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Models, Structural.   3
Models, Structural -- Periodicals.   2

Models, Surgical -- See Models, Anatomic

Three-dimensional representation to show anatomic structures. Models may be used in place of intact animals or organisms for teaching, practice, and study.
Models, Theorectical   2018 1
Models, Theoretical.   342
Models, Theoretical -- Congresses.   4
Models, Theoretical -- Maryland.   1974 1
Models, Theoretical -- Nurses' Instruction.   2
Models -- Theoretical -- nursing.   6
Models, Theoretical -- nursing -- Congresses.   1973 1
Models, Theoretical -- Nursing texts.   3
Models, Theoretical -- Periodicals.   6
Models, Theoretical -- United States.   2012 1
Models, Theroetical.   2009 1
Modern   2007 1

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth -- See Also Fort Worth Art Museum


Modern History -- See History, Modern 1601-

The period of history from 1601 of the common era to the present.
History of Medicine -- Modern.   1973 1

MODS -- See Multiple Organ Failure

A progressive condition usually characterized by combined failure of several organs such as the lungs, liver, kidney, along with some clotting mechanisms, usually postinjury or postoperative.

MODY -- See Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2

A subclass of DIABETES MELLITUS that is not INSULIN-responsive or dependent (NIDDM). It is characterized initially by INSULIN RESISTANCE and HYPERINSULINEMIA; and eventually by GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE; HYPERGLYCEMIA; and overt diabetes. Type II diabetes mellitus is no longer considered a disease exclusively found in adults. Patients seldom develop KETOSIS but often exhibit OBESITY.

Mohamed VI, King of Morocco, 1963- -- See Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, 1963-


Mohammed Ben El Hassan Alaoui, 1963- -- See Mohammed VI, King of Morocco, 1963-


Mohammedanism -- See Islam

A monotheistic religion promulgated by the Prophet Mohammed with Allah as the deity.
Mohave.   1961 1
Mohs Surgery.   3
Mohs Surgery -- methods.   2015 1
Moldova.   2017 1

Molds -- See Fungi

A kingdom of eukaryotic, heterotrophic organisms that live parasitically as saprobes, including MUSHROOMS; YEASTS; smuts, molds, etc. They reproduce either sexually or asexually, and have life cycles that range from simple to complex. Filamentous fungi, commonly known as molds, refer to those that grow as multicellular colonies.

--consider also terms at MYCO-

Mole, Skin -- See Nevus

A circumscribed stable malformation of the skin and occasionally of the oral mucosa, which is not due to external causes and therefore presumed to be of hereditary origin.
Molecualr Biology   2017 1
Immunity -- Molecular aspects.   c1991 1
  Molecular Biology -- 4 Related Mesh   4
Molecular Biology.   346
Molecular Biology -- Biography.   3
Molecular Biology -- Canada -- History.   1999 1
Molecular Biology -- classification.   c2002 1
Molecular Biology -- Collected Works.   5

Molecular Biology, Computational -- See Computational Biology

A field of biology concerned with the development of techniques for the collection and manipulation of biological data, and the use of such data to make biological discoveries or predictions. This field encompasses all computational methods and theories for solving biological problems including manipulation of models and datasets.
Molecular Biology -- Congresses.   30
Molecular Biology -- Dictionary.   3
Molecular Biology -- Dictionary -- English.   2006 1
Molecular Biology -- electronic journals.   2001- 1
Molecular Biology -- Encyclopedias.   2
Molecular Biology -- english   2008 1
Molecular Biology -- Essays.   2
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