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086 0  I 19.16:663-A 
086 0  I 19.16:663-A 
100 1  Mudge, Melville R.,|d1921-2009 
245 10 Pre-Quaternary rocks in the Sun River Canyon area, 
       northwestern Montana,|cby Melville R. Mudge. 
260    Washington,|bU.S. Govt. Print. Off.,|c1972. 
300    vi, A 1 - A 142 p. :|bill. ;|c30 cm. 
490 1  Geological Survey professional paper ;|v663-A.|aGeology of
       the Sun River Canyon area, northwestern Montana. 
500    Part of illustrative matter in pocket. 
504    Bibliography: p. A 135 - A 138. 
505 00 |tAbstract --|tIntroduction --|tPrevious work --
       |tAcknowledgments --|tGeography --|tGeneral stratigraphic 
       features --|tPrecambrian Belt Supergroup --|tSpokane and 
       Empire Formations --|tHelena Dolomite --|tSnowslip 
       Formation --|tShepard Formation --|tMount Shields 
       Formation --|tRed sandstone member --|tRed siltstone 
       member --|tBonner Quartzite --|tMcNamara Formation --
       |tPrecambrian-Cambrian unconformity --|tPaleozoic rocks --
       |tCambrian --|tFlathead Sandstone --|tGordon Shale --
       |tDamnation Limestone --|tPagoda Limestone --|tSteamboat 
       Limestone --|tSwitchback Shale --|tDevils Glen Dolomite --
       |tCambrian-Devonian unconformity --|tDevonian --|tMaywood 
       Formation --|tLower member --|tUpper member --|tJefferson 
       Formation --|tLower member --|tBirdbear Member --|tThree 
       Forks Formation --|tDevonian-Mississippian boundary --
       |tMississippian --|tMadison Group --|tAllan Mountain 
       Limestone --|tLower member --|tMiddle member --|tUpper 
       member --|tCastle Reef Dolomite --|tLower member --|tSun 
       River Member --|tMississippian-Jurassic unconformity --
       |tMesozoic rocks --|tJurassic --|tEllis Group --|tSawtooth
       Formation --|tSandstone member --|tShale member --
       |tSiltstone member --|tRierdon Formation --|tSwift 
       Formation --|tShale member --|tSandstone member --
       |tMorrison Formation --|tEastern facies --|tWestern facies
       --|tJurassic-Cretaceous unconformity --|tCretaceous --
       |tKootenai Formation --|tColorado Group --|tBlackleaf 
       Formation --|tFlood Shale Member --|tTaft Hill Member --
       |tVaughn Member --|tMarias River Shale --|tFloweree Shale 
       Member --|tCone Calcareous Member --|tFerdig Shale Member 
       --|tKevin Shale Member --|tMontana Group --|tTelegraph 
       Creek Formation --|tLower member --|tMiddle member --
       |tUpper member --|tVirgelle Sandstone --|tTwo Medicine 
       Formation --|tIgneous rocks --|tSills of late Precambrian 
       age --|tSills of very Late Cretaceous or early Tertiary 
       age --|tMeasured sections --|tReferences cited --|tIndex. 
650  0 Geology|zMontana|zTeton County. 
650  0 Geology|zMontana|zLewis and Clark County. 
650  0 Geology, Stratigraphic|yPre-Quaternary. 
830  0 Geological Survey professional paper ;|v663-A. 
830  0 Geology of the Sun River Canyon area, northwestern 
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