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245 00 Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology :|bHealth and Illness
       in the World's Cultures /|cedited by Carol R. Ember and 
       Melvin Ember. 
264  1 New York :|bKluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers,|c[2004] 
264  4 |c©2004 
300    1 online resource (2 volumes (xliv, 1071 pages)) :
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
500    "Published in conjunction with the Human Relations Area 
       Files at Yale University." 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
       --|tTheoretical and Applied Issues in Cross-Cultural 
       Health Research /|rElisa J. Sobo --|tCognitive Medical 
       Anthropology /|rLinda C. Garro --|tCritical Medical 
       Anthropology /|rMerrill Singer --|tEvolutionary and 
       Ecological Perspectives /|rAnn McElroy --|tForensic 
       Anthropology /|rDouglas H. Ubelaker --|tIllness Narratives
       /|r/|rRon Loewe --|tPaleopathology and the Study of 
       Ancient Remains /|rMichael R. Zimmerman --|tPsychoanalysis
       and Anthropology /|rWaud H. Kracke. 
506    Available only to authorized UTEP users. 
505 80 |tMEDICAL SYSTEMS --|tBioethics /|rElisa J. Gordon --
       |tBiomedical Technologies /|rMargaret Lock --|tBiomedicine
       /|rAtwood D. Gaines and Robbie Davis-Floyd --|tMedical 
       Pluralism /|rHans A. Baer --|tMedicalization and the 
       Naturalization of Social Control /|rMargaret Lock --
       |tPhenomenology of Health and Illness /|rGay Becker --
       |tPossession and Trance /|rErika Bourguignon --|tShamanism
       /|rMichael Winkelman. 
       |rJody Glittenberg --|tHealth and Economic Development /
       |rArachu Castro and Paul Farmer --|tHomelessness /|rIrene 
       Glasser and Rae Bridgman --|tNutrition and Health /|rGun 
       Roos --|tPost-Colonial Development and Health /|rSteve 
       Ferzacca --|tRefugee Health /|rPascale A. Allotey --
       |tSocial Stratification and Health in the Western Context 
       /|rArushi Sinha and Tyson Gibbs --|tThe Urban Poor /
       |rDelia Easton. 
       |rJay Sokolovsky --|tBirth /|rCarolyn Sargent --|tBreast-
       Feeding /|rWenda R. Trevathan --|tChild Growth /|rBarry 
       Bogin --|tDying and Death /|rSharon R. Kaufman --|tFemale 
       Genital Cutting /|rBettina Shell-Duncan and Ylva Hernlund 
       --|tImmunization /|rAnita Hardon --|tPopulation Control /
       |rRobert J. Meier --|tReproductive Health /|rAndrea 
505 80 |tHEALTH CONDITIONS AND DISEASES --|tAlcohol Use /|rDwight
       B. Heath and Irene Glasser --|tChild Abuse and Neglect /
       |rJill E. Korbin --|tCholera and other Water-Borne 
       Diseases /|rLinda M. Whiteford --|tChronic Diseases of 
       Aging /|rCatherine Hagan Hennessy --|tCulture-Bound 
       Syndromes /|rL.A. Rebhun --|tCulture, Stress, and 
       Cardiovascular Disease /|rWilliam W. Dressler --|tDiabetes
       Mellitus and Medical Anthropology /|rLeslie Sue Lieberman 
       --|tDiarrhea /|rElois Ann Berlin --|tDisability/Difference
       /|rRussell P. Shuttleworth --|tDrug Use /|rJ. Bryan Page -
       -|tEmerging Infectious Diseases /|rVinh-Kim Nguyen --
       |tGenetic Disease I: History and Mechanisms /|rLarry Leon 
       Mai --|tGenetic Disease II /|rLarry Leon Mai --|tHIV/AIDS 
       Research and Prevention /|rJames W. Carey, Erin Picone-
       DeCaro, Mary Spink Neumann, Deborah Schwartz, Delia Easton,
       and Daphne Cobb St. John --|tMalaria and other Major 
       Insect Vector Diseases /|rJeannine Coreil --|tMental 
       Disorders /|rAlex Cohen --|tMental Retardation /|rF. John 
       Meaney --|tSudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or Cot 
       Death) /|rJames J. McKenna --|tTobacco Use in Medical 
       Anthropological Perspective /|rMerrill Singer --
       |tTuberculosis Research and Control /|rR. Shrestha-
       Kuwahara, M. Wilce, H.A. Joseph, J.W. Carey, R. Plank, and
       E. Sumartojo. 
505 80 |gVOLUME II.|tCULTURES --|tAfrican Americans /|rEric J. 
       Bailey --|tAmish /|rLawrence P. Greksa and Jill E. Korbin 
       --|tArgentine Toba /|rClaudia R. Valeggia and Florencia 
       Tola --|tBadaga /|rPaul Hockings --|tBangladeshis /
       |rDarryl J. Holman and Kathleen A. O'Connor --|tBaliem 
       Valley Dani /|rLeslie Butt --|tBritish /|rIan Shaw and 
       Louise Woodward --|tBurmese /|rMonique Skidmore --|tCree /
       |rNaomi Adelson --|tCzechs /|rZdenek Salzmann --|tDatoga /
       |rAstrid Blystad and Ole Bjørn Rekdal --|tFore /|rDavid J.
       Boyd --|tFrench /|rMichelle Lampl --|tFulani /|rKate R. 
       Hampshire --|tGarhwali /|rSatish Kedia --|tGarifuna /
       |rNancie L. González and Gloria Castillo --|tGreeks /
       |rEugenia Georges --|tHadza /|rFrank Marlowe --|tHaitians 
       /|rRobert Lawless --|tHan /|rXingwu Liu --|tHausa /
       |rMurray Last --|tHmong in Laos and the United States /
       |rKathleen Culhane-Pera, Dia Cha, and Peter Kunstadter --
       |tIroquois /|rBarbara W. Lex and Thomas S. Abler --
       |tJamaican Maroons /|rGeorge Brandon --|tJapanese /
       |rDenise Saint Arnault --|tJat /|rSunil K. Khanna --
       |tLijiang Naxi /|rSydney Davant White --|tMalagasy /
       |rJanice Harper --|tMalays /|rRonald Provencher --|tMaori 
       /|rMason Durie --|tMatsigenka /|rCarolina Izquierdo and 
       Glenn H. Shepard Jr. --|tMaya of Highland Mexico /|rElois 
       Ann Berlin, Brent Berlin, and John R. Stepp --|tMongolia /
       |rDaniel J. Hruschka and Brandon A. Kohrt --|tNahua /
       |rBrad R. Huber --|tNavajo /|rJoanne McCloskey --|tNepal /
       |rGregory G. Maskarinec --|tNorthwest Coast /|rPeter H. 
       Stephenson and Steven Acheson --|tOjibwa /|rLinda C. Garro
       --|tOklahoma Choctaw /|rJoseph Neil Henderson and Linda 
       Carson Henderson --|tRoma of the United States and Europe 
       /|rAnne Hartley Sutherland --|tSamoa /|rJames R. Bindon --
       |tSaraguros /|rRuthbeth Finerman --|tShipibo /|rWarren M. 
       Hern --|tSotho /|rNancy Romero-Daza and David Himmelgreen 
       --|tSudanese /|rRogaia Mustafa Abusharaf --|tThai /|rChris
       Lyttleton --|tTongans /|rBarbara Burns McGrath --
       |tTrobriand /|rJay Bouton Crain, Allan Clifford Darrah, 
       and Linus S. Digim'Rina --|tTuareg /|rSusan J. Rasmussen -
       -|tWape /|rWilliam E. Mitchell --|tYanomamö /|rJennifer 
       Kuzara and Raymond Hames --|tYoruba /|rNorma H. Wolff. 
520    "Medical practitioners and the ordinary citizen are 
       becoming more aware that we need to understand cultural 
       variation in medical belief and practice. The more we know
       how health and disease are managed in different cultures, 
       the more we can recognize what is 'culture bound' in our 
       own medical belief and practice. The Encyclopedia of 
       Medical Anthropology is unique because it is the first 
       reference work to describe the cultural practices relevant
       to health in the world's cultures and to provide an 
       overview of important topics in medical anthropology. No 
       other single reference work comes close to marching the 
       depth and breadth of information on the varying cultural 
       background of health and illness around the world. More 
       than 100 experts--anthropologists and other social 
       scientists--have contributed their firsthand experience of
       medical cultures from around the world."--Publisher's 
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       title page (SpringerLink, viewed May 13, 2016). 
650  0 Social medicine|vEncyclopedias. 
650  0 World health|vEncyclopedias. 
650  0 Medical anthropology|vEncyclopedias. 
650  0 Medicine|vCross-cultural studies. 
650  0 Health|vCross-cultural studies. 
650  0 Diseases|xSocial aspects. 
650 12 Anthropology, Cultural. 
650 22 Cross-Cultural Comparison. 
650 22 Disease|xethnology. 
650 22 Health Behavior|xethnology. 
650 22 Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice. 
650 22 Socioeconomic Factors. 
655  7 Cross-cultural studies.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423769 
655  7 Encyclopedias.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423798 
700 1  Ember, Carol R.,|eeditor|4edt 
700 1  Ember, Melvin,|eeditor|4edt 
710 2  Human Relations Area Files, inc. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tEncyclopedia of medical anthropology.
       |dNew York : Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, ©2004
       |z0306477548|z9780306477546|w(DLC)  2003050644
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