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Biostatistics in clinical medicine : Main Stacks     
      RA409 .B48 1994   BOOK c1994
Biostatistics in public health using STATA : Internet     
      Suárez Pérez, Erick L.,; RA409eb   E-BOOK 2016

Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) -- See Also Chapman & Hall/CRC biostatistics series

Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.)    
      QP624.5.D726 D636 2006   BOOK 2006
      QP624.5.D726 D636 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 1. : Internet     
      RS122 .D47 1998eb   E-BOOK 1998
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 2. : Internet     
      De Muth, James E.,; RS57 .D46 1999eb   E-BOOK 1999
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 3. : Internet     
      Chow, Shein-Chung,; RM301.6 .C46 2000eb   E-BOOK 2000
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 5.    
      QA276 .G433 2000eb   E-BOOK 2000
      QA276eb   E-BOOK 2000
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 6. : Internet     
      Moyé, Lemuel A.; RA440.85 .M693 2000eb   E-BOOK 2000
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 7. : Internet     
      Indrayan, Abhaya,; RA407 .I525 2001eb   E-BOOK 2001
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 8.    
      Norleans, Mark X.,; R853.C55 N665 2000eb   E-BOOK 2001
      Norleans, Mark X.,  E-BOOK 2001
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 10. : Internet     
      Chow, Shein-Chung,; RS57 .C48 2002eb   E-BOOK 2002
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 11. : Internet     
      R853.C55 S36 2003eb   E-BOOK 2003
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 12. : Internet     
      Paulson, Daryl S.,; QA276 .P326 2003eb   E-BOOK 2003
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 13. : Internet     
      R853.C55 A39 2004eb   E-BOOK 2004
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; 14. : Internet     
      RS57 .S8 2006eb   E-BOOK 2006
Biostatistics (New York, N.Y.) ; v. 4. : Internet     
      RA440.6 .M48 2000eb   E-BOOK 2000
The Biostatistics of Aging : From Gompertzian Mortality to an Index of Aging-Relatedness.    
      Levy, Gilberto.; QH529 .L48 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
      Levy, Gilberto,; QH529eb   E-BOOK 2014
Biostatistics (Oxford, England : Online) : Internet     
      QH323.5 .B56   E-PERIODICAL 2000-

Biostatistics series -- See Chapman & Hall/CRC biostatistics series

Biostatistics : the bare essentials    
      Norman, Geoffrey R.; QH323.5 .N67 1994   BOOK c1994
      Norman, Geoffrey R.; QH323.5 .N67 1998eb   E-BOOK 1998
      Norman, Geoffrey R.; QH323.5 .N67 2008eb   E-BOOK 2008
      Norman, Geoffrey R.,; QH323.5 .N67 2014eb   E-BOOK 2014
Biostatistics using JMP : a practical guide : Internet     
      Bihl, Trevor,; QA276.4 .B54 2017eb   E-BOOK 2017
Biostatistik för epidemiologer. English. : Main Stacks     
      Ahlbom, Anders.; RA652.2.M3 A3413 1993   BOOK c1993
BIOSTEC 2011 : Internet     
      BIOSTEC (Conference); R856.A2 B56 2011eb   E-BOOK 2013
BIOSTEC 2012.    
      BIOSTEC (Conference); R856.A2 B56 2012   BOOK 2013
      BIOSTEC (Conference); R856.A2 .B56 2012eb   E-BOOK 2013
BIOSTEC 2013 : Internet     
      BIOSTEC (Conference); R856.A2eb   E-BOOK 2014
BIOSTEC 2014 : Internet     
      BIOSTEC (Conference); R856.A2eb   E-BOOK 2015
BIOSTEC 2015 : Internet     
      BIOSTEC (Conference); R856.A2eb   E-BOOK 2015
Biostimulants for sustainable crop production : Internet     
      SB128 .B56 2020eb   E-BOOK 2020
biostimulation and bioaugmentation : Internet     
      Speight, James G.,; TP690eb   E-BOOK 2018
biostimulation of marine crude oil spills using dispersants : Internet     
      QP751eb   E-BOOK 2017
biostimulation strategies : Internet     
      TD427.P4eb   E-BOOK 2015
biostimulation versus bioaugmentation : Internet     
      TD427.P4eb   E-BOOK 2015
Biostratigrafi︠i︡a i trilobity verkhnego kembri︠i︡a i nizhnego rdovika severo-zapada sibirsk : Main Stacks     
      Rozova, A. V.; QE821 .R66 1984   BOOK c1984
A biostratigraphic analysis of core samples from wells drilled in the Devonian Shale interval of the : Government Documents     
      Martin, Stephen James,  MICROFORM 1978
Biostratigraphic and lithologic correlations of two Sonoma County Water Agency pilot wells with the : Internet     
      Powell, Charles L.  E-REPORT 2006
Biostratigraphic and paleoecologic analysis of ostracode assemblages from late Paleocene and early E : Government Documents     
      Brouwers, Elisabeth M.; I 19.76:92-517   MICROFORM 1992
Biostratigraphic classification of the marine Triassic in North America : Main Stacks     
      Silberling, N. J.; QE732 .S53   BOOK 1968
Biostratigraphic correlation of Santonian and Campanian formations in the northwestern part of Yello : Government Documents     
        BOOK 1991
Biostratigraphic correlation of the type Shubuta member of the Yazoo clay and Red Bluff clay with th : Main Stacks     
      Deboo, Phili B.; QE81 .A15 no.80   BOOK 1965
Biostratigraphic correlations of selected test wells of National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska : Government Documents     
      Witmer, Roger J.; I 19.76:81-1165   MICROFORM 1981?
Biostratigraphic data from Upper Cretaceous formations--eastern Wyoming, central Colorado, and north : Internet     
      Merewether, E. A.  MAPS 2011
Biostratigraphic dating of late Neogene sedimentation on the western shelf, Great Bahama Bank : Government Documents     
      Lidz, Barbara H.; I 19.76:92-508   MICROFORM 1992
Biostratigraphic determinations from the subsurface of the Districts of Franklin and Mackenzie and t : Main Stacks     
      QE185 .A42 no. 75-10 f   BOOK 1976
Biostratigraphic relations of some north Texas Trinity and Fredericksburg (Comanchean) Foraminifera, : Main Stacks     
      Lozo, F. E.; QE772 .L6   BOOK 1944
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