

Genetic Markers -- See Also Chromosome Mapping

Any method used for determining the location of and relative distances between genes on a chromosome.
Genetic Markers.   19
Genetic Markers -- Congresses.   3
Genetic Markers -- genetics.   6
Genetic Markers -- Periodicals.     1
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