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Parent-Child Relations -- Nurses' Instruction.    
      Nursing assessment and strategies for the family at risk : high-risk parenting / [edited by] Suzanne RT42 .N85 1986   BOOK c1986
      Stepparent-stepchild relationships : affiliative mechanisms and stages over time / by Joyce A. Van No Van Nostrand, Joyce A.; HQ759.92 .V366 1986   MANUSCRIPT 1986
Parent-Child Relations -- Nursing texts.    
      High-risk parenting : nursing assessment and strategies for the family at risk / [edited by] Suzanne RT42 .H53 1979   BOOK c1979
      Parenting reassessed : a nursing perspective / June Andrews Horowitz, Cynthia Bach Hughes, Bobbie Jea Horowitz, June Andrews.; RJ245 .H66 1982   BOOK c1982
Parent-Child Relations -- Periodicals.    
      The Exceptional parent. HQ773 .E93   BOOK  
      Exceptional parent [electronic resource]. HQ773 .E93   E-PERIODICAL  
Parent-Child Relations -- pop. wks.      
      Peoplemaking, by Virginia Satir. Satir, Virginia.  BOOK 1972
Parent-Child Relations -- Popular Works.    
      The bereaved parent / Harriet Sarnoff Schiff. Schiff, Harriet Sarnoff.; BF575.G7 S34 1978   BOOK 1978
      Between parent and child : new solutions to old problems / Haim G. Ginott. Ginott, Haim G.  BOOK 1969
      Between parent and teenager, by Haim G. Ginott. Ginott, Haim G.  BOOK 1971
      Firstborn. Hulme, William.  BOOK c1972
6 additional entries    
Parent-Child Relations -- United States.    
      Crossing the color line : race, parenting, and culture / Maureen T. Reddy. Reddy, Maureen T.; HQ777.9 .R43 1994eb   E-BOOK 1994
      P.E.T. in action / Thomas Gordon, with Judith Gordon Sands. Gordon, Thomas,; HQ769 .G689   BOOK c1976

Parent-Offspring Interaction -- See Parent-Child Relations

The interactions between parent and child.

Parent, Single -- See Single Parent

A natural, adoptive, or substitute parent of a dependent child, who lives with only one parent. The single parent may live with or visit the child. The concept includes the never-married, as well as the divorced and widowed.

Parental Consent -- See Also Parents

Persons functioning as natural, adoptive, or substitute parents. The heading includes the concept of parenthood as well as preparation for becoming a parent.
Parental Consent.      
      The new civil war : the psychology, culture, and politics of abortion. HQ767.5.U5 N45 1998   E-BOOK 1998

Parental Imprinting -- See Genomic Imprinting

The variable phenotypic expression of a GENE depending on whether it is of paternal or maternal origin, which is a function of the DNA METHYLATION pattern. Imprinted regions are observed to be more methylated and less transcriptionally active. (Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
Parental Leave.      
      Maternity leave : policy and practice / author, Victoria Gordon. Gordon, Victoria; HD6065.5.U6 G67 2013eb   E-BOOK 2013
Parental Leave -- legislation & jurisprudence.      
      Maternity protection of employed women. United States.  BOOK 1952
  Parental Notification -- 3 Related Mesh    
Parentchild relations.      
      Mediating child custody disputes / Donald T. Saposnek. Saposnek, Donald T.; KF547 .S26 1983   BOOK 1983
Parentchild relations -- Congresses.      
      Symbiosis in parent-offspring interactions / edited by Leonard A. Rosenblum and Howard Moltz. BF723.M55 S95 1983   BOOK c1983

Parenteral Feeding -- See Parenteral Nutrition

The administering of nutrients for assimilation and utilization by a patient who cannot maintain adequate nutrition by enteral feeding alone. Nutrients are administered by a route other than the alimentary canal (e.g., intravenously, subcutaneously).
Parenteral feeding, Handbooks.      
      Handbook of total parenteral nutrition / John P. Grant. Grant, John Palmer,; RM224 .G72   BOOK 1980

Parenteral Hyperalimentation -- See Parenteral Nutrition, Total

The delivery of nutrients for assimilation and utilization by a patient whose sole source of nutrients is via solutions administered intravenously, subcutaneously, or by some other non-alimentary route. The basic components of TPN solutions are protein hydrolysates or free amino acid mixtures, monosaccharides, and electrolytes. Components are selected for their ability to reverse catabolism, promote anabolism, and build structural proteins.

Parenteral Infusions -- See Infusions, Parenteral

The administration of liquid medication, nutrient, or other fluid through some other route than the alimentary canal, usually over minutes or hours, either by gravity flow or often by infusion pumping.
Infusions -- Parenteral -- Handbooks.      
      Guide to parenteral fluid therapy. RM224 .G852 1963   BOOK 1963
Parenteral Nutrition.    
      Childhood nutrition / edited by Fima Lifshitz. RJ206 .C5185 1995eb   E-BOOK 1995
      Clinical nutrition [electronic resource]. RM214 .C556   E-PERIODICAL  
      A Handbook of parenteral nutrition : hospital and home applications / edited by H.A. Lee and G.V. Ram RM224 .H26 1990   BOOK 1990
      Handbook of total parenteral nutrition / John P. Grant. Grant, John Palmer,; RM224 .G72   BOOK 1980
15 additional entries    
Parenteral Nutrition -- Congresses.    
      Intravenous hyperalimentation. Edited by George S. M. Cowan, Jr. and Walter L. Scheetz. Conference on Intravenous Hyperalimentation; RM149 .C65 1970   BOOK 1972
      Total parenteral nutrition / edited by Philip L. White and Margarita E. Nagy. RM149 .T67 1974   BOOK 1974
Parenteral Nutrition -- Handbooks.    
      Guide to parenteral fluid therapy. RM224 .G852 1963   BOOK 1963
      Intravenous hyperalimentation in modern hospital practice / Mitchell V. Kaminski, W. Arthur Burke, an Kaminski, Mitchell V.,; RM149 .K354 1977   BOOK 1977
      Total parenteral nutrition : concepts and methods / I. William Goldfarb, Anthony P. Yates. Goldfarb, I. William.; RM224 .G653 1978   BOOK c1978
Parenteral Nutrition, Home.      
      Home parenteral nutrition / edited by F. Bozzetti, Michael Staun and Andre van Gossum. RM224 .H65 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
Parenteral Nutrition -- methods.    
      Intravenous lipid emulsions / volume editors, Philip C. Calder, Dan L. Waitzberg, Berthold Koletzko. RM224 .I58 2015eb   E-BOOK 2015
      Intravenous therapy : clinical principles and practice / general editor, Judy Terry ; associate edito RM170 .I59 1995   BOOK c1995
Parenteral Nutrition -- Nurses' Instruction.      
      Intravenous therapy : a comprehensive application of intravenous therapy and medication administratio Nentwich, Phyllis Fichtelman.; RM170 .N45 1990   BOOK c1990
Parenteral Nutrition -- nursing.    
      Core curriculum for infusion nursing / Infusion Nurses Society ; chief executive officer, Mary Alexan RM170 .C67 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Intravenous therapy : clinical principles and practice / general editor, Judy Terry ; associate edito RM170 .I59 1995   BOOK c1995
Parenteral Nutrition -- nursing -- Periodicals.    
      Journal of infusion nursing [electronic resource] : the official publication of the Infusion Nursing RM170 .J68   E-PERIODICAL 2001-
      Journal of intravenous nursing [electronic resource]. RM1 .J86   E-PERIODICAL 2001
Parenteral Nutrition -- Nursing texts.    
      Intravenous medications : a guide to preparation, administration, and nursing management / Diane Proc Sager, Diane Proctor.; RM170 .S23 1980   BOOK c1980
      Managing I.V. therapy. RM170 .M36 1980   BOOK c1980
      Parenteral and enteral nutrition for nurses / K. Moghissi, Jennifer R.P. Boore. Moghissi, Kamran S.; RM222.5 .M69 1983   BOOK 1983
Parenteral Nutrition -- Periodicals.    
      Clinical nutrition. Supplements [electronic resource]. RM214 .C562   E-PERIODICAL 2004-
      JPEN, Journal of parenteral and enteral nutrition. RM224 .J2   SERIAL  
      Nutrición hospitalaria [electronic resource] : organo oficial de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Pa RM222.5 .N88   E-PERIODICAL  
      Nutrition in clinical practice [electronic resource]. RM225   E-PERIODICAL  
      Transfusion medicine and hemotherapy [electronic resource] : offizielles Organ der Deutschen Gesellsc RM171   E-PERIODICAL 2003-
  Parenteral Nutrition Solutions -- 2 Related Mesh    
Parenteral Nutrition, Total.      
      Handbook of total parenteral nutrition / John P. Grant. Grant, John Palmer,; RM224 .G72 1992   BOOK c1992

Parenterally-Transmitted Non-A, Non-B Hepatitis -- See Hepatitis C

INFLAMMATION of the LIVER in humans caused by HEPATITIS C VIRUS, a single-stranded RNA virus. Its incubation period is 30-90 days. Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily by contaminated blood parenterally, and is often associated with transfusion and intravenous drug abuse. However, in a significant number of cases, the source of hepatitis C infection is unknown.

Parenting -- See Also Child Rearing

The training or bringing-up of children by parents or parent-substitutes. It is used also for child rearing practices in different societies, at different economic levels, in different ethnic groups, etc. It differs from PARENTING in that in child rearing the emphasis is on the act of training or bringing up the child and the interaction between the parent and child, while parenting emphasizes the responsibility and qualities of exemplary behavior of the parent.
      Adolescent pregnancy and parenting : findings from a racially diverse sample / Patricia L. East, Mari East, Patricia,; HQ759.4 .E25 1996   BOOK 1996
      Adolescent pregnancy and parenting : findings from a racially diverse sample / Patricia L. East, Mari East, Patricia,; HQ759.4 .E25 1996eb   E-BOOK 1996
      Asian American parenting and parent-adolescent relationships / editors, Stephen T. Russell, Lisa J. C RC451.5.A75 A84144 2010eb   E-BOOK 2010
      At-risk infants : interventions, families, and research / Nicholas J. Anastasiow and Shaul Harel. RJ134 .A52 1993   BOOK c1993
42 additional entries    
Parenting -- Congresses.    
      Nurturing fatherhood [electronic resource] : improving data and research on male fertility, family fo Conference on Fathering and Male Fertility: Improving Data and Research  E-REPORT 2000
      A Round table on minimizing high-risk parenting / edited by Robert A. Hoekelman ; sponsored by Johnso RJ502.5 .R68 1983   BOOK c1983
Parenting -- ethnology    
      Acculturation and parent-child relationships : measurement and development / edited by Marc H. Bornst HM841 .A33 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
      Parenting across cultures : childrearing, motherhood and fatherhood in non-Western cultures / Helaine HQ755.8 .P37 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
Parenting -- history.      
      Perfect motherhood : science and childrearing in America / Rima D. Apple. Apple, Rima D.; HQ759 .A58 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
Parenting -- periodicals.      
      Parents [electronic resource]. HQ768 .P37   E-PERIODICAL 1993-
Parenting -- Popular Works.      
      Raising and educating a deaf child / Marc Marschark. Marschark, Marc.; HV2391 .M26 1997   BOOK 1997
Parenting -- psychology.    
      Assessment of parenting : psychiatric and psychological contributions / edited by Peter Reder and Cla RJ507.P35 A87 1995eb   E-BOOK 1995
      Childhood psychological disorders : current controversies / Alberto M. Bursztyn, editor. RJ506.D47 C45 2011eb   E-BOOK 2011
      Early parenting and prevention of disorder : psychoanalytic research at interdisciplinary frontiers / RC488eb   E-BOOK 2014
      The effect of children on parents / Anne-Marie Ambert. Ambert, Anne-Marie,  BOOK c1992
12 additional entries    
Parenting -- United States.    
      Raising baby by the book : the education of American mothers / Julia Grant. Grant, Julia,; HQ759 .G75 1998eb   E-BOOK 1998
      Resilience across contexts : family, work, culture, and community / edited by Ronald D. Taylor and Ma HQ535 .R47 2000   BOOK 2000
      Voices of African-American teen fathers : "I'm doing what I got to do" / Angelia M. Paschal. Paschal, Angelia M.; HQ756.7 .P37 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
  Parents -- 2 Related Mesh    
      Abnormalities in parents of schizophrenics : a review of the literature and an investigation of commu Hirsch, Steven Richard.; RC514 .H53   BOOK 1975
      The Black adolescent parent / Stanley F. Battle, editor. HQ759.64 .B42 1987   BOOK c1987
      Caring for children in hospital : parents and nurses in partnership / Jean Cleary ; with chapters con Cleary, Jean.; RJ27 .C54 1992   BOOK 1992
      Character disorders in parents of delinquents / Beatrice Simcox Reiner [and] Irving Kaufman. Reiner, Beatrice Simcox.; RC534 .R4eb   E-BOOK 1959
31 additional entries    
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